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your trust in princes, nor in the son of man in whom there is no help ... Great is our Lord, and of great power!
i have never experienced the truth of these words and their comfort this deeply... as the only hope. While the eu- ropean and american generals inaugurate the “new world order” and “human rights” in Kosovo and Metohija, the Patriarchate of Peć still stands silent counting the centu- ries. a bitter-sweet prayer flows in it without interruption. These remaining few people gather in it as in Noah’s ark...
We communicate using mobile phones, the “Motorola radios.” The monasteries got them through Bishop arte- mije. Thanks to this connection many have been saved from certain deaths these days. it is over these phones that we talk to the italian Command. The news of the kidnapping and murders of tens and hundreds of Serbs overtake one another.
Thus, yesterday they informed us that Luka Petrušić, Radmila and Slobodan Vujačić, teachers from the elemen- tary school in Pećka Banja were kidnapped (Vujačić’s wife, Draginja, managed to escape). in Peć Branislav Vidić man- aged to run away from his kidnappers. His wife, Olga, was raped by two albanians in uniforms.
in Peć Dušan jović (24) was saved and transferred to the monastery, and so were Branko Grujić and Spasoje La- lić. The albanian bandits broke into the house of Milorad Novović and Dušan seizing their weapons and a car. They beat them and ordered them: “Go back to Serbia!” They tell us that two members of the Bukumirić family and a certain man named Radulović were headed for Rožaje in their blue car. On a foreign TV station their dead bodies and their van were spotted along the road (at Savine Vode?), indenti- fied by their relatives from Montenegro...
The Patriarch Paul arrives in the Patriarchate of Peć. Driven by fear and struggling to survive, the people have taken refuge in the centuries-old seat of the Serbian patri- archs seeking salvation from the old patriarch. The refu- gees ask what the Serbs can do in this catastrophe, and the long-time Bishop of Raška and Prizren and confessor an- swers their questions asking everyone to stay in their homes: “We endured 500 years of the Ottoman rule. This, too will go away, God willing!”
Today in Peć, Radosav Grujić (43) and Dragan Dašić (36) have been killed.
at the entrance to Holy Trinity Church in Grmovo Mi- lorad Radjenović (48) from Grmovo has been found dead, killed by firearms. in Priština, Vladimir Djokić (53) has been killed. The commander of the German KFOR in Prizren said that a 70-year old man was found dead after being beaten by terrorists in the former headquarters of the Ser- bian police in Prizren. He was found tied to a chair. The commander did neither say if the man was tortured or if so, in what way.
The Chronicles of the Renewed Crucifixion of Kosovo
The murdered and kidnapped yesterday, on june 3–4/16–17:
in Orahovac, Svetislav Grković (66) and Marko Vitoše- vić (61) were abducted from their home on St. Sava’s Street while Panta Grković (60) was killed. in the village of Vi- danja near Klina, a pensioner Živko Gvozdenović (76), his son, a construction worker, Gojko (53) and Boško Minić (53) were kidnapped, as the majority of Serbs, including their families, left the village where they had decided to stay. in Klina, near the railway crossing for the village of Zlokućane, Dragan Vujović was killed by gunshots from the neighbor- ing yard, in front of the house of Milutin Cincarević. He was murdered by “KLa” terrorists, Roman Catholics from the village of Poljce, among whom was Nua Marku, a teach- er in the Klina School Center.
in Uroševac, Jovan Grković and Divna Dasic were kid- napped.
in the village of Rudice, Dragan Dašić (44), Dragutin Dašić (32), Dušan Dašić (47), Jovanka Dašić (42), Kostadin Dašić, Mijajlo Dašić (56) were abducted. in Priština, Pre- drag Vujačić (59) was kidnapped.
Between june 15 and 17, a group of albanian vandals in uniforms kidnapped a Serb, Borivoje Pavlović (65), a re- tired hotelier, from his sister’s apartment after he returned from the monastery in the little town of Dečani.
At night on June 13/14 the Lazarević spouses—Jovan (87) and Ljubinka (75) were forcibly taken out of their apart- ment in Djakovica and killed on june 15.
Kidnappings, Murders, Rapes, arsons, Plunders in Peć and Gnjilane areas
June 6/19, 1999, Venerable Bessarion the Wonderworker, Venerable Martyr John of Stjenica
People call us from all parts of Kosovo and Metohija, from Prizren to Priština, Djakovica and Peć, informing us of the increasing number of kidnappings, murders, rapes. in the villages located in istok, Klina, Peć, Vučitrn and other municipalities, especially in Metohija, the albanians have burned hundreds of Serbian houses in the past 24 hours. Many Serbian houses in the surrounding villages of Lipljan, Obilić, Kosovo Polje, Podujevo and Priština Municipality have been burned, too. Several dozens of Serbian apart- ments and shops temporarily abandoned by their owners have also been looted. On the streets of Peć, in the conflicts between those who defended their homes and their rob- bers, three people have been killed and one has been wounded.
This new Kosovo suffering deepens the St. Vitus’ Day (Vidovdan) wound from 1389, with a new wound with no remedy by the hypocritical hand and grenades from Chris- tian european nations, but also by the actions of soulless former Serbs. jeremiah’s prophetic cry echoes by the Lab and the Sitnica as once “by the rivers of Babylon”: “By the

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