Page 10 - Covid-Reports
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BV Student Initiatives:

                                                                   ● CM Flint: Students were encouraged to donate money from their allowance or
                                                                     by doing chores. Parents matched the amount to double the impact.
                                                                   ● CM Austin: Making masks for the Refugee Services of Texas, Online Free

                                                                     tutoring for school-aged kids, Food and donations drive for Central Texas
                                                                     Food Bank, distributing 3-d printed face shields and created a website for

                                                                     mental health counseling for kids.
                                                                   ● CM Seattle: Highschool-ers reached out to local grocery stores and raised
                                                                     over $700. In addition, kids helped to cook meals for over 500 people.

                                                                   ● CM Peoria: Bala Vihar children (PreK thru 12) offered gratitude notes to
                                                                     essential frontline workers
                                                                   ● CM Los Angeles: Thanking project for health care workers, gratitude notes by

                                                                     5th and 6th grade Bala Vihar children.

           ●  CM Pittsburgh:  Bala Vihar kids and parents wrote letters to NH residents offering emotional support during this time when they are

               not allowed to have family and friends visit them.
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