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for building a house of God, he marked it and then blessed it with his holy hands that it might be a holy shrine. and since for some time he did not manage to build this place of worship, he rose into the heavenly abode to his beloved Christ, seeking for us complete salvation like a true shep- herd who always tends to his flock. To me, a sinful and un- worthy servant of this Saint, Stefan Uroš the Third, by the mercy of God the king of all Serbian lands and the littoral, his prayers revealed this hidden sanctuary which was con- cealed in this place by the holy master and which was kept safe through all this time for me and my son, the young king.
i began building here the house of the Lord our God, my Pantocrator, and having built it, i decorated it with all splendors both internal and external, and i designated it to be an abbey, a coenobium for the monks, with the blessing of my master and Father [archbishop] Danilo and all the bishops and the entire Serbian Holy assembly. and i do- nated as much as i could to this holy shrine: villages and Vlach and arbanas katuns, books and holy crosses plated and gilded, with pearls and precious stones, and diverse beautiful icons, overlaid with gold and silver with all kinds of decorations, blessed sacred vessels, icon lamps and rypidia, O censers and candle holders, splendid vestments and stoles, epimanikia and table covers, curtains and cha- subles and robes, and all beauty to glorify the house of God and many other estates for feeding and clothing the church ministers, those in need and travellers, for the memory and remembrance of myself and my son and my parents and all my forefathers unto the ages, amen.
(and i also donated my vineyard below the monastery with all its boundaries to the Main road and to the water which flows in Dečani, and to the church of the Holy Trin- ity; and the Dečanin vineyard with all its boundaries to the church of St. George and to the Main road and the Crveno- breg stream. and i also donated my land called Bivoljak with all its boundaries to Preka road and to the Bistrica and to the waters which flow toward Kruševac and to the vil- lage of Papraćani to the River Bistrica. and the Harac vine- yard: its boundary is the road from Crveni Breg to the Main road which runs beneath Crveni Breg across the field of Crveni Breg and then up to the church of St. George).
First the village of Dečani with its surroundings and boundaries, namely: Lučane, a hamlet of Dečani; Beleg, a hamlet of Dečani and Crveni Breg, a hamlet of Dečani. and the boundaries of Dečani are from Crveni Breg to Go- mila, to the river, and from Rusalije to the pond, from the pond to the church of St. Nicholas, to the river. and the mountains are Djerovica, Šip, up to Turteš and to Pločica.
The village of istinići with all its boundaries. and the mountain is Pleš to Bukovi Studenac (up to the peak of Gozna Glava and to Ducina Glava peak) up to the bound- aries of Strelac.
The village of Papraćani with its boundaries. and its boundaries are with Kruševac and Brodlići up to Preka Ste- na, to Ozrislalje Kuće.
The village of Strelac and its boundaries: Stepanja Crk- va to Zablatje, to Teklište, to Blagojevo Selište, to Tri Ora- ha, to the river and up to Gradište, Tri Krsta, Dubovik Stu- denac, the Preka road, Suha Ljubuša, Kosmače Laze and in the mountains up to the grave on the boundary.
The village of Ljubolići. and the boundaries of Ljubolići with Orahovičići descend through Srednji Dol to Srednji Utrg, to the road which goes from Ljubolići to the marble stone, the other marble stone in the middle of the forest, and corning out in the field at the third marble stone, on the road which goes from Orahovičići to the hill, to the fourth marble stone on the Main road up to the walnut tree, to the middle of Blatce and down the Sušica along the Main road up to Radotin Potok, and the water which flows from Blatce should be divided. The hamlet of Ljubolići is Bohorići with all its boundaries.
The village of Hrastovica with its hamlets and bound- aries. Prilepi, the hamlet of Hrastovica. Preki Lug, the ham- let of Hrastovica. and the boundaries of Preki Lug with Crveni Breg follow the river through the village and up to Bigor Studenac and then straight down the small road un- der the meadow and to the pond, up to Suhodol.
The village of Babe with its boundaries. and these are the boundaries of Babe with Dobrci Dol: from Topola to the marble stone, to the pond and the other pond on Hrid, to Kokoš Studenac, down Bučji road, following Bučji road and then both roads meet at the marble stone, up to the pond and the River Trnava.
Grmočel with its hamlets and boundaries. and the boundaries of Grmočel with Livljani are: the marble stone and down the road to Topola, and with Drevodelja the boundary is ilijino Brdo as it descends into jelšanica, and the boundary of Rogatac is where the jerdan meets jelša- nica. and the boundary of Rogatac with Preki Lug is under the hill of Sakovac and the River Trepetnik, which flows from Preki Lug into Stlpčanica.
The village of Uloćane with its boundaries.
The village of Čabiće with its hamlets and boundaries. The boundaries of Čabiće with Štitarica and Unjemir are: from Gubavač Potok down the Main road and up to the hill over the vineyard and (from the vineyard along Ru- dine) up to the pond, from the pond to the road, to the oak, from the oak to the Dolnji road by the field, which goes from jelšanica through Vlaseno Polje up to the Prizren road, which goes from Trepča and down the road to Mlećani, from Mlećani across to Trn. and the boundary of Stepanja Crkva with Čabiće is where Suhi Dol meets the stream, and down Suhi Dol up to Kićeni Dub, to Redjev Studenac and down the road to iglarev Studenac. and the boundar- ies of Čabiće with Djurdjevik are: from iglarevo and where the two roads meet from Drstnik and from Djurdjevik, then across the hill to the oak, to the marble stone and the com- er of Svatova Poljana and across the hill to the pond, from the pond following the hill in the middle of Stlp down Dl- boki Potok to the river, to the ford. and these are the bound-

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