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 “ Well,” I said, “ that is not to be wondered at. So sad— yes— she received a Ph. D., in mathematics, but it was a little too much for her.
Yes, a very good sanitarium I’m told.
“Oh, but I must tell you about Hariet Davis. Did you know that
she was in China? A missionary? Oh, no, she graduated from college with all due honors, hut as every one seemed to think that she would become the head of some girls’ college, or at least of a bank, she suddenly went off on a tangent and set up a modiste’s establishment, whose sole office was to design costumes for the French. She feels that there is a great hoard of suggestions in China and has gone there to study the dress of the women. Prom there she will proceed to the Fiji Islands and will concoct a startling costume for the street with the combination of ideas.”
We laughed at this together and then Katharine said: “ Anna Lamar may drop in on us any day now. She is flying across the Atlantic in record time, one hour and forty minutes. You know she finally did marry a naval
aviator per schedule. But she outdid him in his own art and Hew so much higher than he, that her aviator is now suing for a divorce. He based his objections upon the fact that her stunt Hying had broken all rec­ ords. She will be much surprised to see you— and by the way, Nancy, ^
forgot to ask what you were doing yourself.”
“ You know that I am an old maid,” I said. “ I got into such prim
habits keeping my room straight at the Hartridge School, and also because I always received the last piece of bread when I sat on Miss Hartridge’s
left. At present I am taking a party of young girls over Switzerland and Italy. Because of my extreme regard for details, their mothers wished
them to he near me.”

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