Page 69 - 1920 Hartridge
P. 69

 “ Tn yonder cell, the Butterfields
\Adth shyness overcome,
Live here in dark and solitude, And ask no other home.”
But when we started on from there, I drew aside in fright.
As before us rushed a crowd of girls. In wild and frenzded flight.
“ Oh, take me home.” l.feehly cried. I felt my face grow pale.
ii.My child,” my guide replied in scorn,
d'hey’re rushing for the mail.”
Tstayed a long while at the zoo.
And many girls 1 saw. The carefree Shellaharger
Who had overstepped the law.
Wild Tuhhy and tame Stevenson, The studious Sutherland,
The quiet, fragile Murphy child—
A sorry little hand.
I hen suddenly the lights went out. Weird noises filled the air.
I stood alone, afraid to speak; In fright up rose my hair.
As quickly as an eye can wink. Some one knocked me on the head. I groaned; and looking up, I saw
My room-mate hy my hed.

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