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aries of Štitarica with Djurdjevik: from the river to the church, from the church up the hill along the logging road across the valley of Dlbočak following Drugi Dolac, up to Vlaški Laz and up the hill above the Vlachs, to the logging road which goes across the hill through Resnik and through Tolanovina and through Štitarica and then along the hill which goes through Štitarica and through Ovčarevo and down the hill, a part of which goes down by Vlaseno Polje and there by the boundary stone, that way and straight to the river to the marble stone and also across the river and across the pond to Gubavac Potok which flows from jaz- vina. Dobrodoli, the hamlet of Čabiće, i gave to the over- seer Radan and his brothers as an inheritance, to settle it. and its boundaries are: from the church of St. Kyriake down the road across the hill to the spring, to Svatova Poljana and down Vojihnin Dol to jazvina, down jazvina to the hill and up to Grdanova Njiva under Kovačev Laz, to Trn, up the hill over Urve, and up the hill, and straight to the Main road, to the church of St. Kyriake.
Srednje Selo with its boundaries.
The village of Kumanovo with its boundaries which i exchanged with archbishop Danilo for jablanica.
altin with its hamlets and boundaries. and these are the boundaries of all of altin: Matorski Preslop, up to Tlsto Brdo, to Vinogradište, to Žrkovo to Slatina, and down the road under Radogošta and under Dlga, to Bor, from Bor to the Slepi Potok, from Slepi Potok to Ravnje, from Ravnje to Hlmac, from Hlmac to Mečina, to Velja Glava peak and across to Dročin Kami and to Prude, to Bor, from Bor along the hill to Vratnica and along the hill to Črn Kami and along the hill to Treskavac, along the hill over Dobri Dol and to Brnjac, to Ujezdna, to Homorje and down the road to the stream, to Planik, from Planik straight to Vrelo.
The village of Grad in the region of Plav. and its bound- aries are: from Gornji Grad right through Medvedja Glava peak, to the oak and down the hill to the pond and to the place were it flows into the River Lim, and then up the hill to Brezova Ravan and along the hill to Lisac across Visator to Suhi Borovi, down Mrki Dol, toward Vardište and across to Crvena Stena, straight to the hill and down the hill up to the first stream above St. Peter’s church and to the place where the stream flows into the River Lim. and the hamlet of Grad is jare.
The village of Komarani. and its boundaries with Rib- ari are: from Vitičrevski Potok, through Komarštica to Hrid, along Hrid to the mountain, along the hill to Plav, down the hill over Treskavac, under Ribarski Senokosi, across Treskavački Potok, along the point across, through Bučje and through Lanište, to Velji jedraški Vrh and down the hill following the old boundary, through the fields in Čre- šanj, following the old boundary to Glavica, to the river Črvštica and down the river up to the place where the Sta- ra Črvštica flows into the River Lim.
The village of Velika. and the boundaries of Velika with Ržanica are: to Petkova Crkva and to the hill at Belošev
The First Charter of the Dečani Monastery
Breg, and as the stone rolls to Velika and Ržanica, then up the hill to Mt. Dragojla, up to the boundaries defined in the Charter of St. Stephen’s Monastery, and to Gvozd, to Gro- hot by Nos, to Salče Glade, across to Stražište and down Vitičrevski Potok as it flows into the River Komarštica, to Mt. Ržana and the pond.
The village of Trepča. and its boundaries with Dosudje are: to the border, along the valley through Gradac, to the road, and to Brdce in Zagradac, to Visoki Krš by the hill and along the hill over Trepča as the stone rolls, and again to Visitor, to Kićeno Drvce, to Obracja Stena, to Kršic, to the spring, from the spring straight to Kopani Breg on Blato.
The village of Grnčarevo. The boundary of Grnčarevo with Dosude is: up to Luki Vir, to the stone, to Zavodištna Glava, up the hill to Velji Vrh. and the boundary with Gušin along the boundaries defined in the Charter of St. Stephen’s Monastery are from Peć to Lita Stena, to Kamene Struge, to javorovi Dol, to Predelac, to Brest, down the Volska, to Beli Potok, through Godilje, over Babina Bukva, to Drago- manj Laz at Dlge Luke, down Vrmoša at Babin Lug, down the river at Krivac, to Trnovštica, at Prerovnica to Osre- dak, to Močila at Strmoglavnice and at Popova Luka, to Vrba, to Trifunj Krst.
The village of Vrmoša. The boundary with Crne Gore is between Plav and Budimlja, at Kozji Hrpt, to the pond and straight up the hill through Benča, following the boundary of Gradac and straight to Velje Brdo and to Velji Kami and down the hill through Gvozd, descending from the hill to- ward Lukovi Potoci, and from Zla Reka, where no one ploughs or digs, where it is too mountainous, and across the stream to the road as it goes down from Lipovica, and straight up the hill to the pond, to the top and down Borje to Radošev Kami, and from Vrmoša where no one ploughs or reaps, where it is too mountainous. and the boundary to Rikavac is Skrobotnica.
and these are the mountains of Plav: Hotina Gora, Šti- mica, Dobra Vodica, Sedmi Bori, and its boundary from Sedmi Bori goes down the road to the spring, and also to Treskavac, from Treskavac to Lučnica, from Lučnica up the hill to Sečena Stena and along the hill to Dobra Vodica, from Dobra Vodica to Hotiš, from Hotiš to Ržana, from Ržana along the road to the pine tree on Kruševsko Brdo, from the hill to the stream by the field.
The village of Dobra Reka with its hamlets and all its boundaries. There are horsemen under contract who were also there at the time of the former queen. and this is the boundary of Dobra Reka: up to the River Lim, from the Lim to Lučin Krst, from Lučin Krst to Bahanj, from Bahanj along the point of Previne, to the crest of Mt. Stlbica, to Torac along the hill to Vrato and along the crest of Trebačka Planina and along the crest beside the mountain called Do- sudska Planina and along the crest to the mountain called Grnčarevska Planina, to Lipovica and along the road down Lipovica and to Crni Potok up to the boundaries defined in the Charter of St. Stephen’s Monastery. The boundary of

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