Page 86 - 1988 Wardlaw Hartridge
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Ain't That Special? AIKO
Peace and Love Always AIKO
one enormous are you blown away Jen?
No Surie Bob Chinese Food with DD. Gobi Pizza and Gossip in
EDWARD MARK KOHLER IILII Mode Concert 12/9/86-New Order Con<
Van Halen Grateful Dead CSN&Y Led Zep Mingles & The Rug Rats Rudy At Neil Young Chicken & Grapenuts T.T. Quick At L'amour,
MARC LAUDONIO goes Senior Lounge
C.D. and I in mockasins and raincoats at the uran Duran Concert Wally, walk behind us arm, hurry up he's going to take the picture
going on the T-Bar with Charm Hey Giselle,
Safeway Tire, 12 F Trips To NYC
No Comment Mass Transit Stinks
In The City Uncle Steve Loves You
B-B-Q Eric's Car By The Porl-A-|ohn
Knife Throwing Team Mosh Mot Zip Zip Kill?? Monty Python Forever Geoff Page, Doug Anderson, & Eddie Garcia Beware of Doug Don't Worry About It HA! I Kill Me Makes Me Dance & Sing
Grateful Dead — |uly 12 Grateful Dead — Sept. 19 I Don't Have The Tickets Here Invisible Signs July 4, J.D ., & Fireworks — Right Lisa?! 9‘/2
Weeks Rules Doc-Isms Buttons Crank That Puppy M's There If You Want It Win Lose Draw Earthquake, Etc Whadda Ya Mean I Have Hancox First Round In The States? THOM Peter's Asian Class I-S.A. In Philly lO/31-ll/l — OH YEA! Room 305: Kelly, Maria, & Kristin — 9:45 (R&C, T, SC)
W e're Too Smart To Get Caught W e've Institut­ ed An Open Door Policy Kristin Making Phone Calls Kelly's Where? Maria, There Are No Stars In The
Sky Party From 11 P.M. - 3 A.M. You 425? YUP Mark's Sleeping Through All The Fun Told Ya They'd Be Back I'm So Confused How Many OCCUPANTS Are In That Room? Nudge, Nudge, W ink, Wink It's All Relative Eating 2 Breakfasts
To The Girls in 305 — We Love You! Washington, D.C. Geoff, What's A MIDI?
You Look Like Such A Deadhead
__________________ Bloom County Ack!
You Feel Good Thursday In The Snow
M r. Paoli M r. Graham Makes A Wrestling Schedule
Mrs. Schroeder's Office R. Muoioooooo
Not Fade Away Ed, You're In Our Anatomy Class? P. L. Retreat Nice Tree Shots, Soc Video Camera In Co-Ed Cabins S-hhh, Mark's Trying To Sleep Weekend In The Poconos Card Houses Neil Young — Loud Glass Enclosed Viewing Case
The Only 2 Sane People In The World WHY? Wally World LACROSSE — CO-ED MAYBE? Right Ms. S? Point Pleasant Police Boardwalk I'm Not Into Going To fail BB Runs Moshing In The Pool Mary Beth & Jeanie Working at W-H Sum­ mer Camp Mr. B., The Pool & The Door Whadda Ya Mean The Distance Around The World Is A Koh-lometer? 3V2 Foot Thrasher W-H D.C. I'm Not Your Shrink 2-Hr Calls To Westfield
et can hold my ski up longer than you Giselle and in Europe Giselle, thanks and good luck. I'll miss you But I don't think I want to go on the cruise, Maria Just try it, Maria Thanks, Maria But Dad, this
Brief 2-Page Notes
union Tickets
Mingles Twice A Week What A Long Strange Trip It's Been Godo Luck, Kelly, Matt, Joey & Lisa Arlene, Gina, Laura, Leyla, Laura, Lisa, Love Always — Ed Love Ya, Mom, Thanks Goodbye W-H
ANNMARIE LEWANDOWSKE Jen El Rancho back seat cags
Burger King 2 chicken mcnuggets
rut taob Bushwacker LEATHER Landy,
Pink Floyd Tickets Zep Re­ Same Lunch Table for 5 Years
literally 10 weeks
October 24, 1986 November 1, 1986
the Australian maplewood GARL
ELIZABETH LIM Are you a 'real' Flip?
you're El Bistro
Riding down Rahway Rd Freezing in Quebec Mrs. Schroeder's Boy those are big paper towels Pebbles
Remember Lou's apt.
