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 The Christian Shrines of Kosovo and Metohija from the 13th to the 20th century
  Vaganeš, Church of the Mother of God, west side, 14th century
Vaganeš, The Church of the Mother of God:
fresco fragments, 14th and 16th century
the hill above the village; 10. remains of the church of the Moth- er of God amolyntos; 11. foundations of the church of St. eli- jah at the entrance to the village; 12. tradition has it that there was a church in Dugi Rid; 13. a clock-tower formerly existed in the village (demolished after 1908).
VELIKA JABLANICA (Peć): 1. remains of a larger church or monastery above the village; 2. rock cut hermitage—the so- called Popova Pećina (Priest’s cave), in the gorge above the village; 3. the vast site of a former town, above the village called Grad; 4. tradition has it that the present day mosque was erect- ed on the site of an old church.
VELIKA KRUŠA (Orahovac): a graveyard in the northern part of the village.
VELIKA REKA (Vučitrn): remains of an old church in the wood above the village.
VELIKI ALAS (Lipljan): old graveyard.
  Vaganeš, The Church of the Mother of God: founder’s inscriptions of Dabižav, Drobnjak’s grandson, 1355
 Vaganeš, The Church of the Mother of God, southeast view, 14th century

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