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The June Danee
It was a great day, that Friday, June 6th. 1919, a day to he remem­ bered in the annals of the Flartridge School. The morning had seen the Seniors presented with diplomas, and following an afternoon of rain, the
clear ev^ening had ushered in the hour for the dance, the June Dance, which, after an intermission of two years. Miss Hartricige was once more giving in honor of the Seniors, and to which she was also inviting the entire Aca­ demic Department.
Many had been looking forward to this evening. Weeks before-hand the girls had been busily making out dance cards, and that same afternoon the Juniors haci decorated the auditorium with leaves and flowers, had ar­
ranged chairs and couches on the stage, and had worked until everything was in order.
At an early hour the guests began to arrive, and in groups of two and three they entered the auditorium, where Miss Hartridge and the Seniors stood ready to receive them. Soon the music began, and immedi-

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