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 Hmmm stalkin' gifresh!
Golf at
spit on the car Leslie Loves John For­ Sharing Dunkin Donuts in the park, right Hey Babe 9and1/2 weeks Going to EARS + CHEEKS A.M. my friend
I stuck my neck out for you guys, what neck!?!?
the movies
Wanna Buy A Duck? Get away from me with that video camera Landy teaches Chinese Aim tooth­ paste Lunch with kel and Saj Massages Kelly and His pencil Learning French in Chorus Will you go out with me for the day? I'll always remem­
the pit
shut up
marlboro menthols??? beard busters
John's hair theory where's stuart
dead what, no more football? that's asti lombagles
Dad & Jim Hove you.
October 24, 1986 What took you so
Laura, he loves YOU! Flying Erasers
ber to Semper Ubi Sub U b i!!!!! Thanks Mom and Dad for everything
Later W-H Good luck
Pervert Are you still my dover Give me a number Do me a
OUR ROOM What! Pizza Martini and Rossi Asti Spumanti
Where are we sleeping 2are more fun than 1
Chris' party Jodi's house Chicken A .D . what's your story What hap­ pened Get a real life What a family The family dog house The family record Lets go for a ride Those midnight excursions Louie and Larry,
I'm going to college!
big Dip Congboat Key Lokanda spent Dan the Man Sulivan Hell-o .
Oh, nice! Hey Schneits, S'up lya
ATW, 85-campin &BTT Hawaii-86-Europa-87
Pizza Liza with a z NEB Mr. Malibu Prom-87 The best W-H Prom-87 ??
you're clean cut Luv ya Erika Dobberman
ya 2 Hey Steph How's Dmtri? Dan, Chip is cool 2! LR n' MM-B-mer buddies Viv & Li-BFF
Liza JPS John, luv
42ND Street
"WE RE LEAVIN' TOGETHER, BUT STILL IT'S FARE­ W ELL" It doesn't matter, I don't care I don't know DER You's Stop?! COSMOTO-
Rem the old good USY X's .
Abbala Pet Abby LyaA-Rach
8th grade loves Three Louie n Betty! 9th gr USY Doodles Rem my K-face Derek hops to
Football Parties "W ho's
DOOWRAG Me D's Brearley Prom '87 B/A CREW Manhunt Deadend Kids GYMNAS­ TICS — MILE HIGH TWISTERS "What's your prob­ lem ?" "But mom why would I want to hurt the one I love?" — My Bro Sweet-talker Keansburg '87
G-A CIGARS New York — Halloween Night "The Rose" Atlantic City '87 BARICADE Westend Bowling Weekends MOONDOGGIES (MOONPUPPY CHARGE!!) Shaggy Boots 1st Dead Show '87 SUMMER '87 . . "Sneakin' Out Sneakin' In " "W eekends mom went to Florida AR-
Hail Macbeth +Mish Kathy's
late lor class." — B. Kof .
Runaway Washmachine'85
The Tree — Echo Lake Park Thanx Brian for everyth­ ing, you're so special, I Love You!! 6/23/87 Lader W-H Mom & Mike, I Love You and thanx for ever­ ything. I couldn't have done it without ya's! Dad I Love Y ou and there will ALWAYS remain a special place for you inside my heart. I MISS YA!!!!
STEPHANIE MONACO Weekend w/A.A. You again!! Plainfield Jay Jolly Trolley Hunting
Jowie's He may be misparkilow, but he ain't Doug- pinch him!! . . No, we are not going out I shall refute you! (No, you shan't) Kathy's big basement bust No, we won't do it again Hee, hoho, heehee Dick-excuse me-Rich? Will milk be
made available to us?
me tell ya mah story
Leyla, and I'm a girl
Peace Corps, Mr. Ev
gould M r. Graham, Leslie, me + water (I don't think it's funny) Jam Master Sutor STAGE CREW WENCHl! Crouton? . Here comes Mrs. Weighart
Drama, musicals, Dracula wife #1 More fog! Monty Python, Stage gods (nudge nudge, Nl!) Hey
where's the car? Italy-Tony-Charlie browns KILLER DOG Pull over i have to go to the bathroom- NOW It's a one way!!! . Stefinately Beeper
D-me Buses on the parkway Holy speeding
Wait, HULLO?
