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 word freedom means different things. To each class its own interpretation. To each man his own dream. Yet the state is hut an aggregation of classes or of individuals. I T i s is our immediate concern, yours and mine.
Few of us are really free. We live in prison houses of our own making, walled in hy our own class prejudices, blinded hy our own ambitions, fettered by our own habits,—prisoners none the less because so often unconscious of the walls, the bon­ dages, the fetters.
Let us face the truth. We, we here, you and I, are not free. Ilow can we become free? The answer is very simple— 1
have already stated it. By facing the truth. I give you this on great authority, that of the greatest teacher in the world. You
remember that Christ said long ago that by the truth men should he free.
We cannot face the truth unless we know the truth. We shall not find it in our prison houses...............Tt is not enough that we shoulci he willing to hear it. Peace is at stake because
we are not free. We must want it more than anything else in the whole world. We must tear down the walls and seek it passionately.
Courage you will need, and wisdom, kindness and gener­ osity, steadfastness and hope. Those who would find the truth must be no mean and petty natures. Yet Tam not afraid to send you on the quest.
Members of the Class of iqiq, T say this with all rever­ ence. I believe that, not in my time, but some day, the world will be at peace, because you and millions of others like you, voung and eager and earnest, will know the truth, and because the truth will set you free.
I hen came that most hoped-for and most solemn moment of all, as the graduates stepped forward, one hy one, to receive their diplomas.
.-\ short silence, then we sang the parting hymn, “ Saviour, again to thy dear name we raise with one accord our parting hymn of praise.” At the close of this well-known and well-loved hymn, we heard the benediction
—words of friendliness and good faith—while our heads were bowed in reverence.
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