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I d rather be Ed!!! Three and a half foot thrasher
Docisms I didn't mean to hit her car, officer
you, Cammie I love the Beatles, I love that shirt STING IS OBVIOUSLY GOD That about somes up my life GB, LL, AW, I can't believe it's over-l'll miss you Laura-1can't sayanything Mom, Dad, Liana,
o'clock and time for lunch Peter Gabriel ‘
row U2May16 I hundred, 2 hundred
Oh nice! powderpuff Thanks for your help LN Philosophy w/ Ketan DS test cooperation are you hungry/tired JG Hamburger Blockhead BC, JG, LT, CC Absolut on the Wall St. Journal Love always
WHDC; your in it until you die or longer
after T.T. Quick Slurries with Tolerico
Letterman Electric Blues jam sessions
lake<l think it's O .K. this time Fish) 5 or 50 What exactly is a MIDI? Foretold Destiny 1986-1988(Doufe, Chris, John, Eric, John and Me) It's mine for a week If you break a crumb in half, you have two crumbs? I'd rather be a Zepileptic than not be oneMlI Ram T u fffllll Thanks mom and dad for your guidance and understanding. l could not have done it without you both. One terrific |SA Party/Convention.
Long Island Girls are amazing Where's Kelly?
Firebird VS. Comet S.K. Did you finish your home­
work? I love temporary's
Flow about that new BMW
M .S. more sick days OH Yea! Black Brothers
forever! Jen's Batmitzvah
hair messed up? M .M . Princeton Review K .C . more corned beef Sovereignty M .S. a new radar detector M .M . more hours to sleep Weightlift­ ing and track T.R. The cats and nephew Tim. Macho Man Randy Savage Shaving cream & the Diner The comers of Westfield S.K. Court
J.K. How about new license plates? Thanks B.G. and M .M . J.S. another job M .M . more college ap­ plications!!! J.B. Another telephone line Giant
Games J.S. acrobar Way to go fishy lips Great dietetic cookies & Dad, I love you!
Shannon-#9 (The Juice) The Hyatt Regency F.M. Goodbye W-H Thanks Mom
To all the malibuers Find a real club! KW no
thanks! But Dan who's stale champs Westfield
oh Nice! I believe the score was 33-0? Dan what is she, a miser. Hey NICK, lets just say our hearts were drunk w/a beauty that was bestowed upon our eyes by the wrath of alcohol. What kind of skirt was it Bik Denum? How much was the Bet. At least you got paid. The bottle lubricates the mind! Hey Jill, Why are my knees dirty? I thought she was mute. Why didn't you tell me you stole her dog. LISA, its still not as good as the real thing! Does anybody have an ice cube! Wet willies rule! Nick, got any pepper. 928s their is no sub­ stitute! Nick wake up. ED, you get the acorns, ERIC get the bark, KW you're not cool! No thats Kieren, I'm Bill. Hows it go . oooooh Niiiiiick. (GT) MTARP/EGEK Anyone wanna go to Foodtown via convertable BMW. Oreo power the ultimate social mixer. Womanizers rule! Right Jill/Karen. IT'S not womanizing, it's called Westfield tradition (the art of sexual deception) Last night at 12 I felt immense, but now I feel like thirty cents. Toodles! Hey LISA, we switched places could you tell the difference. The prayer of the chicken hawk does not get him the chicken. Jill why does that girl look like Madonna? GIRLS HAVE YOU HAD THE AL­ PHABET RECITED TO YOU LATELY???
Frankly, I'm a hotdog Gina, Casey, Nora, Greg, Ritu, Adam, Wendy, Charles . Mr. Pee-tahs ... "Teach us. Dear Lord" Matt's an idiot Grape Nuts Caucus! . Yes there is a cross-country team
WORKM & AHID Two birds of a feather Mr. Wuest said the king to the peoPLE EVERYWHERE!!! Tropicana cans swaying in the moonlight DUKE!! The Link Peteretep Captain America We were never that young The Greek God XD, Tag, BBBbb Our ninth grade dictator We never
didn't know each other trying to like someone
Malibu calls B.S. Economics Class
sitting in Sasha's bathroom yes, now, it's the satisfying Lies, Lies, Lies, yeah, Euripedes, we are
have to
furtim Physics/Chemistry/Biology-Yum hearing problems, Laura? just accept it Is it normal to like every freshman? She's a goddess setting other people up with whom I like Holy Moses sur la
Tennis Players in respect to
well obviously if you do it I He's In locii doing talia res
Danny's brother goes to our school
now all you have to do is talk Mr. Laura's indifference towards Brock Laura+ JK
your head, Smokin' in the boy's room I tell ya we was
Fuw up the - duct Thankyou Mr. Peterson take a drive to Belvidere to get movies and Greta duck­ ing from the pigs sneezing into Betsy's hair Sasha going out with a muppet on her arm "Here Laura, you dropped some stuff"-"Thanks, Jim ."
