Page 64 - 1920 Hartridge
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 fill handling of electrical effects, and above all, by the masterly supervision by our own Miss Mapelsden.
As Admetus, the young king, Helena Siinkhovitch was perfect. She charmed while she convinced. Nancy Doggett portrayed the title role of the queen, Alcestis, with natural grace and skill. No one else could have played the traditional hero. Heracles, as did Serena Murphy. Hariet
Davis won honors as Pheres; Grania Knott was lovely as Apollo, the sun god. The others, Thanatos, chorus, children, muses, and attendants, all tilled their parts most capably. “Alcestis” was unquestionably one of
the greatest dramatic successes of the school, and the work of all the girls in it will be remetnhered for many years to come.

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