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were slaughtered. in Prizren, Panta Filipović and Momir Stamenković were slaughtered, in the settlement of Goleš all the houses were burned down, at the Batlava Lake near Podujevo, two persons were killed. in Suva Reka, Dušan Crevar (31) was kidnapped.
i give the following statement to Radio-Svetigora:
The Italian troops protect the Monastery of the Patri- archate of Peć as there are great dangers to any movement of Serbs in Peć, because very tragic and unfortunate things happen from moment to moment here During this day, a dozen people have not returned and have been kidnapped including those who were here in the monastery and went to the city or a neighboring village to see their houses To men- tion just two names of the people who were kidnapped yes- terday: Maxim Krstić and Milutin Šoškić, who were taken to an unknown destination, as evidenced by their friend Radulović Having been shoved out of their cars which were taken away from them, the two of them were forced into another car while Radulović managed to escape Likewise, another man named Tmušić who was prosecuted yester- day, while his car was taken away from him, managed to escape at night and find a shelter in another village, in Belo Polje, in the end managed to come with great difficulties to us, here at the monastery Besides the lawyer Milivoje Dju- ričić, today Radonja Petrović, Jordan Marković, and a young 24 year old man Duško Jokić, Miloš Jelić and Vjeko Kolić have also been kidnapped, while there are numerous other people on whom we do not have any information However, the situation is all the more pressing, particularly for those people who live further away, in the suburban areas, such as Vitomirica and Belo Polje The terrorists dressed not in KLA uniforms, but in black suits with white caps stormed with five cars in Belo Polje, where there have been some 50 Serbs until today They killed two members of the Stošić family, one from the Kostić while wounding one person Since we informed the Italian command from the monastery, they flew by helicopter to get the wounded person and transferred him to hospital, while the other three remained dead on the spot They recommended us to move them to church until tomorrow and then to try, if possible, to bury them We will, however, try to do it today Alarming news arrive from all areas where there are our people We, here, appeal to all who can hear us and to all who are responsible for this enor- mous calamity that has befallen the Serbian nation, to do everything in their power to protection the last remains of our population, because the Italians are not able to offer full protection, despite their willingness to do so, because there are not enough of them
Right at this minute the Italian command is informing us that the village of Brestovik is under a terrorist attack A mother and son were killed there yesterday There is one re- maining group of Serbs, and we drew the attention of the Ital- ian command to draw them out of there and allocate them in the city where they would be protected by Italian soldiers However, this was not done and we are fear casualties
The Chronicles of the Renewed Crucifixion of Kosovo
With the cooperation of our people, the italians have settled the persons from Belo Polje who have been there until today, in the building in front of the Hotel Metohija in Peć where there are a dozen of our people already. They are somewhat protected over there. This area is in a very bad condition and we do not know what is waiting for us nei- ther during the day nor at night. and we who are here, in the Peć Patriarchate, have made an appeal to the italian Commander Del Vecchio, the UN representative, the eng- lish ambassador, the deputy of General jackson in Priština, to disarm the terrorist military KLa units because that is the only way to prevent the slaughter of the remaining pop- ulation in the Peć area. again, we appeal to the official or- gans of the Yugoslav government to protect the remaining population and to protect the remaining holy sites in Ko- sovo and Metohija—particularly the Dečani Monastery and the Patriarchate of Peć. in the Gorioč Monastery there are six sisters and one priest. They are on their own, as are the sisters of the medieval Budisavci Monastery. There are about 250 of our people together with Father Božić in the Prizren Seminary. Father justin and two monks have stayed in the episcopate and they have called us today informing us that the situation is somewhat calmer over there. There is a big group of Serbs completely under siege in Velika Hoča and Orahovac. Yesterday, a UN representative and Bishop atanasije visited them.
What would be important: those who are in charge in- ternationally and domestically, need to make sure that no one comes from the outside and that none of those who are here with us carry weapons. So, people who will be returning, whether they are Serbs or albanians, who will be massively returning, especially from the direction of Montenegro, must not carry guns. any arming at this time can be a disaster for both the albanians and the Serbs, and would likely lead to a total defeat of the international forc- es, as it is not going to be possible to tame the rampaging passions the explosion of which is on horizon here.
We all ask and appeal to everyone to do everything pos- sible to protect this ancient holy places and to help to es- tablish a real order, especially in the region of Peć district which is controlled by italian troops. Of course, this ap- plies to all other areas of Kosovo and Metohija.
just now, a woman who was raped has arrived. Her hus- band managed to escape from the hands of those who want- ed to kill him. Obviously, there are many of such things, such dark and insane events. However, we hope that our appeal to the international community, the factors of inter- national armed forces, as well as to the Yugoslav authori- ties, will bear at least some fruit.
any delay in disarming those who have come now, whether they are members of what is known as KLa for- mations, or various gangs who have started to roam the Metohija region, can be fatal. We hear that those who at- tacked and raped yesterday, were in the albanian military uniforms, which means that people who do not belong here

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