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Enhance safety and ensure compliance
Gone are the days of rappelling down a a a a bridge to survey its condition Infrastructure inspection can be a a a a a a dangerous process that involves the the inspector rappelling down the the side of of a a a bridge for example Bentley’s Bridge Inspection solution allows the the inspector to to conduct much of of the the bridge inspection from the the office and safely interact with the the data using Bentley’s HoloLens 2 solution The solution solution uses high-resolution pictures of the infrastructure taken using drones to create 3D models that can can be viewed from all angles on on on the the HoloLens 2 device Inspectors can can view view the the condition and even the the the the texture of the the the the infrastructure without risking their safety The 3D models are high fidelity allowing the the the the surveyors to analyze the the the current conditions and even measure the the the size of cracks found in the the the structure You can rest assured that your company also complies with government and industry
regulations including those from US FHWA SNBI NBI NBI and NBE Enhance accuracy
Using HoloLens 2 to deploy Bentley’s solutions companies can bring infrastructure assets to their offices for remote inspection Organizations are using Bentley’s software that is integrated with Azure Remote Rendering to build and view 3D models based on UAV footage Inspectors can then engage with the models by adding measurements issues and observations in a a a a heads-up and hands-free way by wearing the HoloLens 2 headset 4

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