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LOCALWednesday 11 November

Countries Highlight the Role of Multiple Policies in Eradicating Poverty
and Achieving the 2030 Agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean

--Ministers wrap up social       promote the implementa-        izing to grow,” said Alicia
development meeting,             tion of the Agenda 2030,
jointly organized for the first  concluded ministers par-       Bárcena, Executive Secre-
time by ECLAC, the Gov-          ticipating in the inaugural
ernment of Peru and UNDP.        meeting in Lima, Peru last     tary of the United Nations
                                 week. “The conference has
ORANJESTAD/LIMA,PERU -           revealed the need to build     Economic  Commission
The Regional Conference          intersectoral and com-
on Social Development in         prehensive social policies     for Latin America and the
Latin America and the Ca-        that account for the multi-
ribbean highlighted syner-       dimensionality of poverty,     Caribbean (ECLAC), clos-
gies between different so-       inequality and social exclu-
cial and economic policies       sion. It is a matter of grow-  ing the three-day event.
to eradicate poverty and         ing to equalize and equal-
                                                                The senior official added

                                                                “we must move forward in

                                                                the Agenda 2030 path, to-

                                                                wards a new generation of

                                                                policies to combat poverty

                                                                and inequality, as part of a  The President of Peru, Ollanta Humala (center), with ECLAC’s
                                                                                              Executive Secretary, Alicia Bárcena (left) and the Minister
                                                                gradual structural change     Development and Social Inclusion of Peru, Paola Bustamante.

                                                                                                                                                       (Photo by Govt. of Peru)

                                                                                              and sustainable economic          meeting of the Board of the
                                                                                              growth: sustained and in-         Regional Conference, to
                                                                                              clusive. Reducing inequal-        be held in the third quarter
                                                                                              ity is essential to achieve a     of 2016 in Santo Domingo,
                                                                                              world without poverty.”           in the next Ministerial Forum
                                                                                              The Regional Conference           for Development.
                                                                                              on Social Development             In the conference resolu-
                                                                                              was created in 2014 as a          tion, country delegates
                                                                                              subsidiary body of ECLAC.         stress that the 2030 Agenda
                                                                                              As a result of a strategic al-    for Sustainable Develop-
                                                                                              liance, its first meeting was     ment adopted in Septem-
                                                                                              convened jointly with the         ber at the United Nations
                                                                                              United Nations Develop-           General Assembly marks a
                                                                                              ment Program (UNDP), giv-         paradigm shift and a new
                                                                                              ing continuity to seven con-      era for international coop-
                                                                                              secutive years Ministerial        eration, as well as an op-
                                                                                              Forums for Development in         portunity for countries in the
                                                                                              the region.                       region to eradicate pov-
                                                                                              “In this sustainable devel-       erty and reduce inequality
                                                                                              opment era we see an in-          for the people, for the plan-
                                                                                              creasing multidimensional         et, seeking prosperity for all.
                                                                                              approach to development           Senior government officials
                                                                                              policy, focused on peo-           at the meeting highlight-
                                                                                              ple’s well-being, beyond          ed the ECLAC document
                                                                                              living above or below the         Inclusive Social Develop-
                                                                                              poverty line,” said Jessica       ment: A New Generation of
                                                                                              Faieta, UN Assistant Sec-         Policies to Overcome Pov-
                                                                                              retary General and UNDP           erty and Inequality in Latin
                                                                                              Regional Director for Latin       America and the Caribbe-
                                                                                              America and the Carib-            an, and requested that it
                                                                                              bean, stressing that this will    be given wide distribution,
                                                                                              be the topic of the next          encouraging discussion
                                                                                              Regional Human Develop-           and analysis in various sec-
                                                                                              ment Report.                      tors, including academia
                                                                                              “Education, social protec-        and civil society.
                                                                                              tion, quality jobs, all of these  They also called on the
                                                                                              will be crucial to boost resil-   Commission to update
                                                                                              ience, or the ability to ab-      official figures systemati-
                                                                                              sorb shocks such as natural       cally with three regional
                                                                                              disasters or financial crises,    databases: social invest-
                                                                                              without falling back into         ment; non-contributory so-
                                                                                              poverty,” Faieta added,           cial protection programs
                                                                                              thanking the Dominican            and youth and social
                                                                                              Republic for hosting the first    inclusion.q
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