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Metropolitan amfilohije (Radović)
 Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro and Littoral with displaced Metohija Serbs
guided by the blindness of old and new ideologies of this world, which eradicate them from their Church and fore- fathers’ heritage and systematically mutilate and destroy their church-historic self-consciousness, but also thanks to all others, in hierarchical sequence, who mimic the blind leaders even more blindly, shaping themselves in their own greed with the spirit of their “demonic messiahs” and be- coming similar to them by renouncing votive values and favoring the lucrative political and social fad.
However, it can be said that in our time, before the final pogrom, during the last decade, the partly restored house of Kosovo was first set on fire here by the most flighty and greediest among us, in a fiver of their small and large “busi- nesses.” as a friend from Kosovo said, they set it on fire by cigarettes, alcohol, maybe even narcotics, white slavery and weapons, the evil smuggled by secret channels and tycoon transactions, collaborating and sharing the profits soaked with the blood of their own people, together with their own butchers, without reluctance. Nevertheless, it was also, in one way or another, set on fire by forgetfulness and indif- ference of all others who have let their worries of this world choke the seed of Kosovo in their own blood and bones, all those who have craved for the “better” life and have rejected God-man’s cross of Kosovo and the harsh and narrow path to Heaven. Having turned their head away from the Holy Prince Lazar’s covenant of their nation, from Prince La- zar’s Kingdom of God, not only did they turn it away from the celestial horizon of Old Serbia, but also, for a long time now, from her terrestrial space over which the rivers of our blood and tears are pouring again; they turned their head away from the gold and fragrance of poor churches, ances- tral houses and tombs scattered by Old Serbia’s rivers, the Bistrica, the Lužnica, the Topluh, the Lednica, the Ribnik, the Nerodimka, the Mirus, the Klokot, the Banjića, the Sit- nica..., amidst the fields and hills of Kosovo and Metohija, mounts and rocks, Ponorac, Pešter, Prevalac..., washed with the dew and the sun of mountain eyes that gaze at the blue sky where they derive their hope from...
Yet, seeing these days the sad Serbian refugees in the Patriarchate of Peć and remembering so many lives who have been laid for this country as a “conscious victim,” just in these recent months and days, the lives of soldiers who died out of love for their fatherland, lifted above all petty politics, but also the youth, men and women, children and elderly who have decided to stay on Prince Lazar’s land even after the withdrawal of the army, so that they, being faithful to the end to their first and only Christian home- land and her holy places, defend her these days with their bare hands and bare lives, “enduring to the end” according to the evangelic words, i am assured that what i have thought above is not the whole truth about us. For, it is true that majority and the most vocal part of our people did replace the incense and Holy Communion with earthly tri- fles, but here, before the cross of suffering, the incense and Holy Communion as well as the trust in the Living God are still the main consolation and food to the people i meet under the vaults of churches of the Serbian archbishops and patriarchs, as well as in the churchyard and residences of the Patriarchate. The people who up until the last min- ute, until the very beginning of the rampage of the alba- nian gangs, remained faithful to their Kosovo- Metohian hearth. The hearth that is now being left behind out of fear and horror of the bloodshed. Lord have mercy and save us!
Today, in Peć, Radojica Šćepanović (38), the son of Ra- doje, and a certain man with the last name Pešić have been kidnapped. in Priština, Ružica Šiljić (63) and a boy Nenad Živić (15) have also been abducted. in Uroševac, a retired police officer, Stanko Čungurović (50), the son of Radomir, has been kidnapped and possibly killed. it can be heard how: yesterday on june 15, he was walking on his emperor Uroš Street in Uroševac when he was ambushed and sur- rounded by some albanians, in the crowd that was getting bigger and bigger. The albanians shouted and attacked the man, dragging, punching and kicking him. a woman tried to appease them in vain. in vain the second witness tried to telephone KFOR whose seat was not far from the scene— no one responded. When this witness got there, he sum- moned KFOR soldiers and returned to the spot, but nei- ther Stanko nor the albanian crowd was there anymore. Stanko never returned home again.
Momčilo Dimić (32), the son of Ljubomir, a civilian, has been killed in the village of Mazgit next to Obilić. in Novo Selo, Stojanče (67) and Zorica (68) Mladenović, in Djakov- ica—Tomislav Petrović (65), the son of Uroš, have been killed... in Orahovac, Tihomir Miljković (70), in istok, Zla- ta Perišić have been kidnapped. The first names of the ci- vilian victims on the eve of the Kumanovo capitulation: On june 2, a young police officer Žarko Krstić (29) was killed. in Lipovica, Stojanka Aksić (61), was killed in Donja Bud- riga on june 6. a young man, Dejan Rajičić (19), from the village of Kruševo, Klina Municipality, was killed on june 8 in the village of Trbuhovac, near istok, when the ethnic albanian vandals attacked the car he was driving. Danijela

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