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of the Mother of God (“the Monastery of St. Uroš”), in the hamlet of Šarenik dating, according to legend from the 14th c., 3. remnants of the church of St. Nicholas, near the site called Kaludjerska Vodenica (Monks’ Mill), where the ruins of sev- eral secular structures (as it seems, the palaces of rulers) are situated; 4. foundations of three churches in the village. GORNJE POTOČANE (Orahovac): old church and grave- yard formerly existed.
GORNJE PREKAZE (Srbica): in the 16th c., mention is made of the monastic church of the Dormition of the Mother of God; the old and new cemeteries exist nowadays.
GORNJE SELO (Prizren): the graveyard church of St. George with stone ornamentation and frescos from the 16th–17th c. GORNJE VINARCE (K. Mitrovica): medieval church, re- stored in the 16th c.; in 1972, demolished by a group of alba- nians.
GORNJI and DONJI CRNOBREG (in the Middle ages Cr- veni Breg, Dečane): a written source from 1330 refers to the church of St. Nicholas (stir existed in the 19th c.) and St. George in the environs of the village.
GORNJI and DONJI STREOC (Dečane): in the 14th c., men- tion is made of the church of St. Stephen (Stefanja church) and the monastery of the Holy anargyroi, the old Serbian cem- etery with one stećak situated in Nevestin Vrh (Bride’s Peak). GORNJI JASENOVIK (K. Mitrovica): remnants of a church and an old graveyard on the Leskovača hillock and the site called Rovce.
Gorioč Monastery, icon of St. Nicholas, late 17th century
Gotovuša, Church of Saint Nicholas, 16th century
GORNJI KRNJIN (in the Middle ages Krnjino, Leposavić): ruins called the Latin church.
GORNJI LIVOČ (Gnjilane): the site of a former church, near the hamlet of jabučani.
The Christian Shrines of Kosovo and Metohija from the 13th to the 20th century
   Gorioč Monastery, icon of St. George, late 17th century

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