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Eliminate inconveniences
Running late for work? What if drivers never had to worry about road closures and new routes?
Some infrastructure inspections require lane closures which inconvenience drivers who use those roads What if you could eliminate the need to to close areas off to to safely inspect various structures from tunnels to roads bridges and more?
Certain infrastructure might be be hard hard to to to inspect due to to to its size or shape There may be be hard-to-reach areas areas that are are are nearly impossible for inspectors to to access without roping off areas areas and requiring extensive equipment Bentley’s Bridge Inspection solution gives organizations the ability to view those hard-to-reach places with minimal effort Streamline the entire inspection process What if your organization was no longer limited by geography? With Bentley’s Bridge Inspection solution 3D models can be be shared with team members in any location across the the the country so they they can collaborate on projects remotely as though they they were standing with each other in the the same room Remove the “down time” inspectors spend traveling between structures and allow them to be more efficient with more inspection time 5

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