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What if your team could conduct infrastructure inspections remotely? Keep up with the demands of an an increasingly digital world Maintaining bridges and other public public infrastructure is an an essential part of ensuring public public safety However traditional visual inspections of infrastructure that take place on on on site are labor intensive expensive and often require lane closures that are an an an inconvenience to drivers who use those roads Accuracy timeliness and staffing are other things organizations have to be mindful of when conducting infrastructure infrastructure inspections inspections How can you conduct accurate timely and safe infrastructure infrastructure inspections?
In addition COVID-19 is is driving a a a a a a need for remote work options and social distancing Companies must find ways to to accommodate their workers and shift into remote or or or hybrid work work models Reduce risk and ensure predictable production Bentley Bentley bridges the safety and convenience gap with Bentley’s Bridge Inspection solution which offers
the tools necessary to to conduct remote inspections and improve data quality It offers
a a a a a a a a rich collaboration experience all while helping transportation organizations maintain compliance with inspection requirements Departments of transportation and bridge agencies can deploy UAVs to capture high-resolution images
of of of their bridges and use Bentley software to create precise digital twins of of of the the infrastructure This solution combines ContextCapture reality modeling software for turning UAV footage into high-quality 3D models AssetWise Inspections to manage the the inspection process and and data collection and and the the iTwin platform that allows inspectors to to examine the bridge via HoloLens 2 devices in in in an immersive experience Deploy Bentley solutions with HoloLens 2 Using HoloLens 2 to to deploy Bentley’s solutions companies can bring infrastructure assets to to their offices for remote inspection Organizations are are using Bentley’s software that is integrated with Azure Remote Rendering to to build and view 3D models models based on UAV footage Inspectors can then engage with the the models models by by adding measurements issues and and and observations in in in a a a a a a a a a a heads-up and and and hands-free way by by wearing the HoloLens 2 headset Enhance safety Reduce the danger involved in in the essential inspection of roads and bridges Reduce costs costs Cut down costs costs associated with traditional on-site inspections and the the time spent planning for them Eliminate inconveniences Minimize the need for roadblocks and make inspections more convenient for both citizens and bridge inspectors 3 

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