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Metropolitan amfilohije (Radović)
picked them up by bulldozers and buried them like that. it is known that Duško (43), a municipal judge, and his wife Snježana (34) Karanović, an economist, were killed then, too. They had already moved to Belgrade, when on june 11 they received an official order to return to Suva Reka. They arrived there on june 13, and that same night a mob of “UÇK” vandals stormed into their building abusing and killing all its occupants, including the Karanovići whose bodies were spotted by their neighbors the next day near the building.
Suva Reka is in flames...
Podujevo has been left entirely without Serbs. The Ser- bian villages around Gnjilane are under a complete siege. Four Serbian elderly men were brutally murdered near No- vo Brdo when they were talking their cattle to pasture. The Serbs scattered in apartments in Priština’s buildings are individually attacked, kidnapped and plundered. French KFOR has separated the Serbs from the albanians with a red line in Kosovska Mitrovica. The northwest part of the city inhabited by the Serbs, Roma and Mohammedans of our native tongue has been cut off from Metohija, while the Serbian vehicles do not run along Vučitrn-Kosovska Mitrovica road anymore...
The Charitable Fund of the Serbian Orthodox Church “Philanthropy” delivered a truck of food in Peć through KFOR.
...abandoned Serbian flats in Priština are robbed, while from those which are still occupied the Serbs are expelled, beaten, wounded, kidnapped, killed. in the Sunčani Breg neighborhood the albanian flags have fluttered since this morning. The expelling of Serbs from all companies and hospitals still goes on. The “UCK” members parade on the streets in the cars they have stolen from the killed, kid- napped and expelled Serbs. Serbian identity cards, driver licenses, or any other document of the Serbian state are no longer valid, the Serbian language is prohibited, while eng- lish becomes the official language instead. The Serbs in their apartments and houses are intimidated by shouting: ”Go out or i’ll slaughter you!” Those who have escaped ab- duction or killing do not leave their apartments, cannot buy anything from anyone, because the albanians refuse to sell goods to them.
...On june 18 in Peć, Milorad Grujić (42), a “Kosovo-Trans” company driver, was the first one abducted, and then his relative Branislav-Branko Grujić (63) who went looking for him and whom “UCK” forced into the car and took to the police ostensibly for him to make a statement about Milo- rad’s abduction. Neither one of them has ever returned home since. in the village of Gornja Trava (Duvnica), Po- dujevo municipality, a father of three children (4, 7 and 10 years old), Dejan Djordjević (27) was killed by the albanian extremists on the threshold of Dragan Biočanin’s house from a nearby forest.
The albanian Crimes in the Presence of
the NaTO euro-atlantic Peacekeeping Troops
June 9/22, 1999, Saint Cyril of Alexandria
The security situation in the Peć Patriarchate is getting worse from hour to hour. Since the morning armed alba- nians have been coming in masses from Pećko Ždrelo (Ru- govska Klisura) and have been gathering in the vicinity of the monastery.
in my conversation with Bishop artemije i tell him that the Serbian Metohija can completely disappear, unless the international armed forces intervene against the albanian criminals. Together we address the KFOR commanders in chief for help, but nothing happens until noon.
...However, the news arrive from Peć one after another concerning the attacks:
– on Paris Street where Pero Dašić and Vlado Tešović live on Milan Tepić Street—where there are two members of the Petrović, Bošković, Mitrović and five, six women.
– on V. Vlahović Street where the belated Nikodim and Novka Tmušić, Željko Mihajlović, Rašo Bogićević, Ratka jovanović—Rada remained.
Being in a life-threatening danger, the entire people ask to leave for Montenegro under the italian flag. if they do not get any protection, the convoy will go on its own.
We have informed Bishop artemije to immediately urge General jackson KFOR Commander-in-Chief, to protect the people.
...Yesterday, the albanians broke into the house of an old Serbian man by the railway station beating him up and rob- bing everything he had. in the evening the italians brought three people from that house to the monastery.
...These days, many people have come and passed through the Patriarchate of Peć, various “groups for the implemen- tation of peace,” humanitarian groups, especially Spanish and italian. From the recent local authorities jovo Popović, Peć district president, has come most often. One has the impression that he does this because he takes care of peo- ple. Thus, following his proposal, the italians protect a city center skyscraper where the expelled from various parts of Peć are accommodated. in the end, it turned out that by doing so he actually protected his own apartment in this residential building. Similarly, he took care of his house on the other side of Pećka Bistrica River, renting it to a foreign group in order to keep it safe from the albanians. They say that, prior to the entry of foreign troops and the return of albanian terrorists, he was caught with the truck loaded with goods in Kula toward Rožaje.23
These days the Serbian minister Branislav ivković has shown up together with jovo Popović. He talked to the gath-
23 border line with the rest of Serbia—transl note

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