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 Calendar, November 6th, narthex, Dečani
lated with sword and flame, to Prince Lazar’s Samodreža church, across the Lab river basin and Bajgora.
Herein lies our new Kosovo Crucifixion, just as six hun- dred years before a great marble Cross was erected over the same Kosovo Battlefield. Then our fathers, though phys- ically defeated, remained spiritually unconquered.
They built the memorial cross and inscribed it with these words as a living testament to their faith, humanity and heroism: “O man, who treads upon this Serbian soil, who- soever or whatsoever you may be, when you come upon this field which is Kosovo, all across it you will see the skel- etons of the dead. among them, you will behold me, in stony form, a Cross marker, standing erect as a banner in the midst of the battlefield. Here fell a great ruler; a marvel of a man and Serbian Prince, by the name of Lazar. He was a great and pious prince, a pillar of devotion, a man of deep wisdom and fiery intellect. He was a shield to strangers and those in need of refuge. He provided nourishment for the hungry and compassion for the lowly. and was a comfort and solace for the grieving and one who loved all that Christ desired.”
and now, compassionate Lord, after six centuries, a pseudo-tsar and a false prophet from Gazimestan rules over us. More like a Muslim convert than a Serb, he pro- claimed that there would be no betrayal, even though we knew that treachery had already been committed and was now merely being revealed. With such a godless leader and pseudo-Serb, we’re left to dwell “on this earth, but without land, on Kosovo but without Kosovo, of Miloš Obilić yet without him, by ourselves but without ourselves.” Possess- ing honor and reputation, we have been left without either, because that godless communist, that beast and turncoat,
trampled and soiled them. Being what he is, in the words of a Serbian poet, he was not able, and cannot fight to defend Kosovo, because: “neither a Turk nor apostate can defend your people, nor an arsonist protect against fire, nor a Pha- raoh deliver you from slavery. a false savior will readily lead you to Babylon and into a new captivity.” That is how this pyromaniac who torched his own home and others’, impostor and traitor, has rapidly led us to this hellish im- passe. He has brought us to a place where innocent victims lie unburied, massacred children remain unmourned, holy shrines desecrated and burnt, where an entire people have been scorned, trampled and humiliated.
His ten-year reign of insanity and inhumanity has been attributed to my people, granted, an imperfect people but Thine nonetheless dear Lord, with a conscience and a ca- pacity for repentance. just like this dictator are the foreign tyrants and hypocrites. Refined yet callous are these bar- barians of the pseudo-Christian West, who are even more cunning, insincere and deceitful. They’re happy with this outcast from God such as he is, because he provides them the opportunity to inflict their inhumanity on us as they have in the past upon other small peoples and nations around the world. They view him as they see themselves, then judge our people the same way. They, and their do- mestic sycophants, idolatrous worshippers of esperia, the New Demonia, mock us because we consider ourselves to be God’s people. Because we believe in justice and God’s Truth and still adhere to our fathers’ covenant with Heav- en, and venerate the Kosovo sacrifice made by our Martyrs and New Martyrs.
it is quite just and true, what the Serbian people of Ko- sovo today know and feel: “God is angry at the Serbs, be- cause of their many mortal sins. Our leaders trampled upon the Law, and chose folly to be their guiding light. Our own leaders, God’s curse be on their souls, carved the empire into little pieces; our own leaders, miserable cowards, thus became the betrayers of our nation.”
For five centuries we suffered under the foreign yoke, never completely liberated, but neither totally enslaved, nor alienated from God or ourselves. We suffered from invasions and onslaughts of every evil, from east and West, but our greatest suffering occurred during the most recent fifty-year occupation by those estranged from God and the people. The Serbian nation has suffered at the hands of the godless and inhuman communists and neo-communists, who became rulers with the help of Western atheists and antichrists. it was from the West, and because of it, that the current and most terrible evil has been visited upon us. From these barbarians of the eerily radiant, and simultane- ously obscuring West, neither liberty nor humanity has ever emanated, but rather only so-called “new world or- ders,” new enslavements replacing previous ones, such as this present tyranny and bombing. From easter to easter, and from Good Friday to Good Friday. Their last three- month NaTO-bombing of innocent and enslaved people

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