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 A1umnae Notes
ear by year the growth of the Hartridge Alumnae renders it increas­ ingly difficult to include all of the “Old Girls” in a brief summary of the various activities of its members. The following is but a mention of the
admirable work that Hartridge girls are engaged in both here and abroad.
Helen Besler has returned from her war work abroad.
Helen Joy is still abroad helping to establish French foyers.
Nancy Bartlett is taking a course at Columbia, and is also study­ ing music in New York with Miss Williamson.
Carita Doggett has written a book, “Dr. Trumbull and the New Smyrna Colony in Florida.”
Dorothy Grandy and little Ruth are now living in the South. Dorothy Hibbard is living in London with her aunt. Lady Hatfield
Ellen Horey is teaching singing in the Lake School.
Heloise Lelong has returned from France and is now living in New Orleans.
Grace McConnell is living at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
Margaret Miller, (of Wilmington), has completed a nursing course and is now working in a hospital.
Lady Torphichen spent last winter in Scotland with her son. Agnes Rogers is assistant editor of Vague.
Anne Swann is going to Peking in connection-with Presbyterian mis­ sion work.
Lady Auckland is now living in Florida.
Augusta Burke is employed in her father’s office

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