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Inscription of King Marko, Church of Saint Kyriake, originally dedicated to the Presentation of the Mother of God), Prizren, 1371
Church of Saint George (Runović), endowement of Serbian Family Runović, Prizren, 14–16th century
The Other Medieval Churches of Prizren
     Crucifixion of Christ,
Church of Saint George (Runović), Prizren, 16th century
Church of Saint Kyriake, Prizren
Church of Saint Nicholas (Rajko’s Church), endowemenet of Serbian Landlord Rajko Kirizmić from first half of the 14th century. By the charter of emperor Stefan Dušan this church was donated in 1348 to the Monastery of Holy archangels near Prizren. The church was burned and robbed in 1795. Renovated in 1857. Burned by the albanian extremists in 1999.

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