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Milan ivanović and Dragan jovanović
VELIKI BELAĆEVAC (Priština): a stone church from more recent times, demolished in 1941/1945.
VELIKI DJURDJEVIK (Klina): in the village in which a priest was mentioned as early as 1485, today exist: 1. ruins of the church of St. Basil, in the graveyard; 2. remains of a church, above the site called Kaludjerska Česma (i.e Monks’ drinking fountain).
VELIKI GODEN (Vitina): until recently the ruins of a church could be seen in the village; outside the village, there are the remains of another church and the monastery of St. Nicholas, above which the ruins of old Gradište stand.
VELIKI KIČIĆ (K. Mitrovica): old graveyard; four microto- ponyms point to the existence of several churches.
VELIKO KRUŠEVO (Klina): remains of the church of the Presentation of the Mother of God (recently reconstructed) with a tombstone from the 14th c. in the old graveyard. VELIKO RIBARE (Lipljan): in the 16th c., the monastery of the Holy archangels was situated in the vicinity of the village, old church ruins and an old graveyard exist today.
VELIKO ROPOTOVO (Kriva Reka near Novo Brdo): a 16th- century source makes mention of the village church; the church of the archangel Gabriel and the locality “Crkovište” (ruins of a church) exist today.
VELIKO RUDARE (in the Middle ages Rudarije, K. Mitro- vica): remains of a small church in the old graveyard. VELJEGLAVA (Kriva Reka near Novo Brdo): the old village had a church.
VELJI BRIJEG (in Kolašin upon the ibar): old graveyard with a small church; the remains of a small medieval town (Gradi- na) are situated on the hill above the village.
VERIĆ, VERICE (istok): 1. remains of the church of the Ho- ly Trinity on the site called Crkvina (ruins of a church); 2. Old graveyard on the hill above the village.
VIDANJE: unascertained church (perhaps a monastery) in the Lapska nachye, mentioned in the defter of 1487.
Vračevo, Holy Anargyroi (Healers) Church, a marble rosette on ambon, 16th century
VIDANJE, VIDENJE (Klina): remains of the church or mon- astery of Paškalica in the Vaganište plain (perhaps the monas- tery of St. Simeon, mentioned in 1485 and in the 16 c.). VIDOMIRIĆ (in the Middle ages Vidomirići, K. Mitrovica): old graveyard.
VIDUŠIĆ (in the Middle ages Vidoševci, K. Mitrovica): 1. remains of an old church on the site called Crkva (Church); 2. ruins of a medieval mining settlement and marketplace in the Zidovi valley.
VILANCE (Vučitrn): old and present-day Serbian cemetery. VITAKOVO (in the Middle ages Vitahovo, K. Mitrovica): two old graveyards—in the village on the site called Njivceta and the so-called Rusalijsko graveyard outside the village with monolithic tombstones.
VITINA KOSOVSKA: 1. large stone church from the 19th c.; 2. log-cabin church, devoted to St. Paraskeve, dating from 1785. VITOMIRICA (Peć): church of St. Luke (erected after 1912) in the village graveyard.
VLADOVO (Gnjilane): a Serbian church and an old grave- yard formerly existed.
VLAHINJA (K. Mitrovica): old church ruins with surviving walls and an old graveyard.
VLAŠTICA (Gnjilane): ruins of a church and an old grave- yard and the microtoponyms “Crkvište” (ruins of a church) and “Manastirce” (small monastery).
VOĆNJAK (Srbica): according to tradition, ruins of several churches formerly existed in the village; today there is only the site called Crkvište (ruins of a church), with an old grave- yard in which a church stood once.
VOGOVO (Djakovica): ruins of a church in the old village graveyard; the Catholic church of St. Mark erected in recent times.
VOJINOVCE, VOJNOVCE (Uroševac): according to tradi- tion, an old church existed on the site called Crkvine (ruins of a church).
Vračevo, Holy Anargyroi (Healers) Church, rebuilt in 19th century

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