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Metropolitan amfilohije (Radović)
 Bishop Atanasije visiting the Serbian people and Orthodox churches in Prizren, 1999
and are not residents of Kosovo and Metohija come to Ko- sovo and Metohija . it is incomprehensible that it can be allowed to people from a foreign country to enter here, to add more fuel to the fire and to this huge calamity that has happened and is still happening.
in Uroševac, a Serbian church, a priest and a few re- maining Serbs there have been under an armed attack. The Bishop of Raška and Prizren Diocese artemije and the Bishop of Herzegovina atanasije visit Prizren, Velika Hoča, Orahovac, Peć. Shots were fired at the procession of priests and monks of the Diocese of Raška and Prizren, on their way to Klina after staying here in the Peć Patriarchate. in the procession there were Bishop atanasije, a Peć-born architect Ljubiša Folić from Belgrade, president of the Ser- bian resistance movement in Kosovo and Metohija Mom- čilo Trajković, and an english pastor from the headquar- ters of KFOR. There were no wounded. as noted above, there are no more Serbs left in Klina, and the priest has fled, too.
The terror against the Serbs in Priština (murders, kid- nappings, rapes, threats) becomes unbearable. Dragan Branković has been killed on the street, in front of a large number of passers-by as an example to everyone else. The armed members of the “KLa,” who broke into Priština Medical Center three days ago, prevent the Serbian physi-
cians from providing medical assistance, even removing them from the operating rooms. This health center has been occupied by unskilled albanians who left it in 1991. Due to the threat to patients the Serbian doctors have informed KFOR. The ‘local albanians break into all buildings: “This is ours, go away!” according to the testimony of eyewit- nesses, this order is carried out literally within five min- utes. even the members of KFOR in Priština had to leave the Police Department when the former albanian police officials stormed in there. Yesterday, in the vicinity of Gn- jilane, Predrag Miljković from Smederevo, Goran Miljković and Zivojin Pavić from Slivovo near Priština, went missing without a trace, and their blue truck with Pančevo license plates is nowhere to find, either. in Nerodimlje an old man Milovan Šabić (71) has been brutally murdered. The ab- ducted Mirko Božović from the village of Berkovo in the municipality of Klina, has been killed in Budisavci, in the woods behind the church. in Gornji Petrič, Milica Isaku (64) has been killed.
New albanian Vandalism in Villages and Cities
June 8/21, 1999, Holy Hieromartyr Theodor Stratelates
The italians let us know that four women have been attacked at the Commercial School—Vera Bošković, Beba

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