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real loo real Kath-my preemo amigo MM, LL, DW, |K, KH, NW, BC, KA — I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Aaron, Kyle, and Bret! good luck in Ihe next 4 years LM, BA, MV, SS, NS, and Ihe rest of the tennis team good luck next year! KA AND KH we've had fun Jill and I will miss you guys next year KA HT, much?!!l
Hasta W-H Thanks for everything Mom and Dad
I'll come home to H.P. Mom & Dad, even though we've had those hard times. Hove you, and thank you very much for everything. Lastly, Thank you W-HI!
Alexis?H Is that like Colby or CarrinKlonJ N.Y.
Where is that? I'm too young to know! I don f
to go, and you can't make me! At least not with him Rackle What's wrong with your hair? Does it always look like that? OH She's so think, I hate her for it! Is that possible? Liza, Where's
_______________ ? I don't really like him not that much! Pie (3.14) Who do we know like that?
you guys are great, you too Jen blow this "BEAT SCENE!!!"
To "A LL " Ihe girls I've loved before, I'll never forget you Football with Grahm, Anderson, Shello, and Kern Ben, you should've seen yourself SAT. night at the party, Why, what did I do? Ben, you party animal Spring Break '87 Bein' an Egomaniac, Bein' obnoxious. Bein' tough. Bein' rude. Bein' mean. Bein' Loud, Bein' Cool, Bein' Crazy, Bein' stupid with Bryan, Jason, Mike & Jeff, Havin' Fun, Crackin' Up w/ you'se guys, Coin' off. Coin' out. Coin' to football games with Jason, Coin' to Westfield, Coin' to Malibu, Coin' to clubs. Coin' to Union, Coin' to parties. Coin' to Jason's Barmilzvah w/ Bryan, Mindy's Balmitzvah w/ Bryan and Jen's Batmitzvah w/ Jeff, Coin' to Seaside, Coin' in the Monte, Ihe Firebird, Ihe Park, the Iroc, and of course the Comet, Coin' away to Florida and never wantin' the V.K. to end. Pumpin' weights, pum­ pin' money into arcades, pumpin' money into Jeff's gas tank! No pain, no CAIN! Usin' fake names (Ben Damaio & Mike Amado), Raidin' fridges. Raidin' par­ ties, Watchin' women, watchin' cartoons, watchin' football, boxing, pro wrestling, watchin' my weight, watchin' bodies tremble in fear when we stepped in the place, Cettin' in a big car chase, puttin' everything on the J.V. soccer field to waste, Throwin' the football, Wearin' my leather, varsity, silk jacket, my overcoat, my reebok's, my weightlifting belt & gloves, wearin' my gold chain, wearin' Down & Out, Playin' Volleyball, Football, and all other sports. Playin' around. Playin' poker. Playin' Intellivision and other computer games. Playin' it safe & Playin' mighty dangerous Idlizin' ROAD WARRIOR HAWK, Randy Savage, Nikita Koloff, and the 4 Horsemen (Ric, Tully, Arn, & Lex) Love you always Megan, Shanon, & Joy! Bye Bryan, M ike, Jeff, & Jason. I hope to see you guys after this is all over
School friends, have a good life, Dan, Derrick, Chris A ., Cagan, and same to all the football players and the rest of you guys. W-H you've been good to me, LATER DUDE, I'm OUTTA HERE!