Mr. Everhart playing Peter Pan In Grateful Chorus Raise we . having ulcers in ninth grade . . History is our only subject I know you hate me but . What would you do if Making the Basketball shot during exams Rock Me Amadeus You'd be disowned
have to have him . you're so- much better than she is
She's fout in spite of muself laughing when it's crucial not to . "Can I Spank your test tube?" "Test m e!" . . . Let's come to terms with it, Catullus isn't Vergil FLASH:?; "LAURA LOVES TO EX­ PLORE" There is a new definition for beast . Now, you have CM , Alex . Lisa loves Duran Duran . lisa, you look human today Lie, cheat, &steal to get what you want Liz, ICU, Nous Sommes Awesome#!
Where the hell are her feet? I'm so grossed out by life Godzilla will miss you Groucho/Grumio Laura, pul on WNEW! Eheu! She's one of those Magna Mater things I don't know what kinda Thomas Paine Walt, phones in the stars? . I miss
If we had another life
He would vomit on me if he could Bang
Freezing The David 48 hour bass
Hello world and welcome to Fredsville; Stage Crew Knive Throwing Team, mosh MOT zip ZIP kILL, (chick­ en) Sax Sec. (Seth K.)TZE TZE burp twerp squeek- ::Mingles-Downunder-Rug Rats. Iron Maiden car bar­ becue, Foretold Destiny(Bass solo #33)Who ME? What Knife? is it yes or no 9'/2 weeks, I see a little bit of you in me, Sid -N- Nancy, Rick -N- Kiki, Ny cabbies, summer beach house, oy or oi. Lacrosse!! Co-ed maybe (don't worry about it)lt makes me dance and sing, ALF#1, Hey Donna I'm caought in the rye, 2 for flinch­ ing.,.: hey!! that's our corner, Movies/movies claw machines, WaBble down the hallway, help me to class Ketan The Leg club — Laura, AIRLINE, and MR. ED. What firm tickets. Goldfish at Def Leppard, 9th grade gum fights, What-english Senior, AM I EVIL lOx. Could it be Satan,,., Special Donkey Snot, blue, fluff,,., Fuzzy Handcuffs S&M, B&D, R&B for kathy, Rutgers and Ramones in the rain Meeps from Hell! No*&<t&* more &<%$% Keyboards, Bloom County, Far Side #1, Ian Anderson(GOd) Doug Bogar(his son) HA!! Flute #1,
Sankyo, Mr. Rotnac;.? Fat men and movie chairs don't mix. God bless Aunt Uiga, MY in the Rain, Rain, Rain??!! Love U Leyla, Doug and top 40 impossible!!, Don't throw away my black shirts Lita. Standing in the doorway, slurp!! OOps, Love ya I Shhh, Mark's try­ ing to sleep. My handwriting is great, Doc(need a mir­ ror) Chinese food Sx a week. Depression = Anthrax = happiness !! What Blonde, want some it'll make you feel good. 6hr bus rides, thursday in the snow, guess I'm stuck at your house! (sf + ca) Die Yuppies, What cat Geoff, Doug and the slugs.. Why do I always get the drunks, Bakada Bakada, (blair states) Monty Python for­ ever, nudge nudge wink wink, love ya mom and dad ANARCHY RULES, OH. P.S. Rm 305 JSA Maria, KRIS­ TIN, kelly, and Kathy, party till death. It's room 425 not 574 Kristin, Catholic school girls #1, See ya white lion, I hope,.. And it's all RELATIVE mom, dad, and Leyla, see ya in the future, -sid-
A.W . L.S. S.B. and L.L. — I'll miss you all! - 1 love my calendar cat - No! I didn't know that! - Doing Nothing (a lot)- update at eleven - SBD - Henri, Pierre (whtever his name is) - Ike and the Fairy - Mary and Ann vs. Greta - TAG - BBBBB and prom '86 - sleighriding (yeah, Ma­ rie, what a memory) - Fort Lauderdale w/L.S. - HOSS and STEVE - Greta Kettle and the Appliances - Thank You Mr. Peterson - Hey Sash, Let's take the car out and have a party! - Lie, Cheat, and Steal to get what you want - Sometimes I have to go fast - Now all you have to do is talk - A child with crayons - C-N-! - JENNY KATE, I miss you - Pizza and Blizzards - THE HUNT - Thanks for the champagne Mr. and Mrs. Wyman - Dec. 6, 1986 ILU T. - Then Jen - Lisa, we're your American friends - Shore '87 - cute, little, yellow, red, car - L.S. + J.K. - the boy with no neck - Thanks Mom and Dad, lots of
Is my nose clean or my
Every Breath You
Cape Cod
Doc the Cine­
and even Erika, I love you so much AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Ciao W-H,
Goodbye Wardlaw (forever)!!!!
