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at about 10 o’clock they call us from the village of Ćuška (that is the village of ethem Çeku, the albanian command- er who claimed that 17 of his relatives had been murdered). There are four Serbs over there who work in the post office and are looking for help...We report this to the italian com- mand with a request to send them protection...
in the village of Slivovo near Gračanica, Živojin Simić and his relatives Dimitrije, Trojan and Živko Simić were slaughtered by their albanian neighbors.
Today in Peć, Luka, Slobodan and Snežana Dončić and Miso Dujačić have been kidnapped without a trace.
at 13:30 pm we were notified that the Serbs were at- tacked at the railway station on Desanka Maksimović Street (by the school). Miško Korać was abducted at 11:30 am (No- vember 29 Street). Dimitrije Dašić, hidden in a Roma house
We have heard that a mass grave of Serbs killed by al- banians has been found in Rakoš.
On june 13 and 14 many Serbs were killed and their bodies lay strewn in the streets until the “UCK” vandals
The Chronicles of the Renewed Crucifixion of Kosovo
  Bishop Atanasije Jevtić at the entrance of the Mother of God of Ljeviša Cathedral
jovanović, Slobodanka jokić and Milena Lalić. Ljubo and aco Vuković and their mother have also been attacked and robbed in their car with the Prizren plates. Rajko Srbljak tells us that he should return to the deserted village of Siga (35 Serbian houses) and Brestovik (10 houses) under the military escort. “as if an atomic bomb fell...” Srbljak (Ser- bian liturgical scripture) says, “such is the state...” “We have committed a great sin,” he adds, “there has been a lot of greed, a spirit of looting has reigned over some of our peo- ple...”
Entrance to the Saint George cathedral in Prizren
across the institute on Ruža Božidarević Street, calls for help. Spanish humanitarians rescued him and brought him to the Patriarchate.
This morning Rajko jovanović and his spouse were kid- napped, and oddly enough were released. The terrorists moved in the houses of Šaranović and Grujić families on Nikola Tesla Street. We receive a phone call again to urgent- ly provide protection for the Metropolitanate, the church and the parish house.

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