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Metropolitan amfilohije (Radović)
rivers of Kosovo and Metohija, there we sat down, yea, we wept!” Whenever i touch this wound, i feel as if “as if i stabbed my fingers in a hundred acres of blood.”
every new morning in the Patriarchate of Peć is an oc- casion for a new horror. One becomes more aware of what has happened and what is happening in Kosovo and Meto- hija.
This morning the Patriarch serves the service of God in the temple of the Holy apostles, defending and protecting the people by faith and prayer. Yesterday, Bishop atanasije of Herzegovina arrived in the Patriarchate, too. after a short stay here, he went to Orahovac to meet in the ghetto in Orahovac with Bishop artemije and the local people who are also preparing for the forced migration. Other- wise, he manages to get everywhere, same as recently in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slavonija and the Serbian Kraji- na, visiting each and every destroyed temple, while in the meantime managing to translate the Psalms of David in Gračanica.
Today the sky is gloomy. Heavens are high while hu- man bodies are heavy ... Only the birds fly over easily, sing- ing pleasantly, as if nothing was happing for them. The el- derly nuns, lead by Mother Fevronija anxiously and pa- tiently carry their cross. They venerate the icons and reli- quaries of Holy archbishops and patriarchs of Peć. They quietly and unobtrusively take a blessing from His Holi- ness today, again on other days from the one who serves, singing “Truly You are Worthy”as they return to the mo- nastic quarters, two by two, after the service.
The rest of the people whom we gather and every day send by buses to Rožaj, talk in small groups in the monas- tery yard since the early morning. They all get ready to leave, frightened by what has happened to them...
i think that Kosovo appears and shows as a defeat for humanity:
a) Many albanians, setting fire to the Patriarchate of Peć in 1981, set fire to their homes, too, further stoking the pyres, with worse and worse violence;
b) To some extent the Serbs have experienced moral fall in the eruption of evil, selfishness, hatred;
c) NaTO, the United States and the allied european nations manifested their hypocrisy and barbarism, leaving traces of their inhumanity unprecedented in the modern european history.
everyone is defeated and everyone is guilty in Kosovo, only God knows who more and who less. Many of the Serbs are not of Holy Prince Lazar’s, the jugović’s mother’s nor of the jugović brothers’ morals anymore.
Lord have mercy! Holy archbishops and Patriarchs of Peć, Holy King Milutin, King Stefan Dečanski, Holy martyr Prince Lazar and Martyrs of Kosovo, pray to God for us!
Today in Peć, Miloš Jevrić (60), an automechanic, has been kidnapped in front of the Hotel Metohija in the mid-
dle of the day, as well as Veljko Folić (50), Maksim Krstić (45) of Russian descent and Miodrag Šoškić (44). Radulović managed to escape. They took away their car and threw them into the other one. in Nedakovac, an older person Dušan Brakus (71) was kidnapped at about one thirty in the afternoon.
in Belo Polje there was shooting until the evening. The Blackshirts with qeleshes20 barged into the village and killed Rade Stošić, Čedo Stošić and Filip Kostić, wounded Mirko Stošić whom the carabineers transferred to hospi- tal. One more man was killed. The dead were left in the house.
in Brezanik, the albanians s caught Tmušić, a Serb ci- vilian but he managed to escape. Danilo Radulović did, too. Today, the italian carabineers together with Fr. Miljko Ko- rićanin, a Peć parish priest, transferred 52 persons by bus from Belo Polje to a skyscraper in the city center, across from the bus station. There are other Serbs gathered there, too, so that the italians can protect them.
They report Brestovik was assaulted at about 21.30 pm. There were 12 people left there needing help, because they were in a life threatening danger. This afternoon, the at- torney Milivoje Djuričić (62) who returned from the Patri- archate to the city, claiming that they wouldn’t do anything to him, because they all know and respect him” has been kidnapped, as well as Radonja Petrović (64), a pensioner, Jovica Savić (40), an electrician at the “Battery-Company,” Jordan Marković and Aleksandar Jašović (63).
Radmila and Milosav Dabić from Nerodimlje were kid- napped between june 14 and 19.
Fr. Miljko was caught in the city in the afternoon hours. as he told us afterwards, they took him out of the car, nailed him to the wall putting a rifle to his forehead:”i’ll kill you, you bloody Serb!... they hissed. “Well, kill me then!,” Father Miljko replied. They took the car plates off his car. in the meantime, a third albanian showed up saying: “i know this one... let him go!...” This saved his life. He ar- rived at the Patriarchate and told us what had happened to him, joking at his expense, although obviously upset. it has left its mark on him for months and years later, but it didn’t frighten him or deter him from rushing into aid in the city whenever it was necessary those days. Father Budo, the other Peć parish priest, struggled together with him. They both served in the monastery those days, sacrificing them- selves at the same time for their suffering parishioners.
The following news arrives: There are about 57 refugees from Knin21 in the High School of economics in Peć. They were placed there at the time, but now have been forgotten by everyone and left completely alone. The albanian thugs who break into apartments and loot them have been spot-
20 qeleshe or “plis” is a white albanian skull hat—transl note
21 Displaced Serbs from Serbian Krajina in Croatia, during the Civil War in former Yugoslavia(1991–1995). —transl note

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