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                Tuesday 27 december 2022

            Over a decade in business, Aruba Living Today:

            Offering the so much needed human touch

              NOORD  —  We  are  in  2022.  It’s                                                                          coming  you  in  a  warm  ambi-
              been  a  wild  ride  with  Covid-19                                                                         ance  that  emphasizes  the  phi-
              and  we  all  are  aiming  for  a                                                                           losophy of connecting. Candles,
              change  of  routine.  We  simply                                                                            Buddha ornaments and a hom-
              want  to  “live”  life  again.  “It  is                                                                     ey setting form the décor for you
              time  for  living  your  dream,”  as                                                                        to sit and talk about your dream
              the  quote  says  at  Aruba  Liv-                                                                           house  or  investment.  “My  goal
              ing  Today’s  office.  “We  are  ten                                                                        was  to  do  real  estate  in  a  dif-
              plus years in business, and I am                                                                            ferent  way  when  I  established
              proud to say that all our clients                                                                           this company June 1st 2009. Not
              stuck with us. We are no part of a                                                                          from the perspective of only sell-
              big company, we keep it small,                                                                              ing,  but  to  look  for  the  perfect
              personal, and real. Because you                                                                             match  between  dream  house
              are not a number, no sales target                                                                           and  client.  My  philosophy  is:  it
              either and certainly your name is                                                                           will only work when all involved
              not commission. Our responsibil-                                                                            are  happy  and  connected  by
              ity is to make your dream come                                                                              that personal touch.”
              true,”  says  owner  Randolph  Ar-                                                                          Aruba  Living  Today  caters  for
              ends.                               in Aruba and you are looking for    has sincere interest in what you    both  local  and  foreign  market
                                                  that match, the question now is     want? This different approach to    divided  into  40  %  local  buyers
              From human to human                 how to click with a person that     real estate is what sets Aruba Liv-  and  60  %  foreign  buyers.  “Our
              If  you  have  decided  to  buy  a   offers  a  personal  touch?  One   ing Today apart, and the reason     customers  come  from  Holland,
              house  or  rent  one  for  vacation   who pays genuine attention and    Randolph calls himself a proper-    Belgium, Norway, Germany, UK,
                                                                                      ty mediator instead of a real es-   Russia,  Latin  America,  United
                                                                                      tate broker. “The personal touch    States  and  Canada.  We  are
                                                                                      is essential to me. I am stepping   widely  covered  and  thus  prov-
                                                                                      aside of the image that real es-    able good with different cultures,
                                                                                      tate  brokers  are  only  in  for  the   also we speak four languages.”
                                                                                      commission. This image does not     Besides that, Aruba Living Today
                                                                                      fit me at all, I am in for my pas-  is  open  to  every  budget,  they
                                                                                      sion, and I can only do this from   have listings for all category buy-
                                                                                      the heart.”                         ers. As a member of the Aruban
                                                                                                                          Real Estate Association, they are
                                                                                      One stop shopping point             listed also on the website www.
                                                                                      Services offered by Aruba Living within a group
                                                                                      Today are House and Land Sales,     of 20 of the most advanced re-
                                                                                      Rentals,  Investments,  Property    altors  on  the  island.  Aruba  Liv-
                                                                                      Management, Vacation Rental,        ing  Today  is  featured on  House
                                                                                      Mortgages,  Insurances,  Mainte-    Hunters, social media, Aruba Liv-
                                                                                      nance,  Assist  in  Arrangements    ing Today and of course in Aru-
                                                                                      for  Notary  and  Utilities,  Guiding   ba Today’s newspaper.q
                                                                                      Bureaucracy Process and Assist-
                                                                                      ing  in  Import  of  Furniture.  Ran-  Aruba Living Today
                                                                                      dolph  and  his  business  partner   Tankileendert 291, Aruba
                                                                                      Berend Prenger are a fantastic,     Tel +297 587 9987
                                                                                      experienced duo, each of them       Fax +297 587 9985
                                                                                      specialists in the field. Berend is   Cell +297 593 9177
                                                                                      also  a  certified  appraiser  within   Mail
                                                                                      the Dutch Kingdom meaning he
                                                                                      does  your  appraisal  report  that
                                                                                      is accepted by all banks and he
                                                                                      delivers  within  three  days.  “This
                                                                                      definitely speeds up the process
                                                                                      of buying,” Prenger adds.
                                                                                      You  are  welcome  to  meet  in
                                                                                      Aruba Living Today houses in an
                                                                                      authentic  Aruban  house,  wel-
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