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      Biz                CORNER                               and you can have a clear picture   ■ ■   90 Day Goals       three key focus areas:
                                                               Invest in one day every 13 weeks
                                                                                                                           This full day monthly event has
                                                                                                 Personal goal
                                                              of where your business will be in
                                                                                                                              Community and education,
                                                                                                 Business must achieve goal
                                                              90 days’ time and a step-by-step
                                                                                                                            where you will learn from
                                                              plan to get you there.
                                                                                                                            local and international
                                                                                                 13-week cycles
      TALK                 with Business Coach                time out to invest in working   ■   me the Money Honey)       industry experts sharing
                                                               So, when last did you take the
                                                                                               Test and Measure Tools (Show
                                                                                                                            valuable insights on advancing
                                                                                                                            your business
                                                              ON your business and if you
                                                              have done so, are you on track to   –   Financial numbers
          @coachmarlenepowell  @actioncoachmarlene                                                                        ■   Prioritise accountability
                                                              achieving your 90-day goals set?  –   Marketing numbers       and results by featuring
                                                                                            ■   Sales numbers               collaborative planning for
                                                              Steps to take to achieve your 90-
                                                              day plan                        –   Weekly Focus Sheet        the upcoming month
                                                                                                (Discipline)              ■   A chance to learn from other
                                                              ■   Create a 90-day plan                                      like-minded business owners
                                                              ■   Take control and get organised  –   Financials (Money)
                                                              ■   Learn proven profit strategies:  ■   Budget              If you feel you are having to
                                                                 1.  Map out your next 90 days  –   Actuals               do business alone then this
                                                                                                                          platform is an opportunity
                                                                                                 Growth tracker
                                                                 2.  Meet up with peer-to-peer                            for you to connect with
                                                                  business owners           ■   Default Diary (Time)      other driven business owners
                                                                 3.  Have access to a business    Yes, it is a lot to consider, but   looking to forge powerful
                                                                  coach or mentor           what you put in you will get out.   relationships. 
                                                                 4.  Learn from the strategies    Achieving success is just that
                                                                  implemented in your businesses  much easier when you have your   Contact me on
                                                                 5.  Widen your sphere of    goals and plans written down and   marlenepowell or call +27 (0)83 479 4471

                                                                  contacts by networking with    actioned on.             Scan the 6 Steps Scorecard below or click
                                                                  other business owners                                   on to discover how
                                                                 6.  Hear valuable lessons from    MemberSHIP Event       well you’re doing in the 6 key areas of
                                                                  others in business         To keep motivated you should   business success.
         nly 2% of business owners   to reflect on what’s working   ■   Have a clear focus on where    also make the time to invest in
         have a written plan and   and what isn’t can be extremely     your business will be after 90    attending at least one monthly
  Oeven fewer stick to it.       difficult.                     days as well as a plan to get you    community and education
                                                                there                       platform. An example is our
    In reality, failure to plan is a   But what if you could step out                       monthly MemberSHIP event,
   plan to fail. For many business   of your business one day every   Use a Checklist       where you will:                 SCAN  THE
   owners, who are caught up in   three months, and get laser-  Here is a checklist to help you to                          QR CODE
   the day-to-day of their business,   focused on what you need to   achieve your 90-day goals:  ■   Gain knowledge          TO SEE
   finding time to plan for your   do to grow your business? One                            ■   Make connections            THE 6 STEP
   business can seem impossible.   day to plan for success is a small   ■   6 Step ScoreCARD – See QR    ■   Develop strategies to advance
   In addition, finding the time   price to pay for what you can get.    Code to access this ScoreCARD    your business    SCORECARD


