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 Calendar, September 24th and 25th, narthex, Gračanica
ever they trod, “they leave behind a stench of inhumanity.” They constantly shout: “Peace, peace!,” but lack it within their own hearts and consciences. That is why they bring disorder wherever they go. They only posses one single argument and single approach to peace; the use of bombs, tanks, NaTO, and occupation. War is in their soul and they sow it wherever they go. When they choose not to declare war, they wage “air campaigns,” which is their euphemism for the destruction of nations and peoples with uranium- depletedbombsandinfernalrockets.andallthisisdeemed as representing “european” or “Western civilization.” We see it as the NaTO-fication of the last remnants of europe, the twilight of a once-Christian civilization. The lasting legacy of that civilization will be: treachery, deadly weap- ons, and police batons. Berlin and Brussels, New York and Washington have truly become a “the sledge hammer of the earth” as were egypt and Babylon, Rome and Constan- tinople in antiquity. Today’s “global sledge hammers” are bereft of true human civilization and culture but instead are flush with hypocrisy and moral posturing. Behind their smooth, appealing façade is a festering, postulating mag- got pile.
They claim to be anti-Communist, but their behavior is identical to the communists of old. They engage in the ty- rannical enslavement of people and nations, trampling hu- man hearts and minds, all the while offering hyperbole about “human rights, liberty, and equality.”
The reality of their rhetoric however, comes to an equa- tion of death. Their power is a virtual steamroller that crush- es everything which differs from their template. They clear- ly aspire to reconfigure the world to their exact specifica- tions, in their own image and likeness which is that of apoc- alyptic beasts, antichrists, god-men and pseudo-gods.
For centuries, the West has prevented us from liberat- ing ourselves; from getting our house in order, constantly imposing upon us their dictates and prefabricated solu- tions. Those solutions cannot even be realized, let alone sustained, because they are a product of aggression and injustice. They are not a creation of human excellence and virtue, but Satan’s handiwork; the fruit of treachery, god- lessness and inhumanity. The West persists in this aggres- sive behavior in order to continue meddling in our house so that they may profit from our suffering and pain. all the while telling us, without a trace of shame or remorse: “You’re not capable of organizing your household, or maintaining order in your yard.” as if we could forget all that they’ve done to us in the wars and occupations we’ve been sub- jected to. Or how they “liberated” us, only to make us slaves twice over that which we had been. all to prevent us from being who we were, and who we can become. To make us over in their own idolatrous image, as the Lord’s prophets warned long ago.
arise, o Lord my God, and judge Thy people and na- tions by Thy eternal justice and Truth. Let Thy hand be raised, and may Thou not forget Thy needy ’till the end of time. install, o Lord, a law-giver above both us and them, and let all people and nations understand that they are mere human beings. Because those which have attacked us, now have surrounded and subjugated us, and have trained their eyes with the intention of exterminating us. They intend to pound us into the ground, to annihilate and erase any trace of our existence. They wish to destroy Thine shrines, sim- ply because they are not like theirs. They are resentful that we know and remember that “in a martyred land, martyrs areneeded.”
O God our Savior, Hope of the world, even of the small- est and most distant corners of the earth. We know from our life’s bitter experience, and from the historic journey and forbearance of our fathers, that the greater the misfor- tune, the greater the hope of salvation. That is the mystery of Thy Son’s Cross, as well as the mystery of our crucifixion and resurrection on the path through this Valley of Tears that is this earth.
Lord, Thou merciful who loveth mankind, Savior of souls, we pray to Thee with wounded bodies, dispirited souls, with subdued spirits and faltering voices. We pray and beseech Thee to be admitted again. allow the sacrifice of our humiliation to be accepted before Thee, and let Thy holy will today rule above us. For there is no shame for those who are bound to Thee. and now we adhere to Thee with all our heart, and fear Thee, seeking Thy face. Do not make us ashamed on this day of reckoning and our hour of temp-

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