ICU STATE CHAMPS'87 we KSP and KSAed Laura- vitapup Laurie Tobin, thanks for being my classmate Liza Pizza Lisa w/a '‘z" Why, Jill, BECAUSE WE'RE SENIORS!!!! Derek, we know who's in control!! GT Ho Jo for the mo fo to go!!! Plainfield Library The Malibu, hence the "bu" Oh JOY!!! . KS, LR, NW, only you and you can make me happy Florida '86 Oh my shoo
oh my friend . KS LR NW KA LM late nights at Dun- kin'donuts Blair and Alex Kath's hunny bunny is
M r. Broadhead, want some candy?
W HO likes I'm getting
Shall we Kathy, let's The ultimate "H O !!!"
Crano HTBT Uhhhh good one? LBI 86-87 Fantasy Island the Great Boa will never
the Shutello Syndrome Latin? What Latin? Hola, Senor!
who's Kermit? . HOLY COW!!!
too cool all together too cool amazzzzzing mets they're sizzz-
Hey, I like Fantasy and SF too!!
the Rat Pack class reunion
S&M, B&D, R&B Hippie? Moi?
Kathy, my best friend . I LOVE YOU It's been a good life with you, W-H
"M O O !!!" YOU'RE SO MEAN!!!
Who's the ultimate wanna be guidette?
Farewell; I won't forget you about me
and don't you forget
did I miss my cues Gugze, gugze, gugze Did she lose her dog? Kieran, none of that Nick, Mort and Frisco Best Friends 4-ever
Superbowl '86 havin' the party?"
"Move I'm gunna be Laundry Mat '85
Nick, you're sick! Nick loves Liza Dip-82, 84, 85, 86, 87- Aliexis-rem our
Yeah right! To dan the man many
-W .H . is the best!
fine years with your young ones. Block will always rule. To Mike-Golf rules-! Take a lap! Malibu Ben I wish S .F ., E .R ., H .R ., M .S ., C .G . the best of luck next year. J.R . + H .H . two days later! Melis-Jump out any windows lately? Sweet Sixteen. Craig + Melissa Thanks to me of course!! J.R., K.S., D.W.- Michelle. Summers at P .C .C . Wagonmaster. 1-800-Jim-Golf -English III R(honors)To Melissa-many years of luck to the best man. to Mom and Dad-thanks for everything and I love you. Jamie, Derek, and Lisa I'll miss ya. W.H. Thanks for everything (sometimes). Byegood!
. Breakfast Club 4-ever Let Um, Mr. Bittel-my first name is MEDINA!! Tell us about the
what did you eat?" Mitch, Mitch killer trucks
Mr. Gould, micro- and nano-
How's Romero or was it Juan? London-'87- U2w/Pete-Sept 14 You killed the Easter bun­ A .A ., G .C ., A .D ., A.B.-seesaw-"God Graham
me??!! pneumonia
One song for me
No speaka Eengleesh Blondes make me boof Feminist? Moi? Quick, what's the meaning of life?
Full Force FOAD
Moo? Josh!!
never forget He's mah sweetie HU-AH! S - Geoff Abrams Look at
in the middle of the intersection Bon Jovi concert OH
FLYING! Sigmund the sea monster Just Good Morning!
Nurse's Office hanging out with Mrs. Schroeder (we
love you) Grapefruit_______ Duhl Ecology over the
phone Hanging out in the Training Room STOP!!! Ba­
hamas, that's where the sharks are Cape Cod and the
hot tub Will you ever stop laughing G? Oreo's in Ecol­
ogy Hanging out at Mrs Wilsted's office The Galaxy
Diner and stimulating conversation Stage Crew: Mr. Ed,
L.M., K.D., T.B., & D.B. "interesting" conversation
Nice back rub, YUCK! Shut-Upl Rahway Road The Re­
treat Smurf Super Lizard Florida Nice fight I want to go
home L.W., the only one with AAAA Listermint is wait gonna get you Oooh, La Boulangerie! Ralph is just swell
Flower Jungle noises Wang says, "BenniHanna is a
fake." Singing telegram in history. Thanks Bennigans
Did you take enough matches? Concert Choir, the love
Doug, your father is waiting
Kathy, I've been slobbered on!!
