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 Well, at least you'll remember us! Derek, my car! Oh BABY Let's walk Ted and Patty, D.W. Eight Ball, Jackie? I'm not blowing it off! Just the
three of us (J.H. and K.W.) Max Mooky Guess What, Jeb? Arrogance is much too comical The best of Times two faced people rule, right Saj? Love is a two-way street B ill, why don't you go back to Westfield and stay there! Big Dude with A .M . But, officer, the directions say take Pkwy South so I had to speed Nick, why don't you buy a
you Bill-a nicebig icecube icefights just the 3 of us Kieran, before u left for europe caizone STEVE!!!!!!! stick to the chair John read us more stories on kers bed Kieran i love you! friends for ever Nick Hove you m ore!!!!! nick your not a stud
a wana be guido mischief night laur, the man in the library Witches of eastwick sleeping naked jp-cm's grad party-the next day, to bad bs&pn came
along — we could of had fun!!!!! stop lieing
do you believe me all types of panfaces need to get a real life!!!! don't assume Ker what can I say, you mean so much to me. Thanks for everything John its been great, i'm glad we're friends aliza it's definatly different just do'not drink laurie we've had our times, but always come through AL- sorry things turned out the way they did JS-you'll always be spe­ cial thanks . Mom and dad thankyou for everyth­ ing!!!! goodluck Lisa & Amie I Love You Good luck to all my friends andgoodbye W-H
Hello; Oh nice; Den-ton! (Lee Tin Too); I am Going to a club in New York with my college friends; CF (chili fresh), hence. Nerds remember the Bahamas Ski trip Quebec; The Bistro; 10 below 0 degrees; But Jam; We gotta lift; you're getting big; look out for my big chest; The boys of summer '87. Danny Boy, Mike Hamberger, Julian Wood, Mr Mackson, Chris (Gwitto'A) Kieren (The Jamaican) Kai, Joe, and Lynch. Ewittoville (Scotch- plains); The Bu, Anzivino Country Club (pool, Sacoozi, Weight Room, and Unlimited Food), do me right: There's a winner; That's it champ; you're going places; Big Ed; good Italian Kid; Maltibano; Mohamed rules (injection 500 doller, I am expert, Pakistan National Soccer Team needs you); Sharif; who is this Indian? Don't get happy; remember I am Irish; The Larosa- Lynch syndrome; Hey now; who is that spook; what are
you a Goof? Listen! what do ya have problems? military '87 push ups - Roman sit ups - spleaf this Guy's been doing
bong hits; it is all about working out and maintaining a
base tan; the girls were flocking aroundme; you don't understand, in all realty I borrowed it. Hey Lock 1am
magazine? Giants are #1
GUEL L.M ., how big is your head? WHO is your prom date? C.T. and j.A. A, B, C,? Choco­ late or Oreo? I prefer chocolate -.C.-l love you
Me and Kerry, together forever (in that way)
WHOSE fingers, Nick?
Karl Sunny Side Up
Seth, "Do my hair?"
Porsche??? Ker, what should I do? John, tell me a story the mountains Andy, what will Rita say?
C.M ., what was wrong with me? C.S., I need a
The -N-T SISTERS Always remember the good times we had and best of luck in the future Thanks to Mom, Dad, Andrew, Dusty, Mike, Freckles and Hei­ di for all of your support and love So long Wardlaw
School Pool Party-Sweet Sixteen Leather Face-Toast
Face KT-Bahamas '87-Lord Michael Charming
Layer Cake
The Dead
want it with a nightstick? Karen - " I love your hose"
" Devil Tree- Basking Deer Hunt-JK, JB, CM
The alphabet M I­
Jodi-remember London and Aphrodite, right Sahsa?
Kieran, what if I had a
Beardbuster Chocolate Double Fudge M .S., want to come over for dinner
DUH! The Dead Show-
Jay P. K .W . 5-16-87 Do you
Too bad it never worked, D.R.
85 Buddy, what is wrong with you?
gonna steal all the paper in the world
GOOD thing is bad sleeping naked Why be normal? Thanks Mrs. S., Mrs. C., and Mrs. W. Mom, Dad, Carter, Cuyler - I love you all! Thanks for everything Kerry, Aliza, Laurie, John, Kieran,
Chris, Nick, Andy, and Mike - I'll miss you rest of you - goodbye! Until next time
To the
our love is like the flowers . the anatomy drop
Ok, why is Raul Graduation dinner Super Bowl Party Don't touch my nose-Jill, he touched my nose! MIKE S.-YOU'RE REMEMBERED Kai, Barb-try to finish it out, it's only 1 more year! Stew baby, you've got another 3, enjoy it! Taz, Lex & Rach I love you guys, sorry 1couldn't finish it with you! Jeb, Chris & Kai I love you guys-bul Jill, you're still my favorite! M & D, thanx for sending me to WH, but just think of all the stuff you couldn've bought if you hadn'tl-l LOVE
Washington square
don't you die?
tongue? foad
fresh time is money boys don't cry . . ah- rko
making the Spanish video tape . i want to be a tree surgeon sailing away with rog chucklebutt new order the sound of silence . . loosen up when you play the guitar, man! . .. i'm not craking on you or anything i have a retainer In my mouth! . sorry k.s. what up cool? . . the chemistry master . . whatever is behind that door will be there if i open it or not i will someday, I WILL! good luck riss, thank you much mom and dad- tomorrow never knows
bye w-h, love ya?