CHRISTOFER SANDERS Linda have many Slick Adventures
Mijowba- Miga-Pat . It's your dubage . Bill's butt
to Ihe supreme Allah!!! Cary may you be buried in swine ha, ha, N O O N IIi Johnny you
chub-chub Sunday in the park
better stop before I burst that block Sethy whose bad!!! Bill . son of mine may you remember all of my advice with Bacari I leave my sense of
Leslie's paychecks Hee-Hee
slurp R and B
Chris' School of Dance even
and my moves all of which he did not have
ha, ha Kyle he needs it
I also leave my sense of Nick I leave tickets to
speakin' the truth
Peace to everyone
Marcy, thanks for being there, and hangi'n in there. I'll always love you!- B.S. & J.B. "The Sov. Speech", The Shadow, I'll rip that tall off the Firebird!, Turbo, The destruction of the Park Avenue, let's go to Westfield, No, he's not home, and won't be tonight or ever!, Ben, get your liscense already. The car accidents, mine in Dec., Jay's in May, your's is next Samim, We've had a great two years, thanks for being pals, -never forget you guys! Mindy got a BMW?, What happened to the Benz?- She's got that too. M .M .-A re you going to the J.F.K. this weekend? about that lunch card , our rondevous In M iam i, study on the phone t'll 11 for Bittl's tests. Thanks for being a best friend, our friend­ ship will never die! Crand National, Omega, Park Ave., Mustang to Comet. K. Auto Parts to Mr. Coodw- rench at Sunoco. Scott and Mike, thanks for all the help and support you've given me through those rough times, and next time, I sit in the front seat of the "z" I'll never forget those late nights with us, Marcy, Vanessa, in NYC.-Where ever I am in a cuple of years.
You must pay homage
friend "Do I have pizza on my face?"
afta Leslie and my imaginary boyfriends
refute you . You shall not Excuse me Dick, sorry. Rich - Will milk be made available to us? . Kathy
adios w-h thanks for everything! ything mom & dad 1still love you!
be good jen
Now it's time to
XE Firefird?
O h
Springsteen ninth grade
Parking spot 30
no! 4
My red laser XE Jason, how's Ihe
I Love you!
O h yes!
Do you want to drive or should I? 7 MPH is ridiculous Fun Fun Fun! Schneiderman Laura, a Masserali?
Anybody? my permit!! need her? Dad!
Just let me drive! It's not like I don't have Flip Flops Where is Dane! when you
Here's my history notes, Jason
The nurse's office/club I need Ihe key
Jenni Amanda Seitz, you have 4 more years Cood Luck! Rock concerts: sum­
Tell her Tell her!
Thanx Mom and
mer of '87
py Trails To You
Oh-Nice! Dirt Road! He-ll-llo! Bring that windsurfer back. Ritz graduate! Finizio Mohammad Hussey
Lynch. Ritz your good to go. Finizio and Schafe did us wrong. Tell your mom I said HI. Finizio, Should I eat pasta or bagels? Soccer Rules! Camp All America! Ju­ nior looked swift. Callahan is looking good also. Gruba, Shraegs, Pate, Steam, Jack, Blake and Craig kick some But because that's the bottom line. Stan just watch the games from Ihe bench or the golf course. Stan lets hit the garage. OH-Baby! Lets hit the City. Calm down Mohammad. Ritz and Kunta your totally Cool! What party Mom? Party, Your crazy. Blockhead is alright but it's time to take the kids to the playground. EVERHART RULES! Love ya, obviously. Later W-H
*April 12, 1986-greg I'll always love you! super lizard
p.l. w/jim l.d., m.w., d.w., b.g., m.c., a.c., c .m ., I'll always love you guys! can you do that again? one more time? seth, be quiet! chris s. you'll always be my number one LIZA RUIZ CLASSMATES FOREVER? our amazing football team
*black magic 87'prom/dancin in the parking lot pre-party at k .w ., the, bu bill c. & his span-
Bon Jovi and Duran Duran Down to the shore Coodbye W-H It's been real Wardlaw- Thanks Mom and Dad! Love ya Jenni Hap­
Ann Marie- San Cenarro Festival. Backseat. Holland Tunnel all the way home. Linda- Did your aunt come? Chinese food. Happy Family. Two favorite things. Questing it. Amina- N.C. trips. LEATHER!!!!! NO LEATHA! Cog mobile. Luxury liner. Boat. Mid week T. CanIhaveamenu?T.C.B.Y.Isaidicecreamnotyogurt How many trips to Amoco? One too few !!!!!! Head fake Profigliano. Cara Oh just the usual but figure it out for yourself. Come to your own conclusions. Kerry - The Bistro. Inner Upper T. Quebec. My hands are sooo cold!!! Nookie. Thanks for the memories Cood bye
KATHLEEN ANN SHUTELLO Wait, Hullo such Ihe major dweeb
" E d " dude It's got to be done
sophomore lounge only you and you can make
me happy (K.S., L.R., N.W.) "Somebody" Just the way it is (doo- doo-loo) Great Boa 8th grade notebooks Snoon and Snook . waterbugs the form MINDYYYII Bobeck . He's cute in his own way You're ugly and your mother dresses you
funny Marissa's wing-ding Oh, nice
for the Mo Fo to go
Joy "B u " Fla. '86
shoo hunny bunny
tion prizes John budinger ."ho"
K.S.A. cold summer Full Force
H.T.B.T., C.A.T.M ., F.O.A.D., E.S.A.D.
