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 Djakovica, Church of the Dormition of the Mother of God
Djurakovac, Church of Saint Nicholas, icon of Mother of God with the Christ Child
GATANJE (Uroševac): the village had three churches: 1. on the site called Manastir (Monastery); 2. on the site called Ka- ludjere (of the Monks) 3. church of St. Nicholas (recently re- constructed in east of Gornja Mahala).
GAZIVODE (K. Mitrovica): remnants of a town-fortress stood on the hill above the village; an old graveyard located in the village.
GLADNO SELO (Glogovac): microtoponym “Crkveni Do” (Church Valley) points to the existence of a village church. GLAVIČICA (Peć): old and present day cemetery. GLIVNIK (Dragaš): ancient graveyard and ruins of a church on the site of an old, abandoned village.
GLOBOČICA (Dragaš): present day mosque constructed upon the foundations of a former church; the plateau above the village still called Crkva (Church).
GLOBOČICA (in the Middle ages Dlbočica, Kačanik): at the end of the 19th c., the church of St. Nicholas (?) with an old graveyard, whose traces have been destroyed, stood in the center of the village.
The Christian Shrines of Kosovo and Metohija from the 13th to the 20th century
GLODJANE (Dečane): old cemetery (called Živko’s Ceme- tery), in the Živkaj mahala.
GLOGOVAC: remnants of the foundations of a medieval church, on Mt. Kosmača, south of the village; a Serbian cem- etery in the village.
GLOGOVCE, GLOGOVICA (Kriva Reka near Novo Brdo): ruins of an old church in the hamlet of Demovići. GLOGOVCE (Lipljan): old cemetery (called Svatovsko, i.e. the Wellding Guests’ Cemetery).
GMINCE (Kriva Reka near Novo Brdo): ruins of the old church of St. Paraskeve on the site called Crkve (Churches). GNJEŽDANE (in the Middle ages Gnježdani, Leposavić): old cemetery.
GNJILANE (in the Middle ages Gnivljani): church of St. Pa- raskeve probably occupied the site called Petkovce (Petigov- ce); 2. monastery of St. john south of the town (demolished by the Turks in the 18th c.); 3. church of St. Nicholas, erected in the 19th c. on the foundations of an older church. GODANCE (in the Middle ages Hudince, Glogovac): accord- ing to written sources from the 15th and 17th c., the village had a church.
GOJBULJA (Vučitrn): old church of St. Paraskeve in the vil- lage graveyard (recently restored); a Serbian graveyard from the 18th c.
GORANCE (Kačanik): 1. church of St. atanas (athanasius) in the center of the village demolished by the albanians, 2. ruins of the church (monastery?) of St. elijah, above the vil- lage, 3. church of St. Nicholas, formerly located in the west part of the village; 4. ruins of the church of St. Paraskeve, in the west part of the village; 5. church of the Mother of God, situated in the north-east of the village; 6. church of St. George in the north of the village (demolished in the 19th c.); 7. church of the Holy archangels, previously located in the north-east side of the village.
GORAŽDEVAC (in the Middle ages Goražde Vas, Peć): 1. iog-cabin church, dedicated to St. jeremiah, dating from the 16th c. (the oldest in Serbia dedicated to this saint), in the old graveyard; 2. church of the intercession of the Mother of God, erected in 1926.
GORNJA BITINЈA (Uroševac): new church constructed over the remnants of the old church of St. George (the apse with old frescos), several stone slabs from the 14th c. have survived in the church and next to it (the Turkish census of 1455 makes mention of two village priests).
GORNJA BRNJICA (Priština): church of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul, erected in 1975 on the foundations of the old church of St. Nicholas.
GORNJA GUŠTERICA (Lipljan): 1. ruins of a former church, dedicated to St. elijah; 2. ruins of the church of the Mother of God amolyntos with an old graveyard.
GORNJA KLINA (Srbica): a 15th-century source makes men- tion of “the monastery of St. ahilije” (achilleius) in the vicin- ity of the village; several microtoponyms testify to the exis- tence of a church.
GORNJA KRUŠICA (Suva Reka): microtoponym “Srpsko Groblje” (Serbian Cemetery).
GORNJA LAPAŠTICA (Podujevo): a village church existed in the 15th c. (when mention is made of its priest), probably on the site of the present-day ruins.

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