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 was grandly proclaimed, by our domestic tyrant, as well as the foreign tyrants, each for themselves, as their victory. So then Lord, Righteous judge, who was defeated?
O Lord of the Heavenly Host and judge above earthly tyrants. We, the innocent people, the enslaved captives, are the defeated ones.
We sit Lord on the banks of the rivers of Kosovo and Metohija: Lab and Sitnica, Drim and Bistrica, and weep like Thy people of israel once did in Babylon. They won’t even offer us pure water to drink, nor allow us to harvest what remains of our wheat, nor to bury our murdered kin, nor sing our ancient Kosovo hymns. Tearfully we eat our stale bread, while being told about abundant humanitarian aid. and who can receive such “help” with an open heart, when it’s offered conditionally; when we are blackmailed in exchange for a meal. in many places there is no one to dis- tribute it to, except for an old man or woman here or there, evicted from their homes or apartments. if they’ve some- how managed to survive, in places like Podujevo, Priština, Štimlje or Prizren, they’re maltreated, with wounds and bruises on their bodies and on their souls. “Three elderly women remain, holding up the Cross in Kosovo, out of three hundred thousand Serbs who lived here,” cries one half-blind grandmother as she is guarded by tanks of the mighty NaTO super-power!
Two thirds of the Serbian population have been expelled and exiled from the “ethnically cleansed” towns and vil- lages of Kosovo and Metohija. “From Čačane, brother, to Zvečane,” the Serbs have been virtually eliminated, much as they were during the Turkish occupation, or as in Usta- sha-run Croatia. all the while, the “humanitarian” visitors from the West and their sighted, yet unseeing diplomatic escorts keep asking: “How many of you still remain?” The much tormented Bishop of Kosovo-Metohija, “a sad or- phanwithoutfriendorkinfolk,”replieswithbitternessand tears: “We are few in number, yet we are not counted.”
a global military force of massive proportions has come to Kosovo, for the stated purpose of stopping aggression and ethnic persecution. Since its arrival however, unspeak- able acts of aggression have been perpetrated against Serbs; murders and acts of destruction committed, yet unacknowl- edged by the world community. During the NaTO bomb- ing campaign, bombs and rockets virtually destroyed the wheat fields and vineyards, leaving no grain for commu- nion bread, or wine for the Holy Liturgy. The plains of Ko- sovo and Metohija are furrowed with bomb craters, farm fields and gardens are poisoned with depleted uranium, and human souls have been embittered and quashed by the inhumanity of it all.
Under the auspices of KFOR “peacemakers,” unfore- seen evil and aggression against an entire people has inten- sified to unprecedented levels. The end to this suffering is nowhere in sight as KFOR refuses to use its power to stop the criminal albanian rampage. How can they, when the albanian gang leaders are allies and collaborators in Na-
Calendar, November 7th, narthex, Dečani
TO’s “new world order.” it’s a partnership in neocolonial- ism; a new way to control the world through drugs, weap- ons, money, and various other forms of criminality, all un- der the label of “demo(n)cracy.”
Wherever these barbarians from the West have gone, they’ve brought war and misfortune. They claim to be bear- ers of peace and human rights, but bring only greater mis- ery and injustice. They do not resolve problems, but mag- nify and prolong them. They appear refined but are vulgar, seemingly friendly but are brutal, much like the tools and weapons of their trade, and are just as inhumane as their anti-Christian godlessness.
They claim to be an example for the world and a mea- sure of all things. But they do not have the means to mea- sure, nor desire to know justice or Truth. They make grand pronouncements about the “new order” of things in the world, but they are faded and worn-out like their sins and inhumanity. Their hearts are decayed, gnawed away by the suspicion that they may appear unsuccessful and lose the confidence (or in their words “credibility of NaTO”) to lead all of humanity and be its harbingers of joy. Their “new world order” is nothing more than age-old subjugation, re-cycled greed, self-serving interest, and power lust. all in an effort to dominate the world and re-shape it in their own image. anyone opposed to their plans and designs is proclaimed an outcast, labeled as intolerant, or “uncooperative” and as such deemed unworthy of life or existence. They constant- ly talk about liberty, but they themselves are slaves to base passions and are unconcealed idolaters of false gods. Wher-

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