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Metropolitan amfilohije (Radović)
frigerators, furniture, money, food... Soon after, His Holi- ness Patriarch Paul arrives in Devič together with the Bish- op of Herzegovina atanasije and Father Radivoje Panić from Kosovo Polje escorted by KFOR. They serve a supplicatory prayer for the crucified and expelled people over the bro- ken reliquary of St. joanikije of Devič...
as we find out, the patriarch visits the monastery of Gračanica and the Bishop artemije of Raška and Prizren. He speaks to the Serbs gathered in the courtyard asking them not leave their homes. The patriarch visits the chief of KFOR, General Michael jackson, and sends a message of peace repeating his words that “in Kosovo there is a place for everyone, regardless of their religion and nationality.” in the evening, the armed Neo-Ballists, albanian extremists, enter the Priština church yard and yell: “Go away, go away!”
about 20 000 Serbs from Uroševac and surrounding area leave their homes. The refugees testify that the alba- nians wash the streets after their former neighbors so that together with the streets they wash their traces, too. The albanians claim that there are apparently mass graves of albanians in the Uroševac area, but the Serbs there testify that, if there are any mass graves, they contain the bodies of killed Serbs—in Klečka, in a mine near Klina and the lake mountains near Uroševac.
The albanians have attacked a column of refugees near Vučitrn, on their way to the central Serbia.
in every step these followers of Ottoman warlord Sinan Pasha from 16th century, notorious for persecution of the Christians, attack unarmed people in their own homes, persecuting and kidnapping them on the streets and roads, forests and fields, either in flights or their solitary refuge... They cut and burn the living flesh of their skulls and bowels with bloody daggers and guns, hand grenades and mortar “bazookas,” exterminating the Serbian feeble and coura- geous heads who did not leave “their” Kosovo...The armed albanian extremists plunder and burn, all rich or poor un- armed Serb civilians, their stables and folds, cellars and barns, fields and vineyards, grinning or hanging the cattle and Serbian children, or kidnapping hundreds of Serb ci- vilians as “organ donors” [killing them and cutting in pieces for notorious “organ trafficking “ organized by KLa] for sale “ on the black market,” robbing them and their money, cars, machinery, tools and everything Serbian that is either movable or immovable, on the ground or under the ground.
Desecrated Serbian monasteries and churches shattered by explosions are burning, the crosses are falling down, the marbles are getting destroyed with demonic giggles of their desecrators. Dead Serbian bones are whirling upward scat- tering around from the tombs broken by inhuman mad- ness while crambling into dust under their desecrators’ feet and bombs...even the beasts run away from these pyres and blusters of the long “Bartholomew’s” night which falls on Kosovo in the middle of the day and constantly lasts
and is going to last who knows until when, while the inhu- man are rushing to them to feed the eyes and hellish nos- trils of their insanity at the eve of 610th anniversary of the Serbian St. Vitus Day (Vidovdan).
The ground groans and the sky echoes from the fero- cious haunting coming down from the Prokletije Moun- tains, the cries and distress of the captured, the cries of petrified birds and the roars of abandoned cattle. in this 1999 year of the Lord, we disappear in the fires and fumes with everything that we are on earth, as so many times be- fore, we choke again on our Golgotha path, hugging our Kosovo cross and tottering underneath it, with the flashes of new poles, axes and “Serbcutters”,18 in the shadow of “Tomahawks” and steel spiders—the ’apaches’ of our “mer- ciful” euro-atlantic “angels” of the joint american and their european allies who are outspread above us like vultures...
Under their aegis down here, there are three species of vultures reigning in Kosovo and Metohija today: the ra- vens, worms and people murderers and slaughterers who grab, demolish and burn to the ashes the last remnants of centuries-old physical and cultural presence of the Serbian people in the heart of Kosovo-Metohija.
We endured 500 years under the Ottomans, so, we will endure this, too, God willing...
June 5/18, 1999, Holy Hieromartyr Dorotheus, Venerable Peter of Koriša
i wake up terrified with a heavy torment on my soul because of what has happened and what is still happening. i go to a church service, following the epic ballad saying: “Flee into the church Kraljević Marko”19... Today it is the feast day of St. Peter of Koriša. in the temple i listen to the words from the Psalter: “How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?! and i wonder in amazement: Why have the european nations broken down the thousand-year-long history and culture of a Christian european nation such as Serbian one? General Del Vecchio is here to end this his- tory of Kosovo and Metohija together with us handing them over to Çeku, the steel merchant from Peć, almost a com- plete master of life and death of the local Serbs and the Serbian holy sites ... Serbian Kosovo returns to his essence, to her sanctuaries and their centuries-old guards, the bish- ops, some priests and monks and the faithful people who did not flee. elderly nuns slowly burn out in the Patriarch- ate of Peć, serving the Lord, and what will happen after them? The Lord guards all who love Him and He destroys all the wicked, the nun continues with the Psalms. Put not
18 “Serbcutter”—a type of knife used by the Croatian Nazis (Usta- shas) for killing Serbian civilian prisoners in Croatian concentration camps in jasenovac, jadovno and elsewhere diring the World War ii—transl note
19 an excerpt from the Serbian epic poem Uroš and the Mrnjav- čević, see the Ballads of Marko Kraljević, transl. by D. H. Low, Cam- bridge1922:19—transl note

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