esis David Bowie
Joel You supremer
my licence plates
Hold it like you mean it That's not very nice
Laura W's perrier
42ND Street (bathroom)
so beautiful
Doodles Lounge
NY Cabbies— It Always Rains Iron Maiden Stage Crew
Cats Gen­ 12/22/86 Billy Don't be a baby! Look at
Have a Happy! Porsche? Hey Hols
NP, AK, CC, GW hour calls with R
Ed's socks
peels r biodegradable!
and Roger forever
Steve, Pete, Em
Sajid's Pocono House Building Card Houses Let's fail off the side of the mountain going 80 Running through red fights tonight? Sitting in the
I Dove You More, BUNNY
Flip style American Friends
Yes, I am My Laoura Stoutess Sausha
Slurp Kelly's VW or is it a My PL group, WC, CM, RS, Sitting in the training room 3
Simon, Stef
Don't pout
me? How much? Give me a number
Laura, see you in 20 years Who do we
Wrestling Matches with Holly Oct 27, the best day, right Doc?
What's wrong, nothing, Oh, O.K. Look at the time, 11:11 Do you dove
intersection Musicals Gerry waits for Mrs. Kinney
Chapped lips
big brown eyes
might, if your nice to me . What, you want a back rub
Sasha, you German Shep­
Sarahmander Nice shorts Laur
Marissa Hi Ger,
Go to sweep, go to sweep, close your Lisa it reminds me of when you I
Grapenuts, Oh Boy, not again
2ND Period Hey Rich the Galacdik, Phalacdik,
Tom and Snow Flake The Parting of the Kathy, I think your battery is dead Bill,
Shlacdik midgets
It's the triple
Sylvester Chris
Ubangy Your eye Broken leg
Torch Idon'thave
Posing Underwater bubles
Tony Larry
Ann Wyman =Superwoman Laura, do you have any gum?
I have to go to art .. More Applications? . Thanks for letting me
Wiffleball Mr.Sunny
Laura likes Hey Nick,
Throw him in the pool I HATE
a briefcase
The "N ick"kick
Kenny, M ike, Tiger, Carlos, Nick . . Sleigh Hill Bowling pin throw
L.S., S.B., A.W ., and G.B.- thanks for all the good times and memories. I'm really going to miss you guys Flips Rule G.S., M.L., C.D., and me-The Four Thanks for everything Charm Bombette's and
borrow your car!
YOU!!! M and her Milkshakes Marissa, Hey Chica, My Sister Forever Todd the Tree Frog Oh
My tricycle and Ken Go-cart accident
no, they've been eaten by Jason
towel with Gum
Holding up the Sleepover at
Blood Sucking Gila
Bosanass TCR
Toby(the dog)
"I knowyouworkatH.D.
CarlosfPick it) . Ken it fast Rick O . dam shame! Saj you little gosip Mrs. T's Chemistry class Lou,
nice 5 day Grand National Larry and his 280Z's Keep straight Thanks M r. Keur Thanks Mom and Dad, you taught me all I know about the world and I'm ready for it. I love you Lisa your the best thing that ever happened to me! I LOVE YOU! I ALWAYS WILL!
On To
Mrs. G.
Goodbye W-H, it has been a long 13years. LANDY LIN
Geoff, Fluff & Make
Chinese accent overslept headlight sweepers Bon-
W ell
magazines in the library It's time for a change W-H Football -Good Luck next year! ahhh, Friday practice Tee pee Subs and Coors I'm sick of Bagels!!! Malibu Westfield Union It's
here it
been real Ben Hey Ketan
Burger King?
RX-7 Thai's what she said Will you look at the — - on that Bimbo! of course I read the book cover to
cover. Arriverderci, W-H Dad, Frank and Laura
Thank you Mom,
What's going on now Laura Wilson!?! I'm never late Tim, want to go to
W hen's the paper due? Never
is the last one, I promise G il, is it 2:00 A .M . yet?
