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                                                                                                           LOCAL Tuesday 27 december 2022

            Full Stack Vision Foundation Gifts

            Refurbished Computers to YMCA

            Aruba in San Nicolas

                                                                                                   organization  with  a  focus  vision  and  mission  through
                                                                                                   on developing skills for  fu-  the  education  of  Aruba’s
                                                                                                   ture  jobs  in  the  borderless  youth and children, as well
                                                                                                   economy  by  making  Aru-    as  industry  professionals,
                                                                                                   ba  digitally  intelligent.  Full  with  a  focus  on  21st  cen-
                                                                                                   Stack Vision  executes their  tury skills.q

            San Nicolas - The Full Stack  YMCA  Aruba  previously  collaborative  relationship
            Vision  Foundation  team  used  the  San  Nicolas-        in  the  form  of  introducing
            met with Ms. Inki Geerman,  based  community  cen-        Aru Coder Dojo sessions, a
            Team  Leader    of  the  Y’s  ter’s space as a homework  FREE kids & youth computer

            CARE Afterschool Program,  support  room.  Although  coding  club  that  is  pow-
            at YMCA Aruba’s San Nico-    this  space  was  originally  a  ered by FSV,  in the newly
            las  location  on  November  computer room, but as the  up-and-running  computer
            24th, 2022, to officialize their  original    computers  broke  room as of 2023.
            gift  of  six  (6)  refurbished  down  and  were  disposed
            computers  to  the  commu-   of,  the  space  transitioned.  The YMCA Aruba is a non-
            nity  center  thus    establish-  The   newly   reactivated  profit  organization  that  is

            ing  a  new  computer  room  computer  room  at  the  a  part  of  the  international
            for YMCA San Nicolas.        YMCA San Nicolas commu-      organization,  The    YMCA,
                                         nity  center  is  available  for  which  is  committed  to  im-
            The  six  (6)  computers  that  use  during  YMCA  Aruba’s  proving the lives of people
            were  refurbished  by  Full  Afterschool  Program  hours  in communities on a global
            Stack  Vision  Foundation  which  are  Monday  to  Fri-   scale.  YMCA Aruba’s mis-
            (also  known  as  Full    Stack  day from 12.30PM to 6PM.  sion  is  to  strive  for  spiritual,
            Vision  and  FSV)  were  do-                              intellectual  and  physical
            nated  by  SKOA’s  Pius  X  YMCA Aruba’s San Nicolas  wellbeing of both  individu-
            School  which  is  based  in  location & Full Stack Vision  als  and  communities  as  a
            Dakota, Aruba.               are  currently  in  the  works  whole and Full Stack Vision
                                         to  further    develop  their  Foundation  is  a  nonprofit
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