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Milan ivanović and Dragan jovanović
  Gornja Bitinja, Church of Saint George, 16th century
Gornja Bitinja, the marble epigraph from 1592, with the last will of noblemen Nikodim and Petrus, who donated a mill and the land to the Church
GORNJA SLATINA (Vitina): microtoponym “Crkvene Njive” (Church Fields) testifies that the village used to have a church. GORNJA SRBICA (Prizren): church of St. Basil, erected in 1863 over the ruins of an old church.
GORNJA SUDIMLJA (Vučitrn): remnants of a church on the site called “Crkvište” (ruins of a church) and two old Ser- bian graveyards.
Gornje Selo, Church of Saint George, 16th–17th century
Gornje Selo, frescos in the Church of Saint George, 16th century
GORNJA ŠIPAŠNICA (Kriva Reka near Novo Brdo): ruins of a church, in the village, and the church of St. Panteleimon, in a village field, toward Donja Šipašnica.
GORNJE GADIMLJE (Lipljan): ruins a former church and the significant archaeological site called Gradina (Lower Stone age and iron age).
GORNJE GODANCE (Lipljan): ruins of an old church on the site called Žirovnica.
GORNJE KARAČEVO (Kriva Reka near Novo Brdo): a priest mentioned in the village in the 15th c., so that it must have had a church at that time, nowadays, the area of the old Serbian graveyard is used by the albanians for grazing cattle. GORNJE KORMINJANE (izmornik): the demolished mon- astery of St. George in the wood not far from the village; an old graveyard next to the village.
GORNJE KUSCE (Gnjilane): remnants of the churches of St. Paraskeve and St. Kyriake.
GORNJE LJUBINJE (Prizren): remnants of the church of St. Paraskeve and St. Kyriake.
GORNJE LJUPČE (Podujevo): a church existed, and perhaps a monastery as well (the census of 1455 makes mention of a village priest and a monk).
GORNJE NERODIMLJE (Uroševac): in the 14th c., the pal- aces of Serbian rulers were situated in Nerodimlja (Rodimlja, Porodimlja). Today exist: 1. monastery of the Holy archangels from the 14th c., restored in 1700; 2. church of the Dormition
   Gornje Nerodimlje, Holy Archangels Monastery, 16th century

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