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tion and barbarity” (Tony Blair, British Prime Minister, dur- ing the NATO aggression against Serbia, 1999)
Despite the general propagandist uproar there were also the statements of others, those brave sons of still living Chris- tian europe, even of heterodox asia, which powerfully and clearly echoed the world and which all of us remember well:
“In the Balkan tragedy there is already a loser—Europe It’s impossible for an alliance created to defend, to start an undisclosed war, bomb for the sake of bombing and all this in front of the helpless European politicians and indifferent Europeans who even lack the ability to be disgusted” (José Saramago, Portuguese author)
“US foreign policy could be best defined as follows: kiss my arse or I’ll kick your head in Milošević refused to do it, so Clinton is kicking in the head of the Serbian people (not Mi- lošević himself ) with catastrophic con-sequences for everyone in Kosovo The justification for the action—“humanitarian considerations”—is clearly a very bad joke It also demon- strates a profound hypocrisy on the part of the US and UK... When the bomb went off in Old Compton Street, Mr Blair described it as a barbaric act When cluster bombs go off in Serbian marketplaces, cutting children into pieces, we are told that such an act is being taken on behalf of ’civilization against barbarism’ I’d certainly say I consider Clinton and Blair mass murders The true danger to world peace is not former Yugoslavia, but the United States” (Harold Pinter, British playwright)
“Mars, the Roman god of war, is attacking as of March 24th Serbia and Montenegro... Yugoslavia is the fatherland of all those who have not become Martians or green butch- ers... There is not a people in Europe in this century which has had to endure what the Serbs have had to put up with forfive,ormore,eight,years Therearenocategoriesforthis There are categories and concepts for the Jews You can talk about that But this with the Serbs is a tragedy for no rea- son, a scandal (Peter Handke).8
By this war the signal is being sent out that none may dare bring into doubt the apparent view the Americans are the only planetary force In reality of the unleashed war Amer-
8 During the Rambouillet negotiations, right before the attack, this highly respected european author promised that “his place would be in Serbia, if the NaTO criminals bomb” and he did fulfill his prom- ise by coming many times to Serbia afterwards. He is going to stay remembered for these and many other brave words and deeds by which he witnessed his respect and love for the suffering Serbian people in former Yugoslavia, despite the official pan-european ani- mosity. among others, we remember Peter Padke’s following state- ment from 2007 regarding europe’s recognition as a second alba- nian state of “Kosova,” the brutally abducted and separated land: “Having recognized the Albanian state in Kosovo, the western rogues, who previously bombed the Serbian lands, accepted a typical rogue stateintotheircamp WithasinglelethalblowtheWestabductedthe Serbian own fatherland from the Serbs transforming them into pris- oners and refugees in their own country By recognizing the Albanian state our honorable Europe has lost her heart!...”
The Chronicles of the Renewed Crucifixion of Kosovo
ica only confirms the credibility of her notions on the future: it has to belong to America In the war against Serbs not only does America test the weapons using live targets and checks out the promptness of their command headquarters, but also examines the psyche of the people, what exactly is necessary so that their behavior, feelings and thoughts mold to such an extent that many are ready to accept the invita- tion of the English tabloid newspaper”, the Sun”: “Shoot them [the Serbs] like dogs!” American war against Serbs is an ob- vious and clearly revealed indication of what an everyday life and normality in the 21st century will be like: “Madness”, says Shakespeare, “commands the reason: You are going to serve me!” (Karel Kosik, Czech philosopher).
Throughout the aggression there came a prayerful and any other support from the sister Orthodox Churches through Peter the Patriarch of alexandria, alexei the Patri- arch of Moscow and all Russia, Bartholomew the Patri- arch of Constantinople, Christodoulos the archbishop of athens and all Greece, archbishop Spyridon of the ecu- menical Patriarchate in america, Orthodox bishops of Ger- many, Metropolitan jeremy of the ecumenical Patriarch- ate in his capacity as chairman of the Conference of euro- pean Churches and some bishops of other Churches.
On St. Apostle Aristovoulos’ Day, March 16/29, the Ho- ly Synod of the Greek Orthodox Church, under the chair- manship of archbishop Christodoulos, expressed in a spe- cial address “a sorrow because of the military attacks on the Serbs, a heroic and glorious Christian people, on Yugosla- via, a sovereign European state, as well as a condemnation of the tragic consequences of the bombing in terms of loss of human lives and great destruction of material assets“ The Greek Synod “decided to express astonishment for the great and powerful world forces, despite many tragic experiences during this century, haven’t understood yet that justice can- not be imposed by force and selectively... History has its own laws and those who violate them get punished by God...”
The Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew “in the name of God who loves mankind, in the name of the human- kind, in the name of civilization, in the period of religious feast days... (the Christian Easter and Jewish Passover) on his knees, from the wounded depths of his heart” fervently urged “the whole world—heads of states, military command- ers and armed forces throughout the world to immediately and permanently cease the fire” asking them to “resort to mutual understanding and mutual concessions for peaceful resolutions of their regional, international and worldwide sowed debates, so that God’s peace and mercy take over ”
The Patriarch of Russia alexei and archbishop Spyri- don personally address President Bill Clinton in separate letters asking him to stop the bloodshed, because “suppress- ing the will of a nation will not lead to true peace, but will instead create a risk of the multiple expansion and extension of the conflict” (Patriarch alexei). During Patriarch alexei’s visit to Belgrade on Bright Monday, April 6/19, 1999 while

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