The Group 1-12- B.J. I'm Too much of a
to sleep in j.r .'s car enlighten me cat got your have a maplebar brother, they're
JUST SW IM !!! pick a color Dun-
man the GREAT BOA will get you dan the man have a potatoe!! .
What is it?
kin Donuts The Boat The Dead Sticky-fingers DUDE Shaving cream handcuffs 7-11 you
how was the MALIBU?? the swelling will go down in a couple of days the fight was fair and it was even YEAH RIGHT kathy have a nice lime in boston F.O.A.D. T.R.A.M .P. walsh, you really love bill
ninth grade study hall e.b., p.n., d.w., n.w. F.S. at 135 mph ERIC VELASCO the coolest person alive NICE BOMB SCARE pete i am not a
wanna be i know these guys we are cool kai wht happen to your face kathy only you can make
in your car Ker Ker, let me take your car fight at Jodi's the back door is not locked summer gang KT, KW, NW, DW, KA, CA, LM
pillow the marty quick thinking soulmate kai, did you know those guys? knotty pine John, can you light the fireplace?
El Bestro Air Supply Echo lake park
heathbarcrunch her?, have a personality
Did you lose your puppy?
9 l/2
L.R., K.S., don't break you been down to the LESLIE L COUNSELOR GEOMETRY T. DiFRAN too nice bill, JEN STEIN wants your number!!! B.C.? i am not sure
one name for two people
is chris there? omiet. Lake Placid preprom. It parkinglot, the toad GAMES mind games hotwax I ALWAYS GET WHAT I WANT hold you so
let figure it out I NEED A MIRACLE EVERY DAY TO MUCH OF EVERY THING JUST AINT ENOUGH aliza, moms car What dress code? LN nice pitchures
Ker i'm alaways right . (toad, sf) Nose man does it again can we read into this, how many times were you together, Nick? she attacked you . the fair
(j. Kudrick) erotic city, prince I'll be all you ever needSATISFACTION guareentedl!! set a seen GEEK & TRAMP RIGHT Derek Ms piggy The sum­ mer gange KT, KW, NW, LM, KA, CA, DW, marty
El Bestro Air supply come play in the leaves fourth of July weekend, CC Is the greatest uno at In's kandie* U2 Bon Jovi Nick she wants
COLD SUMMER cemetary faye JILL lost in emotion L.N .? forget GEORGE DW?
weeks ice fights black clipon's HI,
going to stop, this Is the last one; soccer '87; Super Laps; run hard and everything will come together; who called the ReFree? Geek-n-Tramp Forever! thanks Mom & Dad; Tough it out Les; I've got places to go, people to see, and things to do.
Dude, what's up? . hey did that girl lose her dog somewhere? ice fights hey Bill, can you believe that i got paid it was not worth it!! my body is natural-i do not do STEROIDS L.R., K.S., I LOVE YOU dunkindonutsatthreeA.M. harvardsweat pants bill, it is getting cloudy you better run and leave a place to hide for me too!!! BETSY derek-
YOU-you too Pali!
laters WH!
me happy ? L.R.??,
my heart hey sanders police station lately;???
DW ,BC,JH,CS? we are the only ones
didn't know that "Doing nothing" G-town with
Pierre Henri what's-his-name
"H i, my name is Boring S. S________"
we're more than a paint store
iences New Year's Eve '85-we didn't lake it! Andy Warhol's Dead! SB- Hu HU Hu What?! Ink
NUMBER the best ever???
GB- love love our calendar cat . . No!, I
SBD in History
We are more,
Our B'ville exper­
you Mr. Peterson Then Jen ninja wanna buy a vow­ el? Update at eleven The next step is to talk
JD, AM, LT,- I'll have that potato baked please Ike and the Fairy I need a mike I love you Pogo- NW- I like you, I like you a lot JH- Pumpkin and Muffin And I tripped like this, Greta LL- this is how they clap in Russia-BS-Really? AW- Sticking up
hair and I don't care
of school '86 & '87
fess-" "M e, loo"
good times we had through KP and after- stay in touch, buddy LS, SB, GB, AND LL Best of friends always
DW- Kookamunga Day #1 GB- " I have something to con­ Jane, always remember the
"O nce you go black
Ridge's main attraction
"You selling tickets? You selling bodies?" "PUSH THE LOCK, PUSH THE LOCK!" Long Island Ice Tea's at TGIF's-there was nothing wrong with my hair!
Barb, remember when you stepped in something wet & mushy at the Thunderbird, well PN-The sun & moon were both out! Stew-mushy cookie w/ choc, chips Jill, I really believe you're gonna get married, but the 3 of us aren't living in the same room! Bill, you womanizer-the Westfield rep. lives on! Nick, how much did you get paid? Mexican w/ Spense! The Oiuja (Ooo-eja)Board Jill why did you leave your
car at Taz's? WIDELOAD-LA! following me? Jill-keep the faith! w/ Jeb We blew away a 944!
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