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ted around the high school, especially at night. in the best case, a new exile is awaiting the Krajina Serb refugees from Knin area, if they avoid death.
Today we hear from Danilo Radulović from Brežanik who has fled and is hiding together with a Mohammedan and five women in an old house across from the barracks. He cries for help. We helped them with the carabineers to reach the Patriarchate.
From the village of Drsnik, which is said to be the oldest Serbian village of this region with 220 Serbian homes, at about 4:00 pm they inform us by phone that that Grigorije Vesić, an old man of 89 years, was killed, while his daughter ilinka hid at albanian Roman-Catholics. The carabineers brought her to the Patriarchate. The old man Grigorije was murdered in the presence of his daughter by two albanians, one of whom was in uniform. He was killed while lying bedridden in his house. The daughter then asked one other albanian to bury her father near the house (which is why that albanian was killed, too). ilinka was the last Serb in Drsnik, all Serbian inhabitants had already fled across Ro- žaje.
They tell us there were 60 homes in Dolac, while 200 in Osojane. Both villages are already deserted...
Otherwise, the Peć District had about 450 000 inhabit- ants, of which 45 000 Serbs, 120 000 non-albanians (Mus- lims and others), 285 000 albanians. These days and months, such radical ethnic “cleansing” has been carried out in the District, so that all the remaining non-albanian residents could have been enumerated by name.
at about 10:00 pm they inform us that three women were kidnapped in the settlement of Brežanica...
Meeting these days with the Serbs from Peć and the wider Peć district, accompanying them and staying with them in the Patriarchate, i get the following impression: this nation is broken and fragmented inside, in a deeper perspective—they are separated from Church. That is why it is easy to scatter them. as if for many of them it was not difficult to run away from their hearths, to abandon the age-old holy sites. Being terrified by the bombing, left at the mercy of albanian terrorists, forsaken by their own government, encouraged by the authorities to flee, espe- cially by the police, what else the poor people could have done but to head—on a road to nowhere.
The bombing, unfortunately, proved that the Western democracy is being transformed into a—demonocracy For the umpteenth time in recent history, what is revealed un- der the mask of hypocritical protection of human rights, is—the will to power, to rule the world, by imposing one’s model of living and thinking as the only correct, or in the language of “cuddly but empty” political correctness—the road “without alternative” and increasingly, without soul and humanness. it is hypocritical and treacherous totali-
The Chronicles of the Renewed Crucifixion of Kosovo
tarianism, more perfidious of all hitherto existing in the world that is actually at work. When they kill and destroy— this is the struggle for peace and human rights. When a small nation defends their lives and the doorsteps, their holy sites, homeland of his grandfathers and fathers from barbarianism—for the euro-atlantic fans of human rights this is a crime which needs to be most severely punished and retaliated to extinction.
in Ljutoglava—Dušanka and Gospodjinka Jovanović, in Piskot—Dragutin Krstić (69), in Orahovac—Budimir Bulić (49), in Donje Nerodimlje—Milorad Djordjević, son of Trojan, have also been kidnapped.
Srećko Karadžić (47) has been killed in Gnjilane. On june 14, Ilija Ilić (47), an employee of a Prizren water sup- ply company, was kidnapped from his own apartment in Prizren.
in Koretin, a village near Gnjilane, the albanian terror- ists kidnapped two neighbors—Nenad Arsić (31), the son of Novica, and Milivoje Simić (50), the son of Srba, at a gas pump. Milivoje managed to escape, while the albanian ter- rorists in civilian clothes caught Nenad (of Novica) arsić, and pushed him into the car. Milivoje later returned to try to free Nenad through some albanian friends and even got himself into the car in which they held Nenad. The terror- ists, however, took them further away and killed Nenad shooting him in the head. They threw him out on the bridge near the “Department store” in Kosovska Kamenica. Mean- while, the Serbs from the Serbian settlements organized themselves and started shooting the albanians who were driving in a column. Three albanians were killed then, but the car with the kidnapped Milivoje Simić managed to es- cape from the angry people. Later on, Milivoje was found massacred, castrated, with the left ear cut off at the Trans- former Station in Kosovska Kamenica.
The case of Budimir Bulić: Bulić, a social worker, de- cided to leave Orahovac in Metohija with his mother. He already came with his friends, but having noticed he forgot his documents at home, decided to return to get them. Since he was gone for a long time, his mother called him and he let her know he was on the way, but never showed up. His mother went back to their apartment to find the entrance door wide open and all the things ransacked and scattered. She knocked at the albanian neighbor’s door, but ran into KLa (UCK). One of them went to get hold of her, but she told them that KFOR was waiting for her in front of the building and managed to escape.
Miloš Ćirković—New Obilić: “You Go, i am Staying!...”
June 7/20, 1999, Hieromartyr Theodotus of Anchyra
Today, the last members of the police and the regular Yugoslav army are leaving the territory of Kosovo and Me- tohija. as the responsible in Serbia say, “the Yugoslav army

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