Super lizard .. . The great boa will strike . Oh nice . . Hey, Grandma Oh Yeah! . Sovereingty . . Randy Savage . Junior, Sit down! . That's sooooo
neat Doc's cookies . English lll(Honors) . cough Crayno Band Detention Cross coun­
FEED ME T.J., Nehru and the Chuckster
Mets, Indiana Cheers . Baby-
try soccer ...
Later W-H.
HELLO? . soccer '87 . super laps are the foundation of the game shoveling dirt . soccer camp McCar­ thy! pizza "keep walkin' Dan" soccernastics forever . nice goggles Junior! Rock n' Roll refs . . Gruba/Callan, Siskel/Ebert bottom line time exam
football .. royal crown halloween . file cabinet ABSOLUTLY W-H drama '86 Martin Landau? Dan's fiesta . . Edgar Money Pit? . . Photon? .. Lynch
room #47 Kubla Geek PKWY directions on
stolen Rams Head tered" NO SB
"The proverbial fan got besmat-
Thank you MoM and DaD Au Revoir W-H!!
#7 but"
the plaque Superlizard
The Who
" I ain't crackin' JSA conventions
did it affect you? should I peer group 8 good job Liza
"Run yoursuperlapsandtherestwillcome," B.S., Money Pit? Photon? U2 9/11/87 with M .d ., C .G ., M .S ., K .K ., and J.C . What a guido soccer coach we have Getta Haircut Blockhead Craig, Eat bush Beating the system at All-Ameri­ can Pumpkin Smashing '87 Frankie West- field Train Station Grain SoCo Who's that Gary character? Keep on pedaling that bike coach!
Paddle Hut at P .C .C . field What a goon
Irish coffee at Ruiz's
87 and 9/29/87 M .G .: The Fisherman
gles Juniors wipeout Soccernastics
net Gordo Soccer dinners at Friday's
low, 2 red #13 Powderpuff, it never existed Going to Dunkin Donuts with G.P., C.G., B.S., J.S., and M .D . then school at 9:57 Who called the ref? Stealing ice cream and shoveling dirt " 5 8 " is too much 3:00 ice cream at Hill's the bat at basket­ ball camp Big Lug Toast Fake I.D .'s B.S.
loves Tall Boys Jean, have fun
bus rides with Raudel Kris, Julie, I love you Laura, you're the best!
Cliff's Notes .. . Lenny Dykstra
Cags Indeed Buckethead
Boom-chicka-boom NO SUGARS
matographer Dead Head Ed "If you got a con­ vertible, convert it" Irish/Lithuanian Fredsville
Shluck Granby, Michigan, Clarion, Iowa Unga-Bunga Africa Junior Home Run at R, P Tip-a-canue and Callan too The case of the
KETAN DALAL Erick&Melinda vs. Wayde&Dave Russ .
And away we go! God spoke to me me! CC, BC, SK, LN, JK, ME, hello?
Drac's 3 Vamps I'm ok. Trust Leyla's Sweet
Car chase through Plain-
Wrong door, Cal! P.G . 12/2/86
Kublai U25/16/ Sportgog- File Cabi­ 7yel-
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