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They are all beardless young people, but ready for every- thing. They look at us feverishly, without saying anything, neither shouting or threatening. Suddenly, as we start leav- ing, one of them pulls out a bomb throwing it under our car and starts running away from the explosion with his fellow fighters.
We also wait for it silently in the car.
“Most Holy Mother of God of Peć, pray to God for us. May it be to us according to God’s will!...”
a second, two, three... elapse and—nothing. The bomb does not explode.
We continue the drive, without saying a word. We get to the Hotel Metohija where the protruding point of the ital- ian command is stationed. We beg the italians to hurry to theaidofthebesiegedfamilythreatenedbylynching.They go out to help saving a few Serbian heads from the ring.
The terrorists take over the city and already “cleanse” it from the Serbs, breaking “in threes” into their apartments and houses. They kill and kidnap some of them, robbing and making homeless all of them...
“The entire world has risen against the Cross!” are the words echoing in my mind i heard in the Dečani Monas- tery from an old man from Kosovo and Scutari, uncle Sta- ne Basanović. “if no one betrays us, we’ll endure till the end. The saddest thing of all for me is that i got so old that i can’t go out in Kosovo to fight against these scoundrels... in 1974 Tito gave Kosovo to the Turks... The slaughter and tortur- ing for the Serbs, and for these—Kosovo...i was born dur- ing the war in 1914. i would like to die in war in 1999. Clin- ton fights, but he can’t do anything to us. innocent peo- ple... We didn’t do anything to anybody. The americans are smart: no one of them will come to war, but they’ll foist someone else to lose both their money and heads...”
at the end of the day, we visit Budisavci Monastery. Fa- ther Stefan and two nuns remained there, as well a family of ours. The rest are the Roman Catholic albanians.
The Bishop atanasije jevtić of Zahumlje and Herzego- vina is in Kosovo, too, in order to save what can be saved.
Having returned home from church in Djakovica, the sons of Nedeljko, the son of Djordje, and Darinka, the daugh- ter of Miloš, Šutaković: Radovan (10), Djordje (15) and Alek- sandar (17) were abducted together with their parents by kidnappers with hoods on their heads and guns in their hands who tore down the door of their apartment. alexan- dar was the best student in his generation in the School of economics. Djordje had all “a”s except for a “B” in mathe- matics. Their father Nedeljko was a worker in “The Metal- lic” while mother Darinka worked at “emin Durak.” Ne- deljko’s grandfather and uncles were all slaughtered by the ballists in 1941.
The brothers Vojin Peković (55) and Spasoje Peković (58), the sons of Savić, originally from Montenegro (Podgorica), the former worked and lived in Djakovica as a driver, the
The Chronicles of the Renewed Crucifixion of Kosovo
latter in the village of Šeremet close to Djakovica as a forest ranger, were abducted: Vojin—on june 10 on the road from the village of Račaj to Djakovica, Spasoje—on june 9 on his way to scythe. Spasoje was kidnapped by a group of alba- nian young men.
The Crucifixions of Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay Faithful until Death
June 3/16, 1999, Holy Martyr Loukillianos and others with him
as this benevolent american reporter said, what is hap- pening in Kosovo now is a “combination of Serb ’ethnic cleansing’ and a shooting gallery with live Serbs being used astargets.”
as we find out, after the voices spread around the city that the Orthodox Cathedral of St. George is going to be burned down, the German troops in Prizren have come to the aid of Bishop artemije of Raška and Prizren and his monks who are already being kept under siege by alba- nians in the episcopate. an officer broke by force into the Bishop’s office in the episcopate which is, according to the foreigners, “the pillar of the Serbian presence in the area mainly inhabited by albanians.” Then he asked Bishop ar- temije to take the books down from the shelves, because “if someone throws a Molotov cocktail, everything will flare up easily!” even so, the bishop didn’t take the books away.
The next day, the Germans told the Serbian Bishop that they could not guarantee safety neither of him nor of the remaining Serbs, nor even of more than two hundred of those who found refuge in the Prizren Seminary. Likewise, they said it would be better for all of them to move to a safer region since the majority of the Serbian people, about tens of thousands of them, fled with the army and since it was only a few hundred of scattered old men and women and others who decided to stay in the city. “The Serbian Orthodox Church has been present in Prizren for more then a 1000 years,” the Bishop said, “and this Serbian exo- dus and ascending to the throne of the terrorist UCK is the worst thing that could have been recorded in her memoirs here. We survived the 500 years of the Ottoman rule here, we survived both world wars, but the people have never left their villages and cities like they do nowadays, under the so called protection of the United Nations and NaTO.” in his knowledge, on Tuesday alone, five Serbs were ab- ducted in the city, including monk Hariton from the Holy archangels, and many of them were disarmed, bitten up and arrested. Visoki Dečani Monastery is under siege. Be- sides 22 monks, there are 17 Serbian lay people there. The twelve monks from Mušutište left their monastery, after it was burnt down and leveled to the ground by albanians. The monks withdrew from the Holy archangels, although it was not burnt down. in Devič Monastery it has been two days already since the ballists started abusing the nuns and

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