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Reduce costs
What if you you you could reallocate your resources and invest in in solutions that pay you you you back?
As more agencies are being pressed to show the the most effective use of their limited funding taking advantage of mixed reality technology such as digital twins can provide safer less expensive and and more timely and and accurate inspections Bentley’s Bridge Inspection Solution gives users the opportunity to to view a a a a a a a a digital twin a a a a a a a a virtual representation of a a a a a a a a physical object or or process to to allow users to to track historical changes and and understand information better Details such as the size of cracking corrosion or or section loss can be viewed up close as as 3D models as as opposed to 2D pictures This helps organizations to view and and understand the the the condition of of the the the asset Reduce the the the amount of of time and and and resources allocated for traveling to sites and and and surveying assets in in in in person and and and eliminate the need to physically conduct inspections by replacing traditional methods
of evaluating assets with Bentley’s Bridge Inspection solution deployed
on HoloLens 2 Make Bentley work for you Bentley offers its iTwin platform where you you can develop your own digital twin applications to fit your unique needs and and to make the most of mixed reality The Bentley iTwin platform handles back- end security infrastructure and data integration you focus on on on the the applications In the the same way that Bentley utilized the the the iTwin platform to develop the the the Bridge Inspection solution other third-party developers can use use the same tools to to create solutions for additional use use cases and workflows 6 

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