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Metropolitan amfilohije (Radović)
sensible people and we can jubilantly say the words of the Prophet Isaiah: ’Lo, this is our God; we have waited for him, that he might save us This is the Lord; we have waited for him;letusbegladandrejoiceinhissalvation’(Is 25:9)
May it be remembered—on Saint Sava’s Day, the U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine albright (who grew up in Bel- grade, near Tasmaidan Park, as a child of a jew, a Czech diplomat) issues from Saudi arabia a “plan for a quick so- lution to the Kosovo crisis,” assessing it soon after as “the best way to end the humanitarian catastrophe” in Kosovo. The american president, Bill Clinton calls “the Serbian of- fensive on the Kosovo albanians” a “moral imperative” and adds: “We act to prevent a wider war, to diffuse a powder keg at the heart of europe that has exploded twice before in this century with catastrophic results!...”
Bill Clinton in his addressing the nation on TV announc- es that the launched NaTO attacks have three goals: “First to demonstrate the seriousness of NaTO’s opposition to the Serbian “aggression” in Kosovo (!?) and its support for peace. Second, to deter president Milošević from attacking helpless civilians, and third—to damage Serbia’s capacity to wage war in the future!“
The euro-atlantic act of dismembering the Serbian state and the attempt of uprooting the Serbian people from their own spiritual and historical heritage, experience and their own very territory at the end of the 20th century are called: “TheRoots.”
The joint bombing campaign of the euro-atlantic ag- gressors on the Serbian people and their civilian and mili- tary objects, started on March 11/24, 1999, under the code- name “Operation allied Force,” in the minds of the ameri- can Pentagon symbolically called “Merciful angel,” with a reserved variation “Noble anvil” (angel anvil!) by which its planners and executors would gradually change the actual war name, writing their “politically correct” history, in order to cover the cynicism of their hunger for conquest, read in the name of this offensive NaTO operation. instead of the devastating operation of the “merciful or noble angel” whose real nature can be seen according to the fruits of its destruc- tion, the european children will certainly be learning about the humane euro-atlantic “anvil,” on which at the end of the 20th century the nobility and sublimity of the new world order were tempered and in whose foundation even more than 2500 Serbian heads were inbuilt, these being mainly civilian victims, sacrificed on the altar of the new (and up to now most sophisticated) euro-atlantic idolatry.
as someone accurately counted, in 1999 Serbia was at- tacked by the united euro-american NaTO member states—USa, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, italy, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Turkey, Norway, Portugal, iceland, Greece, Luxemburg, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary. These state-aggressors were helped by the asso- ciate NaTO members, countries-accomplices: Romania,
Bulgaria, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, alba- nia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slova- kia. The countries that directly attacked Serbia were 228 times larger than her. They had 67 times more numerous population and were 518 times richer then her (their na- tional income was as many times higher). it was, according to some, the most unequal armed conflict ever seen in the history of europe, and perhaps the world since the Persian attack on ancient Greece! More than 2,500 men, women and children lost their lives in it from the bombs of the NaTO aggressors in Serbia and Montenegro.
it is also worth remembering that this total war was prepared by multi-year mass media campaign of sataniza- tion of Serbian people, unseen in europe since the Hitler times, which was only intensified in the months prior to the NaTO aggression. Both europe and america buzzed from the most incredible chauvinistic and racist statements com- ing from their officials:
“The Serbs, are two-dimensional people with a craving for simplicity... Animals make use of their resources with far greater felicity than these retorted creatures, whose sub- scription to the human race is well in arrears” (Peter Ustinov, actor, UNeSCO ambassador, the European, june 10, 1993).
“The Serbs are people with no laws and without faith They are bandits and terrorists (President of France, jacques Chirac’s statement at lunch on the occasion of the meeting of eU member states’ heads of state and government).
“I suggest that they forbid the learning of Serbian epic poetry to the Serbian children in their schools” (Prof. Dr. Rolf-Dieter Kluge, director of the Slavic Seminar, Univer- sity Tübingen, at a roundtable at the University of Tübin- gen, 1997).
“Let us bomb the Serbs and remain calm, as they will soon forget all about it” (jamie Shea, NaTO spokesman, March 1999).
“ItwashightimetoattackYugoslavia Ihopeit’snottoo late” (Günter Grass, German Nobel prize winner, two days after the beginning of the bombardment, at the Opening of the Book Fair in Leipzig, March 26, 1999)
“The Serbs will be down on their knees begging for mer- cy... They will back down after two, three slaps like any other schoolyard bully” (Madeleine Albright, American Secretary of State, during the first days of bombardment)
“NATO-Deserbizator” (discriminatory anti-Serbian commercial for an anti vermin spray, Canal Plus, French TV, program “The Horizons”, April 1999)
“Serbia is the heart of European darkness, a region of bombed mosques, killed men and children of raped girls... The Serbs carry out terrorist attacks and rape Albanian children... The Serbs will pay a high price for this” (Bill Clin- ton’s speech at the 50th NATO Anniversary in Washington, April 23–25, 1999 and before that)
“The war against Serbia isn’t just a military conflict any- more It is a battle between good and evil; between civiliza-

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