problem YEEK!! Jowie's stalkin'
low Ba Cin Ba Da Kiss . Doovy . Huah!_______
Sajeeeb . L.S.S. Ask him for a pic- Leisure rules Ali- stylish Congboat Do you have any mon­
boat coat Kathy ate Liza Pizza Liza w/ a talkin' on the telephone "without me you'd be nothing . Dancing with my mirror "What's the significance - 1DON'T KNOW!! late night at D .D . Dunkin' decaf world class tennis manager hiya Poconos tap-tap, bend
Key J.T. '87 concerts ey - I have to get to Trenton w/ the boys U.S. Open
My father owns yours The world is full of
Sweet 16's Jeanie Weenie
Give me club or give me . Lita Pita Let me be
we do? JUST SW IM !! RED BananaMan Sticky Fingers
never did like Santa very much
VAN Fozzie Bear K-face
luscious hair M r. L's wardrobe
Yota Nick loves Liza car trouble at Booster Club meeting Let my Cameron go Talk to Bill yet? . Craig, W HY!! Don't you forget about me . 7-12, six long but awesome years all good things must come to an end L.M., L.R., L.L., M.M. -best friends forever . You've got a friend HASTA, W .H.!!! Thanks Mom, Dad, Mark, Mike, Cram, Cramps, Joy, Cin - Icouldn't have done it without you!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Lisa N. and Jill- want to go shopping? Wyatt in the tent Summer of '87 Goodbye Marty Bowtie, please . 9V2 Weeks . 4th of July weekend
UNO Lisa, got a magazine? . C.A., K.A., N.W., L.M., K.W., D.W. Mike, want to go to Seaside? HONEY It's a point to ponder K.P.
Ham and Cheese Omelette, please NO, No, Notorious She has no personality ice cubes Let's go see the horses SLIM If you leave Kieran, one of these days Andy, when are we going back to the Poconos? . CHARLIE Laurie, what guy this time? Stop telling lies!! Geek and Tramp
Until we meet again!
"library" . Hence L .B .I.'86,'87
preemo amigo
consola­ K.S.P.,
Hey babee!
Ooh my quarter - I shall
Dunkin Shaving And
"lu g " Fantasy Island
DAN the MAN Sulli- . Hail Macbeth . . Ihe Baron the
Crano OK, no
you wait for me? k .w . looking for john k., BEARD BUSTERS!
Ho Jo Oh, Oh my
103! ed, are you sleeping? bomb scare
tod Ihe load K.T., K.W ., A.D., BEST BUDDIES FOREVER!!! mind games candy***** s.k. will
k.t. never forget about the hill! .. spring break f.l. w /m .m ., hey tre don't fall Chinese fire drill jersey girl . uh, oh steven's football games joey r., . k.t., thanks for always being there! talks about greg . there were lots of them . I.m ., I promise no more blind dates! c.d., j.a., but it was fun i'll have a ham & cheese omiette w/lg. coke, no potatoes &toast i'm not short, i'm tall
dex pants!
my nads
parkw/g.m.,s.b., laird I'm gonnamissya! HOT
pillow fights about e.b. at jodi's gast bar THE FISHBOWL that pumps I.I., how's__________________________? the
dunkin-donuts/wanna fight? s. pif. fair tasty pasties k.t. how's your "g? " late again to mythology darling nikki j.h. sorry for everything glad were still friends RIALTO! . scarry movies at j.k . house ben & jerry's at aliza's really
those wonderful cheerleading parties
of the mud s .b ., good luck next year
v.p. stay out take care despite ever­
What do
you to, Kerry? Pillow fights over E.B. at Jodi's with J.G., L.T., K.W. . So, you want to go to the Diner?
Kieran, what did you do in my car?
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