Page 9 - Covid-Reports
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●  CMW: Swamis and Brahmacharis conducted an online BalaVihar Teacher's Training through which $20,360 was collected as Guru

               Dakshina and will be given to the following organizations through CORD USA; One Fair Wage COVID-19 Emergency Relief and
               NDWA (National Domestic Workers Alliance) COVID care fund.

           ●  CM Pittsburgh: Organized a virtual fundraiser and raised $12,000. The amount was matched by 84 Lumber (local corporation) for a
               total donation of $24,000.
                                                                       ●  CM Portland: Through their BoundToEachOther campaign, raised over

                                                                          $12,500 for the Covid-19 Relief efforts in Oregon. Donated $2,500 to
                                                                          SEWA International USA, $5,000 to Transition Projects inc., $2,500 to

                                                                          Oregon Food Bank, $2,500 to Immigrant & Refugee Community
                                                                       ●  CM Los Angeles: Donated $15,700 to Second Harvest for senior

                                                                          citizens and children reliant on food from schools. In addition, CM
                                                                          Bakersfield donated $4,000 to Dolores Huerta foundation emergency
                                                                          relief funds and the Isaiah Crompton organization.

                                                                       ●  CM Alpharetta: Raised $10,300 to support the activities of United Way
                                                                          in the local community.
                                                                       ●  CM TriState: Donated $5,000 to SAACS and Together We Can.

                                                                       ●  CM Toronto: Donated $1,600 to a South Asian women's group that is
                                                                          making masks for first responders.

                                                                       ●  CM Peoria: $2,100 donated to local COVID service organizations
           ●  CM San Jose: Donated $5,000 to Indian Community Center, $5,000 to Spartan Food Pantry
           ●  CM Raleigh Durham: Funds were distributed to $7,500 Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina and Inter-Faith Food

           ●  CM Boston: Donated $3,000 to Dharma Center and raised about $8,700 to serve Lowell General Hospital and Merrimack Valley

               Food Bank.
           ●  CM Flint: $10,000 raise for Greater Flint Urgent Relief Fund
           ●  CM Kansas: Conducted a walkathon event from July 1 st to 14 th called CMKC Miles

               for Smiles and raised $5,500 and donated to KC Regional COVID-19 response and recovery fund
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