     n the fast-changing world   the DCC Accelerator, provide   3.  Exposure to Capital and    through collective knowledge   eThekwini Municipality, believes
     of entrepreneurship, small   SMEs with direct access to senior      Investment Opportunities  and support.           that Business Accelerators play a
  Ibusinesses often hit roadblocks   decision-makers and industry   Access to funding is a common   5.  Industry Expertise and Sector-   pivotal role in driving economic
   that slow down their growth and   stakeholders,” says Ballard. This   barrier to SMEs’ growth. Business      Aligned Empowerment  growth by empowering SMEs
   success. From tight budgets and   direct engagement significantly   Accelerators often facilitate                      and fostering mutually beneficial
   limited expertise to encountering   enhances the possibility of forming   introductions to potential   One of the most significant   commercial opportunities between
   barriers in accessing lucrative   strategic partnerships and securing   investors, both from the public   advantages of Business Accelerators   diverse industry stakeholders.
   market opportunities; the struggle   mutually beneficial commercial   and private sectors. Additionally,   is the chance to connect with   “We hold a deep commitment
   for small business owners is real.   opportunities with large customers   some Accelerator programmes,   industry leaders and established   to Accelerators such as the DCC
   But, there’s a game-changer for   who are actively looking for new,   like the DCC Accelerator, offer   stakeholders. “Accelerators provide   Accelerator, as we have directly
   those who want to supercharge   local suppliers that might otherwise   the chance to compete for cash   SMEs with the opportunity to   observed its transformative
                                                                                            learn from the best and gain
   their growth and have access   be difficult to access.     prizes. “SMEs need capital to fuel   exposure to industry giants,” he   impact. It’s this very impact that
   to untapped opportunities. It’s                            their growth, and Accelerators   states. “This exposure not only   drives us to continue to actively
   called: Business Accelerators.  2.  Expert Mentorship and                                                              uphold our support for these
                                    Tailored Guidance         can connect SMEs to various   offers valuable insights but can also   initiatives, with a specific focus on
    Kyle Ballard, Head of         Navigating the complexities   capital investment interventions   lead to strategic collaborations that
   Accelerators for the Durban   of business growth can be    and funding opportunities,”   can propel them to new heights.”  empowering Black industrialists
                                                                                                                          and catalysing economic
   Chemicals Cluster (DCC), a    daunting. Business Accelerators   Ballard notes.            The primary focus of the DCC   transformation within the local
   seasoned expert in the field and   connect SMEs with seasoned   4.  Integration into a Vibrant    Accelerator lies within the local   chemicals sector,” states Rathiyaya.
   leader of several Accelerator   industry mentors who offer    Community                  chemicals manufacturing industry
   initiatives, highlights five   expert guidance and support.                              and has an exceptional track   “Whether through the
   compelling reasons why SMEs   “Our mentors work closely      Business Accelerators cultivate   record of value addition within   DCC Accelerator or similar
   should seriously consider joining                          a vibrant ecosystem where     this particular domain. “Our   initiatives, SMEs should leverage
   a Business Accelerator:       with selected SMEs to align   SMEs can interact, learn from   specialisation speaks to the strategic   Accelerators if they are serious
                                 their products or services with   one another, and collaborate on                        about taking their growth
   1.  Access to Established and    customer demands and to   innovative projects. “Joining an   advantage of aligning SMEs with   trajectory to the next level,”
      Enthusiastic Customer Base  streamline operations for efficient   Accelerator means becoming   an Accelerator specific to their   Ballard concludes. 
                                                                                            company’s niche to optimise their
    Securing a strong customer base   and sustainable growth,” Ballard   part of a community that   potential and unlock targeted
   is often a challenge for SMEs.   explains. This mentorship ensures   shares experiences, resources,   growth,” emphasises Ballard.
   Joining a Business Accelerator   that SMEs receive tailored advice   and opportunities,” Ballard                       For more information or to submit an
                                                                                                                          application to the DCC Accelerator, please
   opens doors to established    that is instrumental in their   highlights. This collaborative   Takalani Rathiyaya, who heads   visit
   networks of potential customers   development journey and enables   environment accelerates   the Economic Development   our-programmes/business-accelerator-2
   and partners. “Accelerators, like   better delivery to customers.  learning and propels growth   Programmes Department at   before 30th September 2023.

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