G.D.M.F.B. Oct. 2, Dayofthe Gorilla Stuck
Which Mark? He's mah friend late nights at W-H with the Pizza Club I'm sorry, officer, I didn't know (Sajid!) the Superiority Club
have the boat coat U.S. OPEN 86-87 truth Talkin' on the telephone
Speakinthe Anzo . Kai,
Hojo concert
I've been here how many years??!!
W-H is my home All my Senior buddies, all my underclass pals, all my faculty friends everyone especially Mom, Dad, Erick, and
the Scourge
so much to say, so little space
Peer Leadership
Thanks mom and dad good luck Laura (you'll need
of my life V/2 weeks Rocky Horror Chicken Leslie L. & car trouble Going to the movies The Prom Ear licking- how gross! I still love you T .B ., G .M ., K .D ., L.W . Hove youallF.F.GoodLuckT.C.,L.C.,J.Y.,K.S.,J.W.,T.B. AND HAVE FUN, you've been a fun group Good Bye W.H. it's been real Thanks for everything Mom and
it) doooooood! it's over berline CB Jessica joy jackum
awesome times at lim ­ let's walk to Chris'
too bad you went to W.O. LM SM KH bingers band detentionnnda da da
seth da poconos w /K T
big dude sorry )S
good bye thankx
MINDY MILLER Kathy ate with the boys notebooks
Remember the Genesis concert SK's Personalized licence plates Look what Big lip The mostest of the hostess
castles In the halls Craig bothering me Paco good luk w/D Hi Cecil
Hi Joffrey Seth, stop Call him Call him Wen Miney Min-DYYY!! Heysaj How r u-peachy
J, I always call you!!!
Florida-Ft. Lauderdale spring break with Laurie
Is my face clear? Thats it! Lan-chinese cookies and candy
He didn't call me . So!!! .
Yes'l put the break down Your hair looks longer
Oh, ilu, ilu
Sweet 16
Btl You're spoiled Seth! Ooh no, Ooh no
done it w /o all your luv and support. Love always! . . I'm glad its finally over
Party-2 min more Mew Hope A.A., A.B., A.D., S.M.- Peace dogs at Baryshnikov U2 w/Aimee Aim-
Sasha, nous sommes awesome
dinner mints . If i could just lift this natives where are we-Newark? Beast Mom and Dad-1 love you.
restless Thanks
the relic
8th gr summers
Fozzybear M
Its much too short Should I call him?
Does my hair look okay? It's Blum
Chilly Fresh K lovrs Joy &Cin Bgood Bill Cal H I!!!III ura Min, Mindila-Don't call me that!
LR, KS-MM-BF- burnout!!! M ind, Barb-see ya in Fla getself2-gether ML-is Bio hard? Loveya Lou N' Betsy Mom&Dad, your the best! Couldn't have
J we rfiamontw
time it is-11:11
Amboy Motel
Chapped lips favor, talk to Simon
now! eats
what brothers Lou, what happened to your cars? Larry, how did you break your hand? Who's your girlfriend today? Mom, your never home Mom, are you engaged again? Where are my keys? Mom, Louie, Larry-I love ya August 5, 1985 !?! KIDS!?! NO WAY Let them be free Bye M.B. Senior Prom Graduation Day Are you sure you we-e faithful Watch out future I LOVE YOU, JOHN October 24, 1986-June 9, 1988 the only de­ cent Wardlaw days!
Remember the group
C.F. at that consolation prizes
and BC my big I'm sorry
brothers whatever
N k k , I'm sorry, NW KA LM Good to go
Sopho­ Such the Karen Liza and Jill are the EXCOM­
zling hot
more Lounge
major DWEEB!!!
MUNICATION COMMITTEE Bill you're out Rico Jill, who's that Madonna wanna be? Kai and his missions Mengy Nick is perfect psyche, of course, it is not complete without the psyche
Stylish, much I think not It Just had to be done
Nick, BC NW Gus, LR KW MM B-mer buddies Each time you break my heart M r. Co-leader Super Lizard LM LR. FS Best friends 4-ever JUST KIDDING ONLY IN YOUR DREAMS HUH __________!!! When you're with---- you get respect KA it's been Forever, right guys??
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