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 Milisav Lutovac, La Metohija, Paris, 1935,
the most comprehensive study on geographic, social and economic and inter-ethnic relations in interwar Metohija
Pavlović (25), was killed in Peć on june 8, Tomo Aleksić from Gornje Obrinje, near Glogovac, was kidnapped on june 8, Dojčin Kapetanović, a “Kosmet-Tours” bus driver, was killed in the village of Lebane when he was driving on june 8...
On june 5, in Prizren, Stojan Andjelković (47) was kid- napped without a trace. Somewhere near Prizren, toward the border with albania, a forest ranger Jordan Ničić (58) from Čaglavica near Priština was also kidnapped. in Rud- nik, Dragutin Todorović (39) was kidnapped. in Peć, Zoran Zuvić was kidnapped on june 8.
Foreign journalists have flooded the southern Serbian province, mainly with the intention to contribute with their reports to the creation of a triumphant image of achieved euro-atlantic goals and placing Kosovo under the interna- tional protectorate with the help of NaTO armies. They, however, gloss over the violence being perpetrated against non-albanian population and all its victims.
However, there are those, too who write without em- bellishment. in his article from june 15 titled “We will ex- ecute Serb troops, says the so called “KLa,” a correspon- dent of the London “Daily Telegraph,” writes: “With every
The Chronicles of the Renewed Crucifixion of Kosovo
hour that passes, the arbitrary power of the KLa is grow- ing in Kosovo” , the power to judge people not by written laws, but by arbitrary personal judgment and opinion, “and NaTO seems momentarily clueless how to deal with it.” Sali Mustafa, KLa commander praised himself to the ’Tele- graph’ that he personally killed the head of the Serbian po- lice in Priština. “Looking at this young man, it was hard to believe that he had cold-bloodedly killed Priština’s top po- liceman; but, so he confessed. ’i was in charge of a unit and, well, they were our enemy, and i was shooting at them. Me and two other guys, we shot Miša Lakočević. Zoran Jovano- vić found his death, too. i shot him dead.’ This young man, the reporter says, claims that he is going to be a police of- ficer in the new Kosovo police.”
The reporter further writes: “ivan Ničić (25) was driv- ing out of Priština yesterday morning, like thousands of other fleeing Serbs, when he spotted a man he knew, an albanian. Their eyes met. Suddenly, other albanians ap- peared, pulling out their guns, and as Ničić panicked and floored the accelerator, they shot his green Yugo Tempo five times in the back. One bullet passed through his shoul- der, and another grazed his skull. Ničić was luckier than others.
Last night KLa checkpoints were appearing all over town, especially at the route north to Belgrade. Three more fleeing Serbs were reportedly shot dead, and albanian gun- men had taken the lives of at least one albanian who worked for the Yugoslav militia, as well as three other Serb police- men. all this occurred before the careful, but quite indif- ferent eyes of “NaTO peacekeepers.” at today’s press con- ference, the chief of KFOR, General Michael jackson has expressed regret for all the shortcomings of KFOR engage- ment, but he did not mention even once the Serbian civil- ians terrorized by KLa.“
On june 15, some unknown albanian civilians stopped a Serb, Slavoljub Baltić, on his way out of Vučitrn, toward the village of Miloševo, tied his hands in handcuffs and took him in the direction of Čičavica Mountain (a moun- tain situated at the center of Kosovo with a length of about 5 miles and a width of about 3 miles. its highest peak reach- es to a height of 3,579 ft. it is in the boundary line between the Drenica region and the Kosovo Plain. The river Sitnica passes close by it.).
The Long “St. Bartholomew’s Night”; the Kosovo eve arises
June4/17,1999,St MitrophanandSts MarthaandMary Hieromartyr Joannicius of Montenegro Holy Hieromartyr George (Bogić)
The neo-ballists leave behind Devič Monastery with a high tax, plundering and taking with them everything they could—the monastery tractors, the van, the Volkswagen Golf car, saws, generators, telephones, fax machines, re-

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