I'm in Stef's yearbook? Just let me say goodbye to everyone Venus, don't tell anyone but Come with me to the bathroom again Are your lights attached to the car, Ronald? the RONMOBILE THANK YOU!!! due to the circumstances beyond
Joyce, are C.D. and Charm,
I'm not weird!! concerts I luv u John Chub, Chub Mr. David B. I just met you and I miss you already Laird, Mike, Bill, my lunch
buddies. I'll miss you most next to John
Keenoy I've always loved you Leisure rules!!!
luv suschi okay, no problem! Daisies
who loves ya baby? Nick, I luv ya Kai, I love you more than you will ever know and I don't know how I am gonna gel along w/o u! Kathy I luv u more than anything $0 don't ever leave me I owe u Bye Mommy and Daddy and everybodeee Life goes on even if love doesn't I think I'm sick I don't like people to see me sweat you're a hard habit to break
Hey! Hey! we're the MONKEES So long, fare­ w ell, alveterzane, adieu! Are we there yet What's the point. What's the significance, I Don't know 2 are more fun than 1 What about prom
P.W . Herman I meant to do that pretty in pink Flower child of the 80's I love everbody Sunday in the park I got you for the rest of your
Yes, I ran over a cow JT
Anyone? Anyone?
Always Brown Hornet Broadhead you are sooo sexy
natural born life if you're not careful
M AKE me do anything u dirty rat
Satan maybe Leslie, will you get some water for the
final ZOOM!!!
b.r. J.S.
me complain? If it weren't for me you'd be Mr. &Mrs. Sthanx foreverythin' Mom + Dad I guess this is it Dave, Alice, Kristin, Thom, Allan, Doc, I'm gonna make it N e Way I guess this is
girls nuthin'
I guess I'm outta here
can 1have a piece of candy, Linda? Cara, the usual boat
J.N .
is here
locked in the bathroom Russell's
drag identical stories from the summer Heart
you owe me two dollars
newt seven-eleven
family head fake profigliano HEFTY
Wanna get Trips to Sneaking into the hot tub Sue?
Annie Action cheer for?
Sasha, promise me you won't lose it
wanna see my Sweet Sixteen Video?
ard X.D. TAG Laura and Sasha, someday
Hey, what's the hot gossip?
Why do we do it? I DON'T KNOW!!
Red Seas
can you fix my tire? Hey, you got your cheat sheets and your equations, relax . Ann, this is how they clap
in Russia
are you going to the Malibu? ready position, Liza
Venus' love problems o'clock in the morning
But Bombette, it's four J.W ., J.B ., and J.B.-Blazing
Andy, is that U? Let's go Canoeing
Two years of Beelzibub E.M.-maybe . . Spanish J.T ., C .D ., and me watching the N .Y. skyline at midnight 6/8/86- Depeche
Jeanie, What's going
Saddles R.M .-
N .Y .C . at night . Big Mistake
on? R-Leany
clubs and German men
Bon Jovi concert
you can't I'm failing
+ A.L. + J.N. =Weslfield sorry, I forgot to call you back
your aunt Amoco
Oct 2, What's that? Scary Movies
John I
our control Eileen's love problems
you allowed out tonight? Giltinque
her batons will be wailing for you, Gil
whose cheeks were those shining In the moonlight? Hot o'Groton BLACK Take the shirts out of the bag Wait let me turn up my Walkman driving with G .S ., C .D ., and R .G . through the Reservation Ronald, you have to open your eyes when you drive you can't scare me, Gil The Benneton Man Hey Charm, I heard you ran into a Frit-O-Lay truck!! scary talks with Rachel thanks, M ike, and good luck
Thanks for putting up with me. Mom and Dad, I
love you
you'll be a cute witch
for the achievements?
jour, Alexis Lann-dy, isn't Taiwan in China? postcards I like your outfit #11 why do you
the Afternoon
Ice Cream? Bahamas, Cape Cod?
smoke want some you can't afford any more my prince charming is going gossip Aim ee, Hove your this guy who lives across the
your hair is falling out again
It's a Gorilla!
Prom Night with Pete and Laura
have a hole in your sweater? candy Andy Ming Ju
latenesses dandy out with somebody xxxxxx you kown
street from me vengeance!
Ghost tutor
really? we'll go to Taiwan together "Health" partner sitting on Walter? life guard I wanna tell you a secret John + Hamlet business trip vs. field trip don't brush your hair a ride give me a break Thanks Mom, Dad, Mindy and Wes Thanks W-H and everybody for the memories Bye- Bye
Johnny taking pictures again?
No Way We Love
Fritos in Well?
Lets Go Surprise Pints of Ben and Jerry's
It doesn't matter, the orange
You M r.
Sasha, trying to grow a tree on your head?
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