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at the expense of the Serbian people in the Balkans, on the old Vatican missionaries trail, especially from the 17th cen- tury onwards. Under the pressure of the political parties and the intellectual elite, whose consciousness was in ma- ny ways instructed by a kind of “the austro-Hungarian in- ternationale” (formerly Communist, now democratic, but embracing austro-Hungarian views and always equally an- tagonistic to the vital interests of the Serbs), the ultimate goal, of course, was first of all to gradually and unnotice- ably build awareness in the Serbs alone that wherever the albanians live and as far as they spread to, that naturally is—their country, “Natural” albania, naturally and justifi- ably “Great albania,” and growing, built on the blood and tears of the Serbian people and ever-ready to plot against her life. Having conceived such awareness in one genera- tion, it was necessary to impose it on the Serbs for good by the upbringing and education in the spirit of ideological self-censorship until some day they themselves also get used to the idea and reality of Great albania!? Someone smartly thought of attempting to erase, even in such a roundabout way, but so radically, the historical memories of the living Kosovo thought and covenant in our hearts! and they have largely succeeded in it, although, mostly thanks to our warmness which is always an expression of deeper spiritual falls.
i ask ethem Çeku now that he has power in his hands, to stop the kidnapping, murders, burnings through his peo- ple. it is only when people are given power that you can tell who and what they are like. Still looking at the ground, Çeku starts his albanian tirade about democracy which his in- terpreter translates into italian. He says: they are creating a new, democratic state, in which everyone is protected and has equal rights... i remind him again of what is happening in Peć now and the whole of Metohija and Kosovo. He sud- denly lifts his head speaking up in Serbian: “in this war, 17 members of my Çeku family have been killed, and in the “Dubrava” Prison near istok, you have killed 500 of our peo- ple, you owe us 500 heads!” “i don’t know anything about it reliably, i am going to ask the authorities in Belgrade and then i’ll be able to tell...”
Later on i find out from the official sources that 95 peo- ple were killed and 196 prisoners were wounded in “Du- brava” but from the NaTO bombardment, while those who survived were moved to others prisons. However, they also say that many have disappeared without a trace since then and that a number of them may have been murdered in “Dubrava” itself afterwards. i do not translate any of these Çeku’s words and do not comment to the italian general. is it because not to give cover for the obvious tendency of the people under his command to perform their peacekeeping mission on the ground with as few risks as possible?
even if all of Çeku’s allegations and figures were cor- rect, or at least partially correct, it is still beyond compre- hension that at the end of the second millennium the “more humane” part of the european proxies in Kosovo and Me-
The Chronicles of the Renewed Crucifixion of Kosovo
tohija (the italians, the Spaniards...) still prefer to close their eyes to these vandalisms in the spirit of blood revenge laws, thus invalidating all new european stories on establishing peace and the rule of law, while the other part occasionally even joins the terrorists in their acts of violence against the Serbs (the Germans, the British, the Danes, the ameri- cans...)?
i think that tough days are obviously coming for Koso- vo and Metohija. Humanly speaking, they are lost, at least for now. Not only thanks to non-humans on the other side, but largely, to non-humans among us, the Serbs themselves, not so much among these ones from Kosovo and Metohi- ja, as among those who have always stood away from Ko- sovo and Metohija far enough that the harsh Kosovo real- ity does not disturb their pleasant life and a peaceful dream, but who have pretty much shaped the destiny of Kosovo and the entire Serbia with their plans. i have in mind, first of all, the political and intellectual national leaders and champions, and their apparatchiks, both former and pres- ent, and the future ones, too who, despite all the differences in their rhetoric, proclamations and the age they belong to, are being connected by astonishing sameness of mentality: trapped in hungry hedonism, alienation, statelessness, all of them alike were and are willing to renounce any heritage of the ancestral Christian Orthodox spirit and run over any ancestral victim, to squander the vast spiritual and ma- terial heritage of their own people and spread themselves as a carpet under the feet of every silver-tongued enemy of theirs for a handful of pleasures, honors and power.17
We are losing Kosovo, first of all, thanks to those who have been leading these once Christian people for decades,
17 it is only by such concordance in mentality that the great fond- ness and understanding among the “anti-Fascists” of josip Broz Tito and the self-styled “anti-Fascists” from some of our euro-Unionist parties can be explained despite a big generational distance among them. The “anti-Fascists” of josip Broz Tito such was the one of the biggest slaughterers of Tito’s security service, the notorious manager of the most notorious Communist concentration camp in the Bal- kans, the Bare island (in which 46% of all offenders were Serbs). There- fore, those who drew the bloody borders of albanian r autonomy in Kosovo and Metohija and those who welcomed the dispossession of the southern Serbian province and the secession of the Shqiptar Kosovë along these lines—the plumes of the old and new Serbian self-destruction on the votive Serbian land. all, connected by the same hatred toward the betrayed Kosovo Covenant, each one in their own time spoke and keep saying what a renowned sports journalist has recently said for the “The Pravda (Justice)” (01/23/2011): “We cannot repeat forever like parrots: we are not giving Kosovo away! What do we need Kosovo for when Serbia is getting empty each day...” In his statement to “The Kurir (Courier)” (02/01/2011), a hardened Titoist from the Bare island said that Serbia deserved to be bombed by NaTO, “because she destroyed Yugoslavia. We gave three hun- dred thousand dead for Tito’s Yugoslavia which small Milošević and his colleagues from the neighboring republics broke for petty inter- ests!” and how many millions of victims did the Serbian people give during all these centuries for their Old Serbia which has been left at the mercy of the albanian gangs by the Titoist communists and eu- ro-Unionists today!?

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