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   IMPLEMENTED 2001–2006
 IMPLEMENTED 2006–2014
       Rehabilitation project for the churchyard and ancillary objects
       Reconstruction of the church Refurbishment of the churchyard
Construction of a dormitory
 after the fraternity had been reestablished in October 2004, a gradual reconstruction of the monastery complex was undertaken; the funds were provided by the religious community and the Coordination Center for Kosovo and Metohija of the Republic of Serbia. The church was entirely reconstructed, the conventual buildings were rebuilt and the churchyard was refurbished. Since the reestablishment of the fraternity, monks have been exposed to occasional attacks and provocations because the monastery is located in an albanian-populated area.
                                  after 2009, when a part of the Serbian population had returned to the village, an initiative was started to renovate the church.
                          after the Pogrom of 2004, the Kosovar authorities organized the reconstruction and development of the fortress.
       in 2005, emergency works were undertaken in both structures: windows were glazed
and the roof and doors were replaced.
in autumn 2013, both churches were broken into, which indicates that the security of the building is threatened.
 * Further information: Project Urgent Protection of Natural and Cultural Heritage in Metohija: Final Report, Bel- grade: MNeMOSYNe, 2003, pp. 370–384; Coordination Center for Kosovo and Metohija
** Further information: Ibid.
CC – Coordination Center for Kosovo and Metohija; MC – MNeMOSYNe Center; iPCMRS – institute for the Protec-
tion of Cultural Monuments of the Republic of Serbia ре; SOC – Serbian Orthodox Church; Coe – Council of europe
The Destruction of Serbia’s Patrimonial Sites in Kosovo

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