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ered people promising protection from the state and their return.
We tried to present the horrible condition our people and Serbian Church have found themselves in throughout Kosovo and Metohija. Popović kept leaving and reentering the meeting room contacting someone from “the top of government.” We found out he had a satellite phone—while we were struggling with bad telephone connections to save people using Motorola radios, he was in the name of the state doing his private business. The minister did not stay long, he went to a “luncheon.” Not paying much attention to what we told him, he said he had “no time.”
as to how much he understood the situation could be seen from the fact that yesterday (june 21) 50 people re- turned from Berane, obviously persuaded by the minister and those with him who ordered that “the brewery shall be put into operation!” Today they have brought more than one hundred people. They let them return unarmed into the open flame! The people here, every single one of them, seek help to save their bare lives and escape, while they bring back those who already managed to flee as if to a slaughterhouse. it is like being in the state, without a state. They have burned the country down and are returning the people to slaughter.
While they are doing so, the news arrives that the mur- dered Boro Stanimirović from Peć and Goran Novović (34), a “Trepča” driver, were found (on june 19) above Radavac, toward Savine Vode. it seems that they were abducted on june 16 or 17. Novović was last seen on june 17, in Mala jablanica near Peć.
The news also arrives that in Obilić, six people have been killed and thrown into the mud: Slobodan Pavlović and his fifteen-year-old son Nenad, Momčilo Divić, fifteen- year-old Aleksandar Milenković and his uncle Vojo Milen- ković, a young man Dejan Prokić (20) and an unknown man...
Seventeen Serbs have been surrounded on 16 ilija Ba- našević Street at the institute in Peć. We send a Carabineer patrol to take them out of the ring. Serb-inhabited villages of Siga, Brestovik, Belo Polje are being looted and burned by the albanians whom they have to prevent from com- mitting the crime... Krsto Novičić has been attacked in his house, down by “Desanka Maksimović” School... Father Miljko informs us that at about 8 pm the apartment of the Grujić family on Nikola Tesla Street by “Ramiz Sadiku” School has been attacked. it is on our own or with the help of the carabineers that we take care of these cases.
in Uroševac, the monument to emperor Uroš has been demolished after the attack on local church and priests.
Three mutilated bodies which could not have been in- dentified, have been found near the body of the previously killed Panta Grković near Orahovac. it is assumed that two of the bodies are of the Serbian refugees from Krajina who
The Chronicles of the Renewed Crucifixion of Kosovo
lived in Velika Hoča and whose families are not there any- more. Thus, no one could identify them, while the third body, completely unrecognizable and decapitated, is prob- ably of the kidnapped Budimir Bulić. So much was his body massacred that the shaken Bulić’s neighbors did not allow his mother to see him, fearing her heart would break from grief. Thus, this identification was not done either.
Gradimir Majmarević (54) and Siniša Vitošević, both from Orahovac, were abducted after having gone to the farm, behind the last house in Orahovac toward Golema Hoča, to feed their cattle. They both disappeared without a trace.
in the village of Pakaštica near Podujevo the married couple, Miladin (68) and Milosava (67) Kostić were abduct- ed from their doorstep and killed.
in Priština, in the Sunčani Breg neighborhood (number 13, 5th floor), Veljko Spasić, son of Dragoljub, and his co- worker with an unknown name whom he was carpooling with, were abducted on june 19, at 7 am.
There are seldom examples when the abducted, even old men, manage to escape their slaughterers. Thus, today, three old men who were abducted and tortured in Oraho- vac, have managed to escape from the albanian hands with the almost incredible help of a albanian inside the KLa (UÇK) imprisonment, who opened the cell door for them and explained to them which streets they should take to avoid meeting with the “UÇK” members.
The Letter of the Bishop of Raška and Prizren artemije to the NaTO Leaders and New Crimes by albanian extremists
June 10/23, 1999, Holy Hieromartyr Timothy, Bishop of Prussa, St Jovan of Serbia, Metropolitan of Tobolj
The Bishop of Raška and Prizren artemije writes a let- ter to the NaTO leaders—General Secretary of NaTO ja- vier Solana, Commander-in-Chief of NaTO troops Wes- ley Clark, Special Representative of the UN Secretary Gen- eral Sergio Vieira de Mello, in which he says:
“Concerned because of the unbearable and extremely precarious position of the Serbian people and other com- munities in Kosovo and Metohija, we address you with the request to seriously contemplate the situation, before it be- comes too late for everything The Serbian people, as you know, have been terrorized by intruders, thieves and plun- derers from Albania and the members of what is known as KLA, especially recently, after the withdrawal of the Yugo- slav Army and the expulsion of other border agencies, and therefore are threatened to disappear from Kosovo and Me- tohija, their ethnic, cultural and spiritual homeland The daily killings, most of which are bloody massacres, expul- sion from their own houses and apartments, forced take- over of companies, enterprises and institutions, threats, pro- fanity and attacks on the streets and stores, looting and other

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