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The Church of Lipljan
Church of the Presentation of the Mother of God in Lip- ljan was probably built in the second or third decade of the 14th century. The church is a one nave edifice covered
with a semi-oval dome, with the apse three-sided from the outside and semi-circular inside. it was built in alternation of stone and brick, while the façades were decorated with shallow sculpted ornaments and blind arcades.
The iconostasis was subsequently erected during the renewal of the church in the 16th century. another parti- tion dividing the interior of the church from the altar area, the naos and the narthex was also built in the 16th century in its western part; the ruined upper parts of the church were restored. The original frescos were partially preserved before being damaged in a fire. The founder of the church, an unknown Serbian nobleman from the area, is painted on the northern wall of the naos. after the restoration of the church in the 16th century, new frescos were painted in the church and this process lasted, with several interrup- tions, until 1621. The composition with eucharist symbols in the altar were renewed, individual figures of the saints
Church of the Presentation of the Mother of God, southwest view, Lipljan, 14th century
and scenes from the cycle of Great Feast and Christ’s mir- acles were painted in the higher zone of the iconostasis and the naos, while the Last judgment, individual saints and the healing of the blinded Stefan Dečanski were illustrated in the narthex. Conservation works on the architecture and frescos were carried out by Serbian experts between 1955 and 1959.
Service of the Hierarchs, detail: Saint amphilochius and Saint Gregory the Theologian, altar, east wall, Lipljan, mid-14th century
   Annunciation, detail: archangel Gabriel, altar, east wall, Lipljan, mid-14th century

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