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Metropolitan amfilohije (Radović)
giving an icon of St. Seraphim of Sarov with a particle from the saint’s relics to His Holiness Patriarch Paul of Serbia, in his address to the suffering Serbian Church and people in St. Sava’s Temple in VBelgrade, he most openly said:“
Pascha has come again to the holy land of Serbia Re- cently we have heard again in churches the much-repeated words of St John Chrysostom: “Let no one fear death, for the Savior’s death has set us free” Indelible is our joy in the Risen Christ Who, by defeating death and sin, has granted us eter- nal life Nothing can cloud this joy, even the suffering and destruction raging around, even the orgy of sin started by the ill will on the eve of the holy days and continued up to the present
Yes, we have become witnesses to an action of glaring lawlessness as a handful of powerful and rich countries, who dare consider themselves the measure of good and evil, is trampling upon the will of the people who wish to live dif- ferently Bomb and missile are pouring down on this land not because they seek to defend anyone The NATO military action has a different goal—the goal to destroy the post-war order which was paid for by a severe bloodshed and to im- pose upon people an order alien to them and based on the dictate of brute force
Injustice and hypocrisy, however, will never win Indeed, according to an old saying, “God is not in power, but in truth” The power of the adversary may exceed yours, but on your side, my dear ones, is God’s help and the meaning of all the historical lessons Let us remember the most vivid of them— the lessons of World War II
Let us also remember the words of the Lord: “When I am week, then I am strong”!...“You will weep and lament, but the world will rejoice; you will be sorrowful, but your sorrow will turn into joy” St Seraphim said: “Seek the spirit of peace, and many thousands around you will be saved” By his holy prayers, may God grant peace and accord to these much- suffering people!...
it was true and beautiful what the main hero said in Ljubomir Simović’s play “The Battle of Kosovo,” written in the eve of the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Kosovo:
“i do not decide whether i’ll go into the battle based on the power of the force that threatens me, but depending on the holiness of the sanctuary i defend.”
For the defense of the greatest God’s sanctuary, the Chris- tians wage a martyric fight even against the most powerful opponents, but only if they have faith and the Christian humanity, even if it was as big as a grain of mustard seed.
The Capitulation—after the Most
Merciless Bombardment
May 19–21/June 1–3, 1999, Holy Priest-martyr Patricius, Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Emperor Constantine and Hel- en, St Demetrius of the Don, St Helena of Dečani
These are the days of the most merciless bombardment of Kosovo and Metohija alone and the actual capitulation of the president Slobodan Milošević and his state, the Fed-
eral Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro), under the pressure of america and the european Union, whose dictate is transmitted to him by a well known albanian lobbyist, former Finnish President Martti ahtisaari, and a Russian, Viktor Chernomyrdin who is said to be more in- clined to pursue Western interests rather than those of Rus- sia, let alone the interests of Serbia. Under the threat of a ground invasion and even more brutal destruction, the help- less president agrees to everything... He accepts the out- line of the euro-american Peace Plan which needs to be transformed into a document of the UN Security Council.
Kosovo Falls in Kumanovo
in the Year of the Lord 1999
May 27/June 9, 1999, Holy Hieromartyr Therapontes of Sardis, St John the Russian, the Confessor of Prokopi
On October 23–24/November 6–7, 1912 Kosovo and Metohija were liberated in the Battle of Kumanovo. On the eve of the 87th anniversary since the liberation and in the spirit of revanchist annullation of the Serbian history, the authorized generals of the Yugoslav army sign the Military Technical agreement with NaTO on the complete with- drawal of the Yugoslav army and police from Kosovo and Metohija in the Hotel europe in this very Kumanovo. The 79 days of bombardment, thousands of innocent victims, killed, crippled or made homeless, and all the hell produced by it, will remain written in the Serbian soul with indelible letters of nationwide suffering, but also in the historic mem- ory of europe. Sometime ago, since Kosovo was revenged in the Battle of Kumanovo, people used to say: “For Koso- vo-Kumanovo!” after the june 1999 Kumanovo agreement with the Western Military alliance, they started saying: “in Kumanovo—Kosovo!”
Desperate Processions
Move to the North
May28/June10,1999,St NicetastheConfessor,AllVen- erable and Godbearing Anthonite Fathers
it is the end of the bombardment and the eleven— month—long euro-american aggression on the Serbian people. as of june 10, 1999, our army and police already start their withdrawal according to the agreement, followed by beheaded [Serbian] people from all over Kosovo. in the dawn, the joint euro-american army under the name KFOR entered Kosovo and Metohija from Macedonia and arrived in Priština in no time. The americans, Germans, english and French stepped first into the Kosovo and Metohija’s land.
Having ravaged and poisoned the holy land of Kosovo and Metohija for months and having devastated the whole Serbia, now the furious black NaTO birds storm to snatch up and seize Kosovo and Metohija with their iron feast and sweep away the Serbian heads and traces from it together with the pogrom blows of “UÇK-kidnappers,” the albanian terrorist organization members, the butchers and slaugh-

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